Chris Farley-Like Pastor Goes On Anti-Gay Rampage

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Credit To Pastor Watch, Watch Full Video Here: /> A Georgia pastor ranted against homosexuality in a sermon that seems to imagine Chris Farley’s motivational speaker character as played by Sam Kinison... Read More At: /> Clip from the Monday, February 9th 2015 edition of The Kyle Kulinski Show, which airs live on Blog Talk Radio and Secular Talk Radio monday - friday 4-6pm Eastern. Check out our website - and become a member - at: /> Listen to the Live Show or On Demand archive at: /> Follow on Twitter: /> Like on Facebook: /> Friends Of SecularTalk: /> AMAZON LINK: (Bookmark this link to support the show for free!!!)

Isn't gluttony ALSO a sin there Big-Mac crusader?
Vernal Scott
He ate Adam, Eve and Steve for breakfast.
Vaginal arthritis
Technically he's right, west coast is on the left.
Aboubacar Amine
This guy is why christians are still waiting for the return of Christ. He ate him.
Was he panting after he climbed those stairs?
Max Marraccini
I think it's obvious he forgot gluttony is a sin
Greg Scott
Church... one of the few places left where some kinds of blatant hatred are not only allowed, but encouraged. This 'preacher' is repugnant... revolting.
Neil Leisenheimer
"What Hollywood is pushing, what the news media is pushing, is not normal!" Neither is weighing 500lbs.
Rin Aldrin
I bet we could win him to our side with a chocolate bar.
Honestly if I met this guy, I'd say "Yes, the Bible said Adam and Eve, so I did them both. It's the BI-ble, after all,not the STRAIGHT-ble." (Well, technically I'm pan, but the pun doesn't work as well that way ^.^)
Howard Moore
Does he live in a  van by the river...?
Rob Stewart
He gained all the weight from repressing his own gayness.
He sounds like Pumbaa from The Lion King...
Darrell barron
the only upside to this guys is if he keeps stressing himself this much he will have a heart attack
He looks like he eats a whole roasted pig three times a day 😝
Moses Darwin
I knew Jabba the Hutt was a mysoginist (slave Lia) but I never relised he was a homophobe too
Just proves that the communion wafers aren't fat free.
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According to my calculations anything that comes within 50 cm of this pastor with an angular velocity between 15 and 20 cm/sec will sustain a stable orbit around the center of mass just below his rib cage. Also, according to Einstein's theory of relativity, if he visits Taco Bell approximately 27 more times he will theoretically warp spacetime enough to break the synchronization between world time and any digital clocks within 5 meters of his center of mass that were exposed to his gravity for more than 5.2 seconds.
John Harvey
He is going to be in the Emergency Room really soon.
Christian Schwalbach
Alex Jones pastor.
Yal Rathol
a-uhdum and eeeeeeeve, not a-uhdum and st_eeeve_. my attempt to transcript his accent. how'd i do?
Jessica Piszczek
I was seriously laughing so hard, and your impressions of him after OMG.
Brandon Petruska
He's out of breath. Being a bigot is exhausting.
How can someone who is near 400 pounds and has let himself become physically grotesque possibly have the nerve to say who is normal.  How can a man, who has NO control whatsoever over his genetic impulse to eat, possibly judge the natural impulses of others.This man needs to reread the teaching of his lord who says in Matthew 23:13: " Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites!  You shut the door of the kingdom of heaven in people's faces".   If that is not enough, maybe he should reread the passages on how the bible views gluttony
Ameri Wryter
"It's not normal!" neither is your waist line
Andriana K
sounds like there are 3.5 people at that church HAHA
stewie griffin
he talks about not normal but the man doesnt even have a neck
Ramone Ritchie
ask christains about incest there was adam and eve and they had cain and abel then were did everone else come from
david brossett
Quite surprised he didn't blow a blood vessel, him and Alex jones should do a show together
If Jesus had been in the audience I believe he would have gone up and slapped that nut. And then Fired him!
Earl Minime
I see..., I see..., I see a heart attack waiting to happen.
Gerry Hall
too bad he didn't cardiac arrest in the middle of his hate speech
stuart olowu
i bet he'd care if KFC , dunkin doughnuts , mac donalds , burger king , kebab shops etc etc closed down
Blake Holtzapfel
ummmmmmm isn't glutton a BIG sin too ??
3:36 that is an insult to all dying birds.
melanie salvat
this was so funny, clips of it should go in one of your montages
Glutony is a Sin too pal! Hypocrisy abound
Anínesah Rodriguez
He's going to give himself a coronary
Its Us
That Adam and Steve thing quit being funny like the 3rd time somebody said it.
Jeffrey P
Me thinks, he doth protest too much!
Honestly if I met this guy, I'd say "Yes, the Bible said Adam and Eve, so I did them both. It's the BI-ble, after all,not the STRAIGHT-ble." (Well, technically I'm pan, but the pun doesn't work as well that way ^.^)
Luca Simmons
Someone please make a GIF of 4:07 to 4:13 😂
Lol -Kyle love that bible-belted southern accent
Just remember, gluttony is one of the 7 deadly sins.
when that guy walks is he crating mini tremors 0_o ;)
Jeffrey Pozin
Of course it's not "Adam and Steve". It's Adam and Steven.
Ben Martin
It's actually Adam and Stephan.
Bri Lynnx
Where's his neck?
Jason Jackson
It's ok, he'll explode soon.
If he had fallen into the pulpit and knocked it over Farley-style it would've made my year.
Gluttony a sin ??
Richard Jacobs
lol i actually like thia 👦
Raghuvansh Ramesh
If God were real, he'd be laughing at this.
