Geordie - Goodbye Love (1975) German TV

German TV Show "Pop 75" - 27th September 1975 Host : Hans-Jürgen Kliebenstein © SWF 1975 Geordie: Brian Johnson - vocals (later AC/DC) Mick Bennison - guitar Tom Hill - bass Allan Bradley - drums

This singer would make a good replacement if Axl Rose ever decides to leave ACDC.
Arch Frehley
Who knew Brian could actually sing disco???
rock dog
I wouldve never guessed this was Brian Johnson singing if i heard this on the radio.He actually has a great singing voice! I hope his hearing issues get better and he comes back to AC/DC!
Mat Dub
Angus was the second guy on an sg gibson to play with brian.
Good ole Brian Johnson. I bet when this was going on he never dreamed he'd be a part of the biggest and best rock and roll band in history. Proud to have seen him and AC/DC six times.
My neighbor looks like Brian Johnson in this video. It's not a good look for 2018. He smokes cigars and yells at kids all day.
I can actually hear that it is Brian Johnson! He doesn't sound to different from AC/DC despite the change of his singing method
Randy Wissler
Their version of house of the rising Sun is fucking awesome!!!
I need to lie down in a dark room for at least two weeks.
Jesus, I can barely recognise his singing style he. I WISH he did more of this - sounded beautiful
ha! sounds like Paul Stanley a bit.
Song Shed
Brian Johnson...the luckiest man in rock! Saw Geordie at a working man's club in '77. Next thing I knew he was the singer of AC/DC...
Captain Sunday
Haven't any of you goofballs heard of Nazareth?
Headbanger Metal
hahaha brian's hair
Unit 265
Geordie didn't steal this song. But they stole Angus Young's SG, Lemmy's Rickenbacker Bass, The guy from the Wedding Singer to play drums...and Brian Johnson from ACDC.
Meinhard Mayr
Great Brian Jhonson , exorbitant !!!
Looks a bit like the Acdc singer Bon Johnson
Piggy Tales Studio
Wait... AC/DC ruined this beautiful voice? Just saying it didn’t get better after 1981.
Jose Orozco
gran banda!! gran cantante!! un grosso Brian, por algo era de los cantantes favoritos de Bon Scott
Guillermo memito
Brian Jhonson guauuuu vocal ACDC best and best 1975
Randy Wissler
Who knew Brian could actually sing? Lol
Rob Summers
Kinda wish DC had recruited Dan McCafferty instead ✌🏻
must of been a sale on scarves in 75!
William Burton
His screaming on Hells Bells started my lifelong obsession with AC/DC... but his Geordie days were okay too
Justin Lawrence
Brian Johnson before AC/DC sounds like Bob Seger a little bit
Bon Scott's band Fraternity actually toured the UK with Brian and Geordie in the early '70s. Bon would later tell the guys in AC/DC about Brian, and that's how he got an invite to try out with the band. Brian's first song he recorded with the band was "You Shook Me All Night Long". He thought he did such a bad job he was about to call his wife and tell her it wasn't going to work out. The band liked it, so the rest is history.
Denis Nikulin
Brian is this you?)))
Chris Hall
Just discovered this.. A good friend is now the singer for Geordie so I though I'd have a listen. Now a big fan!
Theuniverse Isaniceplace
Brian Johnson is so damn good, he deserved to be AC/DC
Barry Smith
He’s really good singing disco songs. I wonder if AC/DC ever consider expanding their sound to disco
Maxx Gunner
Brian Johnson singing sounded better in AC/DC, but that’s just me.
Some Kid Called Logan
The guitarist has an sg just like Angus. Coincidence?
Brian Johnson is the only man in history to look like both Noddy Holder and Gilbert O'Sullivan.
The Artful Dodger
I can't help but shout Hey,Hey,Hey at the end of every eight bars :-)
If you want to see pre AC/DC Bon Scott, search bubblegum Bon Scott. He is in some sort of doo wap band!
Grant DeVivo
Man Brian could really sing hard rock but when I hear this, I realize how much of a smooth and talented voice he has. Surely underrated and a whiz with music
Arsen грушевский
и это Брайан Джонсон?? . вера в мир в этот миг изменилась для меня))))))
Jeeezzz.... Now I know why Brian always wears a cap. That hair is almost as bad as Gene Simmon's. LOL
Rick Peterson
Wow! That doesn't even sound like Brian Johnson!
McBastard Tv
That doesn't sound like the same singer from AC ⚡ DC at all.. 🤘😎💨💨
max rav
Yeah Brian is getting there but Angus and Phil Rudd still had a long way to go on this evidence
Alisha Rosey
I came across this by mistake but it's excellent!
Christopher Crowder
HOLY SHIT!! Brian Johnson could actually sing! This is freaking awesome!
Chris Zimmerman
Brian Johnson is the best
Larry Austin
Wow, what a great performance! A great career in rock-n-roll.
stephen graham
So there really WAS a band named Geordie that Brian Johnson sang with! After decades of hearing about his pre- AC/DC band this is the first I've ever actually heard them!
Bryan Allison
Love Brian’s early voice!
Gute Arbeit!!!
Sounds a little like ABBA.
