KANG REVIEW | MARVEL: Contest of Champions (iOS/Android)

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Haze Playz
i got my kang on first crystal i literally spiled my drink
Lyndon Morgan
Still can't belive you got Kang dude!
Akash Gupta
kang as your profile pic will look epic! take him to r5 first
Davis Balke
You should definitely rank him up. Now that you have him, are you going to try to get a dupe of him?
He's Sick! Congrats Duuuuuude!!!
Zaheen Mahmood
the greater gifting crystal #4 is thanos!!!!
Davis Balke
That is awesome! Congrats on your new 4 star!
Tom Airi
yes plz make it your profile picture
Sub Z3ro Gaming
Congrats on pulling Kang. Your reaction was hilarious on the video.
Harry Cox
For the 4* Cosmic Awakening gem you should wait for Venom
Luiz Paulo
How did you get the kang ??
save it for ronan from RoL!
Yılmaz Ali Doğan
Dude you're AWESOME !
Young Scrub
Kamran Fury
All my friends are getting four stars, and I haven't got a four star from a PC since September :(
elite view in 360p
Khaleel 360
Lucky! I've always wanted the gifting badge! But knowing Kabam, they won't let us buy it with in game currency coz Kabam want money!
Lego Maniac
I have been playing for about a year now and I only have 1 4*. Watching this is so much fun but it reminds me that I can't purchase units to get the crystals and the gifting badge. I love this channel and it gets me so excited and tells me soon I will be really good at it. And I will try. Keep going!
It's some kind of glitch I think.  For quite some time, my 4* Star Lord was my highest ranked character, but it kept saying my 3* Colossus was my highest ranked in my profile pic.  It was only when I fully leveled him for Rank 3, did my picture finally change.
The Wynn Family
I awakened my electro last night using the 4* science awakening gem I got from gifting yesterday. Hands down the best investment. The only thing is that this kind of  "artificial awakening" doesn't  make the same huge power increases like a dupe of the character would.
Audra Squire
but what if you can get Thanos in the future? Will you then make him your profile picture? (also ballistic armor is armor that reduces damage from physical attacks.)
Christopher Bisson
Starlord is your profile picture because he has the highest base PI. He beats out UC. Most likely because of your Sig level on Starlord
Super Cali
is kang better than scarlett witch for you
William jones
Somebody told me that when champions are ur profile that have a lower Pi in this case star lord it is cause of masteries that what some one told me
seema mandal
I think marvel contest of champions are going to nurf down gillotine.
Tanner Lee
Starlord is your avatar because if you had no masteries, he would be your highest rated. If you look on MMXIV or other big players its the same deal.
Aaron McGill
one time,i had made electro my best character,but my daredevil,who had once been my best character and had worse rating,still showed as my best character.just like london's problem,y does it happen!!
Grid Iron
Moves are like mix-up of Vision and Punisher/Colossus sort. Vision's light and mediums and Colossus' heavy. His heavy attack actually used to be like Moon Knight's but they changed it, don't know why. His signature ability basically means that the power he has, the higher his armor level.
Paolo Roa
that winter soldier post
B19 B3N
Well, I got my 8th 4* which is Abomination in a Premium Hero Crystal today but you are super lucky! (BenHP01)
Jack Jones
Starlord is your picture, because before masteries his rating is higher, it's a silly system but that's how it seems to be.
Joshua Lakhansingh
ign- dragon512345 i must say im quite jelly :) well done though whats the minimum for yr alliance (when it has a spot)
Colton Bennett
Neither Colossus or Winter Soldier. Vision
Scott N
It happens when two champions have very close ratings. I'm having that right now with WW2 Cap and BW. I have them both at 4/40; BW has about ten points more than WW2 Cap. In my profile it shows her, but my icon is him. It's kind of weird.
Elmer Ajtun
how do you get multiple daily crystas because i can only open one a day
Same thing happened to me when I ranked up my ms marvel then duped out my colossus until I levelled ms marvel up to 40 have no idea why it happened.