Laid_Ba ck_Cock
its alex jones's church
This is why Fanatical Religions cause all of the problems in this World. The feel they have a right to push their twisted Doctrine on all of us and many times with violence.
Ilostmypetrock D:
Lol I've seen worse pastors too. One preacher decided to preach against the US president Barack Obama, saying how he was part of the evil illumnati (his words) *sigh*
Gent Boy
Normal? did u see how this man is build ROFL, gay nor straight would want this guy for some ugalah bugalah :p
Nicholas Coletti
I could see him as like a Batman villain, who ends up dying with an angry, gay hating expression on his face as he’s lowered into his grave, eyes wide open.
Howard Moore
"Adam and Eve; not Adam and Steve!"  How original.
Derek Stynes
Does he know Gluttony is a sin? the man with no neck has spoken LOL
Kaycee K
I couldn't do it. Nope. Just a little better than 2 minutes into this bellowing abomination of gluttonous surplus flesh's vapid-cadence rant, I started laughing.
Joey Youn
I'm going to say this and I welcome debate on the issue... the Bible is one of the greatest fictitious things I've ever read because some of the things that are considered a sin like eating shrimp and wearing clothing that's made out of multiple types of material is just a really ridiculous... but one of my main issues with it is if you look at the animal kingdom that was created by a higher power God in the animal kingdom the woman the female is always the stronger of the animals she is always the larger of the animals she dominates over the males usually she consumed them after they mate in relation to insects and some animals.... male animals go above and beyond to prove themselves Worthy of receiving a female partner.... however in the human species men would have us believe that God created Adam then said oops I forgot I got to create something to keep the human race going because based on the Bible he created man and then realize that man could not reproduce so life would end with his creation.... then once God realized his mistake he then decided to create a female.... men try to act as if a woman being able to give birth and experience everything that comes along with having a reproductive system is punishment if that's punishment then how else would we be able to consistently reproduce life?..... also if men are so strong then why weren't they made with the ability to reproduce how come they weren't made to handle the pain and be equipped to handle it it is clear that all men are basically knock-off versions of women that's why they have nipples but they cannot produce breast milk that's why their penis looks like an enlarged clitoris because they are basically the other half of a woman. also there was some versions of the Bible that I have read that states that Adam and Eve are Caucasian which is virtually impossible because two Caucasians can not make a dark skin person no matter how many times they try you have to have darker melanin in your DNA in order to create a darker child..... I could go on there so many loopholes in the Bible that it would be virtually illogical and brainless to believe that that is 100% true.....
Coy Hampton
Christianity is cheap entertainment for intellectuals.
ScoutnBoys!!! Combined IQ of 50 in that entire congregation.
Zach Poteet
At least he's burning some extra calories by screaming his shit!
William Brown
Politics should never be brought into the church. I was nervous for this dude the whole time, somebody should've had an inhaler or an oxygen tank on deck because ya boy was getting ready to have a heart attack.
Charles James
Literal Trash
It’s so surreal to me that some people get up early on Sunday’s and get all dressed up to go participate in these kinds of things.
Ilostmypetrock D:
It's funny how that hipocrite pastor wants to preach against gay marriage, but he's like 3 or 4 times my size (maybe even more lol). Gluttony is a sin anyway. (This shows how many christians don't do their research)
Zach Poteet
He forgot to mention that he's anti public school because in high school he was too fat to sit at his desk! He needs to be told "you're fat! Don't sugar coat it, cause you'll eat that, too!" Haha, he's so hilarious
"IT'S NOT NORMAL!!!!" that was him quoting his doctor commenting on his cholesterol.
Nicholas Farrell
But, if God created everyone and everything, from where else could Steve have come?
Hailey Hoopes
I hate to tell you this mister bible-man but you and you're sick, brain-washed friends are not the nnormel ones.
Ste H
Damn, that guy has never missed a meal in his life, and where the heck is his neck?
A Corner Of The Internet
I wonder why they don't harp on about Anna and Eve? I'm guessing lesbians are still too sexy 😉
The bible also says glutton is a sin
Wait a second? It was Adam and EVE not Adam and STEVE? Well that changes everything!
Mace TradeMark
I love people getting mad because some people happen to like each other... like yes henny try and drag me, come for me dr. Gluten, come through mrs. anger is a sin, try me misses I cut my hair even though the Bible says not to... looking good in the blended fabric sis
You are wild!! How did you find this????
Duck Last_name
The only real miracle of god is that he didn't die of a heart attack by now.
S Tabarnak
God also created Cain and Abel (and by association the world's first murder), so sorry, he doesn't exactly have a great track record.
sparex 42
Is this Alex Jones long lost Twin brother?
Baron von Quiply
Biblical marriage is livin' in a VAN down by the RIVER!
Alec Proulx
You can hear him running out of breath 😂
Why do all southern preachers do that weird preacher voice when they talk?
LOL He sounds like he's about to have a heart attack.
Rev. David Ragsdale
This Pastor is Criminally insane It's OK to be LGBTQ~~
Stan Juan
That guy was channeling Sam Kinnison.
It sounded like there was a good 10-15 People in there
Big Ben
Someone owes Chris Farley an apology.
Derek Taylor
Anti-Gay but he sure loves sausages!
LordAmon 457
IW Nunn
he could chop off his Johnson if he could find it.
I live by the river in my van......
I knew he was going to say, "Adam and Steve".
Colten Partain
Praise God goddamit
Uli Peterson
where can i rent this commedian?^^
Nathaniel Cole
Oh God, why does he sound like that?
Kevin Ellington
He's having a stroke.