Joe Bonamassa - Last Kiss - Tour de Force Live in London 2013

Joe Bonamassa performs "Last Kiss" live at the Royal Albert Hall in London. This amazing performance was recorded and released on Joe's Tour de Force Royal Albert Hall DVD. ► FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD - /> ● Official Tickets ● /> ● Official Social Links ● /> /> /> /> ● Official Merchandise ●

When i see those 20 dislikes i have serious doubts about the IQ of some people.
Stephen Upham III
This is the first song that ever I heard by Joe Bonamassa from the original video "Live at the Royal Albert Hall". I was mesmerized. Many years later, 3 live concerts and all of Joe's albums, I am a true Bonamassa fan!
Dog Lover
I believe he is the best in the world.
Organicis Theway
GREATEST GUITARIST OF MY questions asked.....Simply the greatest.
John Faulkner
FINALY Someone to play real Rock/Blues... Never enough
Could I kiss his fingers just once before I die? He's much too young for me, but I adore the spirit he channels. No one does it better.
Bjørn Helseth
This is mindblowing stuff :) Pure Class !! :)
Matt L
This guy can play, for real!
blues are ROCKIN!!
Salvo Vecchio
such a great tone, very very cool
Mihai Chiriac
Danny Adams
Such a good performance! Love this guy and his band! I really like the dynamic parts in the song where they get quiet. So cool :D
Kathryn Vaughn
Is he human??? Wozer!
Eric suriner
amazing as always Joe
Mike Masail
Only came across Joe 2 weeks ago, where have I been hiding. Anyway haven't stopped listening As good as SRV and a nice guy to boot. This and live at the Greek Theatre are probably my 2 favourites so far. In fact just ordered this album (On vinyl) It will be here on Monday, cant wait.
Too badass of this world
The Rev. Bob Channel
SMOKIN"!!! As always. Joe is one of those guys that I have been going to see and watching his career for quite awhile now, and I can honestly say I have NEVER seen a bad (or even sub standard) performance from this man! He always puts out 125% and leaves me amazed! This video was no exception. Nothing short of incredible!!!
Ivan P. Vaghely
JB at his best as always!
Phillip Sims
The new gunslinger that all the kids will. Refer to ad their inspiration
Any Thoughts on a voodoo child cover Joe?. :))) As Always i left a big juicy Like!!
Francois Froge
J'Adore !!!
Terry Knighton
1 of the best out there-seen him before he exploded-much talent
Friggin awesome!
Nikos Fragos
Hello your great JOE !!!!!
Ollie Burton
4:40... wow...
Crazy World Big Sound
Bonamassa great tone and talent!
danielle anderson
simply awesome !! love xoxoxoxo
Alison Sumner
Not much music that makes me just vibe and you do Joe.
Guitar virtuoso!Joe is seeking a seat in the front raw!With Gods Jimi H, Jimmy P, Eric, Duane, Richie, David Gilm.., Stevie R.V,etc
Alison Sumner
Bloody hell!!
Stephannie Rawls
Sounds as if he was born on Beale Street!
Kent Mains
Doesn't get any better than Bonamassa live.
Dmitry Shinkarenko
dale anglin
Love the music of Joe, Eric Gales ,Ryan McGarvey,Gary Hoey,Philip Sayce, Wes Jeans and the list goes on.
April Divine
I'm addicted to Joe Bonamassa music.. and sharing with friends.. Sending love and prayers for the Finland, Sweden shows. Awe those nice folks !!!
One of the VERY BEST Modern Blues Men around!! ;) :)
Jeff P Blues
Great performance, Joe. Fantastic band!!!!
Far out.  What's after perfection?
Beach Bum
Joe you are the coolest around:)
Waldemar Brąkowski
amazing ,like allways !
dennis walsh
I see him (only) once a year, (too bad). They are the very best shows I've ever attended. Drop dead great.
stew stew
it don't get anygooder then that yea,baby 
Craig McLanachan
Cora Visser
this is also super the way he plays is fantastic.
brandon whitley
seems very compressed compared to royal albert hall
Jim Atkins
Great song and playing!!! Just superb stuff from Joe like always!!!
Bruce Blake
wish i had listened to sunny day, my life would be a lot better / different today.
Don't know if it is just me. But it seems that Joe is at this best when he is with this group of musicians!
Judit Antal
I love it!
cze slaw be
Carlos Sousa
Amazing like always !!!
Tony Bishop
Good lookin bass! Joe's great too!
Agréable à écouter... agréable à regarder...
Thiago Rodrigues Designer
Eddie L. Rosado-Nieves
Skinnerburst never sounded better.
Jesse Scruse
Pure stuff, the next legend of our 2000's generation.
Larry P
sounds great here in Cloumbus, Ohio....
Marilee Denr
Just told my fiancee 2 tickets for Valentine's day
Jo-Anne Tscharke
Cant wait to see him in Adelaide!
Cindy Wilson
The best feeling in the world...
I wish I had 75% of his abilities. I be great. There's only one joe b.
Mad Fabe
Joe Bonamassa Last kiss.
Don Fushtey
Hey Joe!!!!
robert ritchie
Each of the artist mentioned are ALL VERY TALENTED MUSICIANS!
bill smith
peaches & cream of jam
Steven Jordan
I've seen Joe 4 times and he's just awesome. His tone, timing, tempo are just always right on.
Richard Michael
love that bass line.
who do you love!!!
Jamie Taylor
simply awsome one of the best
စိုင္း ညီ
How Nice ? How can I say that !
Jerry Blazick
JoeB jams!
Charles Sherwood
Awesome Joe, Toronto 2014
Shirl Unger
Yum, he looks delicious! He Rocks me !✨
Cheryl Richardson
Bravo Joe!! Bravo!
derek smyth
love this music  here in dublin i cannot get cds 
Wendell Cotham
Switch to whatever like the movie no country for old men can't stop what's coming that's VANITY
Juha Nousiainen
JB is the new King. No doubt about that. And he’s getting better.
Marck Pruesse
Dolby Surround Anlage bekommt Mann so richtig eine Gänshaut.
Glenda J
If someone like Clapton, one of the best guitarist of all time, is willing to take the stage with anyone, you know he must have respect, and appreciation for their musical abilities.
Very cool... great performance as always!
Marie Fenouilliére
excellent :))))))
Alison Sumner
Wendell Cotham
HQ AUDIO STAND OR FALL 🦁🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅 ⚡️⚡️⚡️ never mind
Arjen Jager
A long beard would suit him well :)
Wendell Cotham
19... DON'T Think I Don't SEE 🦁😇😇🦁🦁🦅⚡️
Алексей Бондаренко
Very cool music!! Ideally!
Robert Schmitt
No clue what he's saying...
Paolo Mastromonaco
Lisa Rawlings
His music makes me feel young again!
David Brites
Beautifull fiddle! Is this one of his '59 Les Pauls? If so which one? Thanks for the info.
No fancy five dollar Jazz chords. No diminished three octave runs. . . Old school first position rock solid groove. The intersection of talent and hard, hard work. Badass
doesn't break a sweat in that goddamn tuxedo! what a guy
Mike louden.
One of the great guitarist of our [email protected]
samuel galindo
Joe regalame un ampli😅