Joe Bonamassa - Blues Deluxe - Live From The Borderline

The song was taken from “Tour de Force – Live in London, The Borderline” DVD and is owned by record label J&R Adventures, LLC, the operator of this channel. The song “Blues Deluxe?” was originally written by Rod Stewart. Publisher: Stewart Music Ltd. Joe Bonamassa performs "Blues Deluxe" live at the Borderline in London. This amazing performance was recorded and released on Joe's Tour de Force The Borderline DVD. ► FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD - /> ● Official Tickets ● /> ● Official Social Links ● /> /> /> /> ● Official Merchandise ●

Mud Wiser
Joe's playing is outstanding, always is, always will be... But man, his voice just keeping getting better and better. I like to see him playin' a Strat.
Michael Rico
Any criticism of this virtuosic performance represents abject poverty in understanding the Blues and what it takes to play the Blues with soul. This performance is earth shattering, loaded with passion, and reaches a workload level few performers can compete with today. Just watch and look at the guy. He's giving his soul to it.
Noah G
My strat sounds like shit, but now I'm thinking it's because of me :(
Stevie is smilin´from way up above  :)
Random Jammer
Just finished watching my copy of this on Blu Ray like for the 50th time - I got the neighbours on my doorstep.... Again....
...was so privileged to be there,just a few feet away,as this was unleashed by the beast... God bless my Angels! 
Gazz Dean
I suspect blues can be quite boring for a drummer & bass player.
Rose Yoder
This was the first JB tune I ever heard..been loving every single thing he does since! Can't get enough...
The middle pickup is so underrated!!! Awesome!!!
Michael Bell
That Strat sounds so much better than the Les Paul IMO
Lorenzo Venza
Mike Hoeta
Rod Stewart, holy Krap
Holly Chaves
Man, there's really a difference. Him playing Gibson and stratocaster. Stratocaster really bring his true personality.
Bruno Soares Lopes
Extremamente diferenciado, Absurdo, parabéns.
Jimi Hendrix
He REALLY Knows how to play a Stratocaster ... Absolut Damm Fucking Great Show ...He is sometimes TOO Perfect ... His Sound is ..WHOAAAAOOO..unbelievable cool ... i think this is a 62/63 Strat with overwound Pickups , Sensationell Cool Instrument
Jonas Josias
Joe Blues is amazing!
An early sixties Strat and a Marshal Half probably the only thing God and the Devil can agree on.
Rocker Volt
Damned, he really plays like if it was his last evening on Earth... Incredible.
Jimi Hendrix
ABSOLUT GÖTTLICH !!!! Joe Bonamassa is one of the greatest Blues Players around
I love Joe way more on a strat more than the LPs
Jimi Hendrix
I Really Think this is JOE ´s BEST Solo EVER... This is Playing a STRATOCASTER @ max PEAK :: tHESound is PERFECT
I'm here because one of the local Memphis Police Officers had suggested that I should try... This is some good blues and that officer knows what he's talking about....
Awesome but the version at Rockpalast is better.
Scott Waszak
P.s. Joe B to John Mayer? I can NOT stop laughing.
Hendrick Putra
crazy!!!! such beautiful video! thanks for sharing
Gerhard Braatz
I don,t care what they say, it just doesn,t get any better than this. Pure Bliss.
Alex Ray
love that middle pickup sound
Steven Herrera
Hot damn that's some Blues Power don't ya know............
Peter Langford
Bloody brilliant mate...
Carlo Lebin
minute 5:36 demon face :v I love this Guy!
Johnnie Murray-Monroe
When you go to sell your soul to the devil but he doesn't want it because your already that nice!! GAAAHH LII JOE B!!
Matt Bortz
Joe sounds sick playing a strat. I like it better than his les paul
Andy Gascon
Simply just Bad - Ass Joe n the Band 😎 Hell-Yeah 🎸👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
David Counsell
Can't even describe how this electrified my evening. Master class.
John Fritzen jr.
Gotta Jimi thang going! 👍
Goran Hecimovic
O man! What are perfect guitar sound! 
jasam ja
F... the rest Bonamassa is the best!!!
Chord TheSeeker
What an incredible performance. The guitar and vocals were just perfect.
Jimi Hendrix
So eine DRECKSAU !! Das ist so ÜBERTRIEBEN GENIAL !! Joe Bonamassa ist der Coolste Lead Blues Player Heutzutage ..ein Wahnsinn ..
Speaking of the blues..... yesssss !!
That middle strat pickup into a Marshall, turned up to 11, is one of THE most raw, powerful sounds known to mankind. Joe's tone here is eerily reminiscent of the early Hendrix recordings from late 66/early67 when all he had was that one sunburst strat and a Marshall (and maybe a germanium fuzz face). Just fingers, wire, and wood. The Radio One sessions have that same raw sound. In the hands of a real master, it's hard to beat. This is, hands down, one of the best live recordings I've ever heard.
Sweet Joe !