Harris Veziris
I guess Brian Johnson did not audition for AC/DC with that hair
John Doe
Wow, I never knew he could sing with this kind of voice.
Tiago Ivo
Brian sounds better here than in ACDC!
an SG? fate in a guitar....Brian with little to noscratch in his voice, whod a thunk it possible?>
Fred West was a roadie for Geordie back in those days.
Fredrik Johansson
man, what a voice. He is one of the greatest ever
Lyrics: (keep in mind I'm writing this as I hear it) Goodbye Love (x2) I've been hard on the heels of heartbreak since I started out with you. Trying to patch up your world which was broken in 2. And all I ever got from my troubles, was rejection. That's why, trusting you was more than I could do. You're no good woman you took my money you said it was just too bad. You don't wash my clothes or call me honey, but I don't feel so sad. But baby, how can I lose, What I never had. Goodbye Love (x2) I meant every word I said, when I told you it's over. (Do you hear me) But you just had to steal and played it, your way. Well it's too late now for us to speak of changes. 'Cause we've been living together for more than 1 day. You're no good woman you took my money you said it was just too bad. You don't wash my clothes or call me honey, but I don't feel so sad. But tell me, maybe it's true. Still I say to you. Goodbye Love (x6)
One of the greatest rock voices ever thank you Brian
Brad Thurkle
He looked like he was really enjoying this type of soft rock music. Like it was in his sole. Who knows what other great stuff they could of done with a good writer. AC/DC were very lucky to pick Brian up. Can’t believe in his 70s there still going to try keep the band going. Truely incredible.
PleksiHed1959 damo
Angus was third guitarist to play an gibson sg with Bon Scott
Thomas Russel Gall
great to finally see Geordie live!
bird ivl
77 (Seventy Seven) - Bon Scott alive? :)
Wow the guy could actually sing!
Definitely a different persona in his singing - the change to AC/DC's dynamics is like night & day ! Shitty, dated Disco era song , but Brian Johnson can obviously sing ( or could) before joining AC/DC ("ehhh seee deh seee" , as he would say)
Rodrigo Gil
And SG? Some foreshadowing for Brian's career right there.
jimmy boo
Funniest thing i've seen all day!! The hair, the scarves, the clothes ;-)
Otis Spunkmeyer
Got kind of a disco vibe going on here.
Chris Davies
He looks just like Brian Johnson! Somebody phone Angus.
Gerald King
SGs were cheaper and are a bit easier to play than a Les Paul hence the reason many late 60s early 70s guitarists used them.They also have more crunch then a Strat
Marcio Y
Bruce Springsteen career did started early
Wow!!! He has a real Graham Bonnet sound to him. Who knew?
0101010 101010
He does sound a bit like Paul Stanley/ Ace here.
Łukasz Wierzbicki
Shit,Brian Got same nice haircut;)
Lizard King Vinyl
Great voice. Very different to his AC/DC vocals.
Bobby Rodriguez
Sounds nothing like Bon Scott but i can definitely see a resemblance in attitude and stage performance. Theyre both legends! But damn this is funny, hell even Brian is laughing!
C Chelles
That lead singer looks "vaguely familiar..." 😉 Man can sing!
William Cole
Why the hell cant I find this on streaming
Preludium Fury
i am sensing some early power metal here. ohh i like it!!
Dexter Dex
In this video Brian is actually dressed like Bon Scott and the haircut is pretty much the same as Bons,, .. Incredible!
kenny edwards
I can see why Bonn Scott liked him. He had a similar style to Bonn.
Brian Johnson can actually SING. Who knew.
Music Power
Brian Johnson (who is my favorite rock and roll singer by the way) looks like a total wanker here.😢
The weak sounds of Geordie are in good quality at U-Tube. But you can not find the super sounds like "Electric Lady" or "Can you do it" in vain!
Dave Warren
Nice to see Brian go from Funky disco to hard rock ☺️
Opinionated Times
Wow, so much for the cockamamie story from 1981. If that song would have made it across the Atlantic in 1975 it would have been a number 1 hit, guaranteed.
Mauricio Hernández Díaz
Gotta love Jonno's oompa loompa hairstyle.
Toney Isaiah
Unbelievable video of a young Brian Johnson. Toney Tillery Isaiah.
Don Rostro Sin Características
Such a good voice.
Mr Anonomous
The 1970's, the decade when one meat, two veg was in ever boys jeans.
Gary H
I'm not sure this is Brian Johnson. The song title doesnt have the word "rock" or "Rock and Roll" in it.
Michael Seymour
ah! ,,,the ol" neckerchief ....1976 indeed .
Nick Colase
Great singer until he joined Ac/Dc
Cristiano e
Massa muito bom
Nick Jaramillo
Him and Joe Elliot sound very Similar
brian meister
I now know why Brian is never without the scallycap
Love it! I want more!
He never sounded this versatile in AC/DC
Hartley Hare
haha... Brian must have been wearing insanely high platform boots ...he's only 5'5 yet looks about 6 foot here! He looked like he was going to topple over once or twice.
He sounds great. If something ever happens to Bon Scott... This is our go to guy.
RJC 72
Brian's voice sounded a lot cleaner with less falsetto in Geordie compared to AC/DC.
Edward Bliss
Is Brian Johnson wearing a Darth Vader helmet?