A SLAMDUNKASAUR Production />[email protected] @SuicideChrist @suicideLEOPARD Filmed @ D-Block in Portland by: @shinerpacific @rjmckinnon @nbhdsamurai @itsfine.wav

no one the boys locker room
antonius antonius
Teacher: *leaves the class for 0,8372628 seconds* Class:
I was sad but then Ruby said “ajsjwosbwodndoneoendosne” and I instantly felt better
Ondřej Adámek
This song makes me eat my happy meal toy and play with the food
Me: plays song very loud. Neighbor: calls police. Police: arrests neighbor.
1000 Subscribers with no videos
I showed this to my vape Now it’s a blunt
Pavol Murco
I played this song in Notre-Dame. You know what happend next
Flying Gogoplata
Showed this song to my son... now hes my dad
1k subs with no videos
These beats hit harded than my alcoholic step father
Ben Young
I showed this to my turtle Now he's Michaelangelo
Cancer Hub
Rare footage of the boys locker room:
This song burned notre dame
if a girl listens to $uicideboys she is instantly one of the hottest girls lmfao
Played this next to my Flinstones Vitamins Now they’re Xanax 🤷🏼‍♀️
Honorable Knight
Showed this to my mom Nothing happened it's just a song
Ryan-YT 213
• Puffy Duckie •
I showed this to myself And i liked it
I hope that whoever reads this comment wins the lottery 🤑
Angel Lopez
Showed this to my water gun now it’s a AK-47
Ben Senju
I showed this song too my fish.. He drowned.
Lucio Freerun
I showed this to my dog Now i am he's dog
alexis perez
Storms Area 51 with this song on blast: Aliens :
Shameem Sharnooz
Girls locker room: OMG PRINCIPAL EDWARD GET OUT!!!!! Boys locker room:
Hoe Subs
No one: High school dudes when they got a point at the football game and everyone is cheering.
SputniK 10
showed this to my bird he said lemme smash
Lil Addy Mr Trent
I tried playing this in North Korea but I was arrested for carrying a dangerous weapon!
James Yannonē
Showed this to my boss. He fired me. 😂
Vladimir Putin
This sounds so good on a old speaker because of the distortion
Suicide Boys Türkiye fanı
devinn. hol
I’ve always avoided this song because I always thought this song were for the “fuckboys.” And I was too busy listening to “Gabapentin Getaway” and some more of they’re underrated tracks. But I came back just to remember one of the tracks that first got me into $b
Showed this to my dog Now it’s Clifford.
Omgitsyaboiconnor YungLoudBoyz
Imagine being at a abandoned apartment and its a real old radio and you hear this in the backround upstairs room lmao
2019 ꧁⟦k⟧⟦a⟧⟦c⟧⟦h⟧⟦o⟧⟦r⟧⟦o⟧꧂
I showed this to my brother nothing happened
Η βασική ζωγράφος
When mama out with dad and sis at granny's Me:invites friends (12 mins later) Me and friends in my room:
Reub sauce
No one: Me: This song made me get hit by a parked car 😐...
Eduardo Macias
This song makes me want to pay for gas then leave.
I showed this song to my dog He's eating the wall rn
When this song hits platinum.....Paris will be changed to Pari$
Go! Go! Guts
It's $crim's birthday today! He's now 30 years old, Happy B-Day $crim, I hope you live forever you glorious mf
Girls locker room: „Omg Scott is so hot“ „Aristos is today really cool i like him“ Meanwhile Scott & Aristos in the Boys locker room: 00:16
Hernik Vajala
I showed this To my ak-47 it turned into 1kg of ak48
If you can see this You have eyes
Lol Kol
Уже 2019, капец, а ещё вчера было suicide night time..
I showed this to my magikarp Now its an Arceus
KillerGoD _
I showed this to notre dame... She got lit up !
Park Jimin
I showed it to a blonde girl She lost her hair but I think she’s still blonde
Big Pimpn
I showed this to my Christian mom She fainted
Timmy Damoulianos
Definitely inspired by the great bone thugs n harmony ! Respect !!