Mark Kerns
Just a killer version of this song by the master himself smokin joe....
Jesse Fritz
He's tearing it up!!! Shredding some government cheese!!!
Greg Kelley
Joe was born with the Blues!!! And that Damn Old Fender!!!!!!! What can I say!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Valerio Di Matteo
I wish I could spot Joe BOnamassa playing in every pub or club I step in
Jimi Hendrix
This is so OUTRAGEOUS BRILLIANT strat Playing (It´s a 62 Strat i think) Joe Bonamassa , is a DAMM Great Player
Strato Holic
God how much I love the electric guitar as an instrument in the hands of a skilled player. Doesn't matter if it's Bonamassa, Blackmore, Holdsworth, SRV, Scofield, Beck etc. I just love it =)
mano a mano
Those stock pick-ups? Such a pure Strat sound!
steven gittins
This guy is incredible.How Blue can you get. Come to Norwich Joe.
Gary Jennings
All you naysayers wouldn't know talent if it bit you on the butt!
Mike Denny
Definitely the best I have ever heard him play , my Strat must be defective !
Judit Antal
I love it!
Chris James
Currently learning this monster on guitar. Technically it's surprisingly fairly straightforward but in terms of the feel and touch required to capture the mood and tone, now that's something else entirely. It could take me years, perhaps never. But my god I won't give up.
Mars Wabisabi
a Heritage from the great Jimi Hendrix: listen to Bleeding Heart (live). Nice concert !
Shocked that Stratocaster did not set off the fire alarms... good grief!!
Patricia Bockelman
Joe is SO GOOD, can't wait to see him at Red Rocks in two days!
J K.
More Hendrix'eee then Vaughan here ..  Joe smoked this tune ~~ 
Will Powell
holy crap that solo
Aaron Hendra
The Tiger Woods of guitar!!! Amazing Joe!
Bob Poulin
Tastei solo pull really feeling
Bryan Banks
Scuse me while I scoop ma face up offa da floor where it melted.
Dennis Schell
That Strat wails!!! Joe should use it all the time and trash the gypsons...
Melissa Ann
Thank God for Joe B.<3 <3
Expedito reis
Joe is a monster on guitar. his technique in blues is perfect.
Ok. Time for the bass player to give Joe his cape back.
Best version I've heard
Michael Hathaway
These are some top notch musicians! Bonamassa is definitely a virtuoso, but don't forget about Anton Fig in the background tearing it up.
Outstanding, awesome and excellent! Thanks Joe!
josh blumenstetter
Just awesome. This cut got me to thinking what a cruel teaser life can be at times. What do I mean by that? What would undoubtedly be the best blues /rock jam of all time cannot ever be. Joe Bonamassa and Duane Allman. That would melt the strings right off their guitars!!
A couple more lessons and this guy might be good. ;-)
More Fender's guitar Joe! :-)
Manu Savu
I love Gibson Les Paul, i use it every day, but Joe..with strat you really shine!
Jimi Hendrix
The Absolute Perfect Stratocaster Tone
Ryan Turner
@ 2:43 It takes a lot of experience to get volume swells to sound like that.
Normando Kayak Fishing
Espetacular!! Caraaaaaalho qual o nome desse baixista? Animal !!!
Scott Waszak
"Blues wannabe". Uh...yeah...right. Absolute blues master and then some is more like it.
Rob Hollander
Like SVR without the charisma.
Cirne Songs
Wtf!!!! JB is one inspired talented dude....
Ingrid pocze
Sweet, made my toes tingle.
Holy Crap!!! This is, hands down, your BEST vocal work I've yet to hear!  It's coming from way down inside ya.  Thank you for another soul drippin delicious track to play who knows how many times over & over &...
Best blues trio ever!!!!
Sal Scalafani
Joe rocks , saw him live once can't wait to see him again!!!!
Alison Sumner
I would keep Joe warm ;)
Norman Bataille
ladies and gens J B my favourite one
Henrique Puppo Boueri
This was a very wonderful performance. Congratulations and thanks for sharing the product of ur talents with us.
Márcio Arend Official Channel
Solo arrepiante!!!!
Dan Lawrence
That's why SRV plays the strat! Beautiful music
Marlon Borreo
Joe with a Strat! Yeah!
John Volz
Somewhere, right now, Joe B is shredding and melting faces
The Lamb
Mike Hickey watching that guitar like a hawk !
such fluent articulation-just so clean and expressive
Sergio Correa Tessini
Gracias! Estoy solo disfrutando algo de otro mundo. ;)
Geir olav
The audience need to stop watching him through their phones!
M. Rose Gastou
Moi j'adore ,il est super !!!
I guess there's 89 dopes out there that don't get the blues
Somebody give that guitar a grave because he just killed it.
Rubens Barros
Elvira DeGiglio
I’ve meet Joe Bonamassa Since his 9years old saw him on Kane foley Talk show , until now I feel in I love
i'm convinced how about you?