Darci Lynne | Amazing Ventriloquist Sings "With A Little Help From My Friends "

✫✫ Thanks For Watching! ✫✫ Darci Lynne | Amazing Ventriloquist Sings With A Little Help From Her Friends | America's Got Talent 2017

Patti Rand
Darci is the best.
Marisol Segui
She can win in the AGT champion, she the best
Lydia Baker
She is so freaking amazing
She is ADORABLE! 😍😂
Jade Douglas
So talented
Stephanie Graybill
Shes funny
Samantha Barchus
Klarity Caouette
She's very talented n it shows she puts a lot of work into her performances n is very good at what she does good job darci n congratulations is in order .
Paola Romero vence
Ella es única e inigualable!!! me encanta!!!
Habeeb Ibrahim
I have a crush on darci
喉見ても全然動いてない、この凄い技を独学で身につけたなんて… こんなに口を開けずにこれだけハッキリと歌えるなんて考えられない。本当に凄い。
500 subs without doing anything Dee
I love this song
Despite all the comments on this video, I get the feeling that a lot of other people still haven't fully comprehended how amazingly talented Darci is, even after over a year. Controlling _two_ puppets, with _two_ outstanding different singing voices (one of them being a _male_ voice), _with her mouth closed?_ And she's _12_ in this! How could anyone not think she deserved to win that year? She definitely should have won the "Champions" thing as well. I can't believe she didn't. Courtney Hadwin was eliminated too, and honestly both of them are the most talented singers that have ever appeared on AGT. Mandy Harvey (the deaf singer) was impressive too, though she wasn't a "champion." Brian Justin Crum was also good (or is, since he's currently still on). But Darci will always be my absolute favorite of all. She is absolutely, unbelievably outstanding, still to this day.
The puppets are beautiful and aides her not to feel along on stage. That's how her charming personality shows in front of an audience. You go girl.
Ej Valencia
Darci rules
Renato Pinto Bustos
What a beautiful song
Haleigh Reed
Love it
Priti Pal
She's incredible
Imane Candy
woooow 2:25
haytham kenway
She's brilliant!
Arlette Mbaki
Darci is so good
Ornella Cei
Darci Lynne devi venire in Italia a fare uno spettacolo così bellissimo , sei eccezionale . Ti dirò di più è la decima volta ke guardo le tue performance. 😚😚😚😚😚😘😍😍😍😍
Vivian Evans
Such a Talent !!!!! Performing all of her different voices seems to put a strain o her vocal cords ..At one point her face was very red; I hope she allows enough time between her performances giving her voice time to recover..And that she is being closely followed by an EENT physician....Otherwise she is a Fantastic young woman with an outstanding talent!!!!😇
Chambers Heros
Whose name artist sing that song sang by the darci puppet.
Anna Baber
I love her
summer davis
darci is really good
Melissa the silly fox
Nice vid
Kathy Stych
Darcy is the greatest. Love her puppets that she has.
Alexis Knight
She is so amazing to do that
How old is this girl?????
Jose Lobo
Boa Demais sensacional
Christina Mammolito
She should record this as an album
haytham kenway
Why'd they do the Joe Cocker version though?
Gary Portell
What a talented little ANGEL!
pustinja polja
I am from Croatia and i love Darcy. Wow.
Alan Lopez unboxings
Today shes the best actor .
Jack Frost
Out freaking standing, speechless.
Kay's Galaxy Squad
Anyone 2019 ??? DANG She's good
vaishu THAKUR
Great girl good job well done
giannis xatzis
BRAVO !!! Darci lynne you are the bigest Talent...God bless you. Greek people loves talents like you!!!...
Marisol Segui
I mad with America, she nat win the AGT champion😭😭😭😭😭,she the real champion,she unique
Alfred Norman
She (darci ) is quite good very awesome wow 😄😄😎
Makayla Bogdanski
i feel like this would be good if she sing “anything you can do, i could do better”
Obaid Aljaber
0:53 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Obaid Aljaber
łåżÿ boy