Nebulous Gameplays
When someone brings a jbl speaker to the boys locker room
Ax Garzo
When he say ''Ruby ajsgahdga'' bro, I really feel that :'(
$uicideboy$ like👍🏻 Bad bunny ignora☢ Auto like para no morir ignorado...👍🏻👍🏻
Play at 0.75 speed for maximum possession
Chris Dingler
Damn first time i hear this it had like 2m views , when did this guys got so famous ? I thought they we're still underground lol
Rage King
I'm glad these guys are getting the love they deserve
Raizine Storm
they're already on the wave before it even exist
If you play this on x1.5 sounds if like Ski Mask was rapping over a City Morgue Beat
Renata's chanell
I’ve been listening to them for about 4-5 years and I never hate one song☹️🖤🎶☠️
Jose Lopez
One of the best lines of $uicideboy$ Just crucify me, Yung Xrist, wrist slice, couple hoes on ice screaming R.I.P
High Rum
Why has no one told me about suicide boys??? They go hard
Mikey Alexander
I played this song next to pepto bismol It's now Lean
Broken bad Gaming
I showed this to my dog Now his airbud
Dwight schrute
I can't understand a damn word they're saying but its fuckin awesome.
Nikki 6ixx
Showed this to my manager Now hes a customer
Trenchh Beatzz
Emergency department: 911 what’s your emergency? Me: My house is on fire Fire department: $uicideboy$ again? Me:yea Fire department: help is coming immediately.
arun prasadh
I need Scrim's hoodie...that's fresh AF
I showed this to my cat Now hes a snow leopard
Pierre Delarue
My favourite ASMR
Kung Fu Jiu Jitsu Flip Trick
Am I the only one who wishes their songs were longer? They've got real musical talent
Ashley Papias
thissss wasn’t the cute indie song I was looking for 😟
I wonder if they knew ahead in time that this is gonna blow up of all their other hundreds of amazing songs...
My type of sound makes my mind go to another place ....🐾 They got down
Linda Trancosa
Play this song at 0.25 sounds like a robot
ZUCCulent beans
I played this on my smarties. Now they are xanax
Eddie Black
The creators of the song "Terremoto Turquesa" stole your beat
bruh. itzemily
showed this to my eyes now im blind
Lord Blades
The beat is on point! When the melody switches to higher notes, it resembles Resident Evil vibes.
I’ve got GREYFIVENINE tatted on me. I know one day I’ll stop listening to their music, but I’ll never forget what they did for me. One day I’ll explain to my children, or my grandchildren what the tattoo meant to me. How their music saved my life when no one else was there for me. Long live the reign of Grey Cartel!
raees Chandler
This song makes me wanna bark at a dog
Vxntage ツ
Greatest song ever i was 11 bumping to this 🔥🔥🔥
Ahhh nice relaxing music to end the day 🤝
Park Jimin
2 years ago this was my favorite song, it was for a long day, a random day I forgot the existence of it (yes previous day I listened to it) I just FORGOT It’s been a while, it’s my fav song again
Mr Shogan
someone need to make a gif of homie swinging his arms at 0:23
AK Frozen
$UICIDEBOY$ - PARIS Mötley Crüe - The Dirt The first few seconds of both songs are amazing
Fabrizio Testoni
Hu hav 11
squidward testicles
This video was filmed in Notre Dame seconds before u know
Showed this to my cat Still a cat But a buff one
Joonas Kotilainen
every $uicideboy$ ''real fan'' fav song
It’s about time for this.... Here before 100mil <3
*G*59 Till The Grave🦇*
LynXz9 AND 3FpZ
I showed this to a flower Now it is an marijuana plant
Nicolas Bustamante
if u think this is savage go hear tommy whrite iii who make this type of rap 20 years ago
Exploring With Finn
Suicide boys need to do a song with scarlxrd
Mariel ME
The other day I heard someone playing this song in their car and I started jaming out to it but I think she noticed because she rolled up her window 💀
Slim Smdreads
Manager: youre allowed to play music. Workers:
Cf -17
Sunday 10Am smoking a joint. Great way too start a week strong 💪🏽🎄💨
Furchant ::-OS
0:17 When youare writing a test and the techers leaves for 0.8887666666 seconds
This song always wakes me up in the AM lmaoo
abrahamo last zombie
my brain exploded
Bob of Astora
Can't believe how much my boys have blown up. Proud of ya