Colton Bennett
Damn have you not completed act one yet
Wangzhe Jin
Can someone please send me a greater gift crystal? I never received one before. My username:WZJIN Thank you very much!!!!
Daniel 97
What's peoples favourite hero (or villain) of each class? :)
Ernesto Chavez
My electro is my highest character but ultron is what everyone sees because base pi is higher with r Ultron
Tristan Hanna
His electro was duped??!! When he showed us his profile
Binh Nguyen
I think dr strange is still the best hero
Lewis Durkin
I think there same odds as punisher crystal (arena crystal)
Zaheen Mahmood
take him to rank 5 plse. (zaheen213)
dude its getting kinda annoying how ur exicted for kang sure he is good non the less but how u say takinh him to rank 4???? not worth that ( big bang band )
derrick linton
how many times you dupe star lord. if he's the most dupped then that's why
Anar Aliyev
Please leveling him up at next video!!!!!
Kang doesn't suck?!
Fernando Cruz
This fu has all the good hero because all that money he spends.
Gabe Miller
kangs ability is if he gets more power in his power meter he gets more armor
Since when is star lord his in his top spot
Roberto Duran
video starts @12:25 your welcome :))
Cavid Huseynov
kank fine ultron fine
Jake Media HQ
imagine a 5 star tech awekening gem! 5 star awekend iron man!
Your so awesome dude (DanialMayham)
Anthony H.
I think it is because his health or attack are higher
Gamer Curioso
what Is your phone for game ?
samuel g
Shinnosuke Tomari
For all those people who are wondering, he got his electro duped from the crystals I gifted him
Shivy Vlogs
I keep getting Kang
Amn Hell
When did you awaken electro dude are you doin a video on it (xXHellBringerXx)
Happened to me with magneto (profile picture)
Save a mutant, science, and cosmic for the RoL champs you get.
Qas Don
Can u plz do agar io videos plzpl
Something Random
Take him all the way to Rank 5 dude!!! It''s be so OP!!!!
Selections For all
I got two 5 star crystals and one of them I got a venompool from that event crystal. In the other I got a venom from it
Heal block is also useful in the arena, stops willpower
Sushi 48
he has punishers moves I think
Kai M Collazo
His star lord is his to guy yes
Alex Sanna
Let me guess your going to get kang to rank 4
Jennifer Mandel
Guys his electro is awakened
Congratulations dude (Estripa69)
seyit yaman
The moves are from vision ( The vision )
Tito Rivera
Adrian Ø2
Nice video dude! IGN: Adrian 02
TwoTwin Fantasy
When did u awaken your 4 star electro? Did you do a video of it? Good video tho. (S0meone)
Juuso Ahola
Take iron man to rank 2!!!!
Sokz Illustrated
Cool video dude the star lord thing happened to me as well Hawkeye was my profile pic but my top champion was ms. Marvel but then I levelled her up and it was all good
Abdul Sami
Can I be your I'm your fan!!!!!!☺
Crack Doom
how to get perfect block?
Firey Boi
Thanos is already out mate he was for the first 20 people to beat labyrinth
Андрей Кундельский
I got a 4stae Minotaur in gods of rome
Sayuj Varsani
Most of the time when he fights, he loses a bit more health then he gains. Has anyone else noticed this?
Ryan Pope
You duped your electro!
Aron Asgeirsson
I got him when i opend 45 gifting crystals
Water Buffalo Gaiming
How did he dupe his electro?
Qas Don
Can u plz do agar vids plzplz
Jacob Bridges
I think it means the higher the power bars go up the higher his defense gets
If I were you I would beat act 4 and get the awaken stone and use it on Kang! :)
Abhilash Putti
I just got up, claimed my 3 free greater crystal and opened em, boom 4 star KANG baby😂😂😎
youssef Amr
awsome dude congrats
Elijah Miller
I don't use Twitter but I got him
BronzePixels :D
Your face is star lord :D
Skrappy poopoo
Madhavi Joshi
I opened 10 premium hero crystals and got 1 three star hero
James Humphreys
same here but I like it
marvel contest of champions champ
im about 55k rating