YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Genie (Official Video)

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Ice Conchy
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I see for fun
Who still bumping this in 2019
who still bumpin this in May, 2019
Adelaida Rivas
Who rocking this in May 2019 👿💯 👇🏽 Press if y'all ain't gay 🙌🏽😂
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Ariana Coleman
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Edgar Cardenas
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curlyheadedmari 17
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Camar Dawson
Who still bumping 2019💯
CadMar DaWeirdo
He got this ... beautiful music we can vibe too .. I hope he go diamond. He deserve it 💯
NBA_ Zidane
Like when you listen this 2020#nba
Chris Luevanos
Almost 1 million likes✊🏼👹🖤
Hasan Khan
*NBA YoungBoy beats artists like* *Khalid & Post Malone* *118 weeks on BillBoards! So* *proud of you* ♥️
Cameron Jacques
NBA young boy voice make me feel some type of way NO HOMO
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Im the guy
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RH_13Junior YT
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Dave Brimaire
I lessen to that many times before I love it but yo that sound is exactly for me thx broth again
unknown person
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Jake Smoke
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Nicholas Lien
"Told me you would never leave how could you just lie to me"
Trend Sheep
Who still listen to this song to this day??🤷🏽‍♀️
Corde Jones
Big 2 Mill in the chat shout out young boii
Rêñô Tøp Çłâšš
Who still rock diss song rn🤷🏽‍♂️🅱️
Jamiya Buford
I know I'm Not The Only One Still Listening In 2019.
mr. egg
Shemeka Webster
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Deon Mckinnon
I'm still bumping this song April 29 2019 One of the best songs
Arriyon the goat
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Im the guy
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Harrison Issac
0:26 when u finnaly get your math quarterly
family star 3
Damn this men going through so much I wish the best for him 💯🙏🏽
Jadan McCall
If you running wit NBA YOUNGBOY ever day
Myaire Skye
Me :can I get a Mac book Mom: another day ok Me:DONT TELL ME THAT U LOVE ME IF YOU AINT GONE BUY FOR ME Mom:lol ok
Marjorie Bowling
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Joey Brewer
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life hackers 20#
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shamaka august
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Angel Moore
younngboy is the richest rapper ever because Nba stands for NEVER BROKE AGAIN
Still vibin to this 🔥
Emori Carr
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Karen Kelsey
I love you NBA love your song keep it up boy Love you
Mike Johnson
“Talked to future the other day he say I need to change lanes”🙅🏽‍♂️🧢
Lissete G
He dropped this a year ago and i’m STILL HERE . 💚🐍 #4KT #FREEDDAWG
10000 subs without a vid challenge
"dont tell me that you love if you aint gonna die for me" Facts
Envy Tonio
Imma real fan I listen to his songs over and over .
Jahkeem Shepperson
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Gab B
So much pain in my body I felt that on a different level 🥵
NBA stevenlowks
“You told me you you’ll never leave how could you just lie to me “ 🔥💯😴I been there
Isaiah olivares
This song touches me I been bumping dis till 2019 who whith me slime 4kt freeDDawg
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Twich_ XxmessiahxX
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iBe Clutchin
I wish that I could find a girl just like my mama 💯
Mitchell St.Julien
I hate that some people want young boy to be lock up for 10yrs
Anna Gerald
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Jervon Noel
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lilk gang and lilt savege king
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Wesley Christopher
2:10 never pass your blunt to a dude like this 😂
Shemar McKoy
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Hamid Jat
Young boy is the best rapper alive no cap!!
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Antonio McDowell
who still rocking with this song # 2019
Davine Jay
NBA dropping back to back 💪🏾
Gwendolyn Trumvo
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Shi crazy how yb blew up From the mind of menace 2 days to now Shi crazy bra ahh got talent str8 up
Get drawing symbols to 100 million 🙏💔
Rashodgodofgames Litzsey
Nice I have been watching you song since I was about 2 years old ✌🏾
Gaxha_Meko 10
Like if youngboy bringing heat
Zayden Harrison
2019 on me really really on me anybody know that song
Chance 1k
Jacob McClenton
Who still gone be here 2025??
Biby Ojeda
NBA young are you friends with xxxtentacion and trepie red and are you a crip or a blood I love your songs I like this song more and I love you tattoos and you look cute dont get mad ok
Who a real NBA fan??
Free Youngboy
Who’s here after hearing Youngboy locked up? 😔
Duncan Bennell
NBA youngboy best rapper in the world
Jovon Matheis
The 63K is from da ones that ain't home ride😒❗❗❗
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I know I'm not the only one listening in 2019
Slime Beats
I’ let all my pain go away when I hear this song !!
Shamekia Sampay
This my song he go hard you said. You will never leave you lie too me lol
Latoya Matthews
L9ve this if you like young boys songs like this
Christian Mensah
Casper Hagman
Who still rocking this in 2019💣💣💣💥💥
Prayers for NBA young boy
Anyone still listening in April?
Free yb
DaReal Youngin
If you like Youngboy and Kodak like this
crazyfox crazyfly
i bought nba 👞 he almost died bro and 21 future is in this he said it when he was raping
Josiah Richards
Dude i literally fell of my bed [So much pain in my bodyy]
Projectbaby Leeshea
This song make me wanna cKry bc I feel the pain in his voice😭🤦🏾‍♀️