Jim Hutton - Interview (1994 The Big Breakfast)

Freddie's boyfriend... Jim Hutton - Interview (1994 The Big Breakfast)

Normie McNormalot
Who the hell bumps into Freddy Mercury more than once?
Reis World
wow after watching the movie they did such a great casting job.
Anita Hardesty
Very nice man. I'm glad freddie found someone to love.
To those who find inconsistencies or inaccuracies in the film- please note the film is NOT a documentary
Nichole Miller
I just bought the book Mercury and Me and I can't put it down. Rip Jim and Freddie
Metamorphosis Rox
When a person has that big of a personality, you don't think they are going to die. You think they are going to pull through. It is shocking when they don't.
Travis Walsh
Everyone deserves love everyone no matter what sexual orientation
Buckleup Peeps
He taking care of Freddie until end. He is a good Man
I just think it’s kinda funny that people who KNEW JIM PERSONALLY all think he was a really genuine and nice guy, and I am citing a quote from Aaron McCuster, who played Jim Hutton in BoRhap movie, “Anyone interviewed about him, anything I’ve read about the people who knew him personally, nobody had a bad thing to say about him. He really calmed Freddie down. He was a really good influence on him. He wasn’t with him for the fame and fortune. It was genuine love.” Whereas reading some comments here, all these people who are bad mouthing Jim as a person or questioning their relationship as if they knew him personally or were there witnessing this relationship. With regards to the discussion around whether publishing this book is appropriate, who inherited what and how much, etc., all I can imagine is Freddie groaning up there, “Oh dear, you guys are making me boring.”
Pax Cat
Jim about Freddie: "he was quiet." I miss him.
rhoads' girl
Jim and Freddie were a beautiful couple . He truly loved Freddie ...
Elizabeth Peters
I'm so happy that Freddie had someone so grounded and loving in his life as a partner the last years of his life.
Matt Smith
Gosh I wish this man would have met Fred in 1979. It might have saved his life. Freddie was always searching for a partner. The guys in Queen, the people who lived with Freddie and even Mary all liked Jim Hutton. They knew he loved Freddie for the right reasons. I mean, he had never even been to a rock concert before seeing Fred at Live Aid.
ariya james
i hate how a lot of people disregard jim and just talk about mary this and mary that smh
misa xx
Everyone needs to read Mercury and Me because it's the softest, the most heartbreaking book I have ever read. Jim really loved him with all his heart and didn't deserve to be treated like he wasn't part of Freddie's life. That man was the love of his life and stayed with him until the end.
Ricca Shaps
I think whether he makes money from this book or not, he deserves to have a say about Freddie Mercury's life.
Kirk Francois
Jim was such a kind, sweet and very humble human being. I met jim a few months before his passing, i couldnt believe my eyes. I have mad respect for the man. Anyway, we sat down and talked about Freddie for 2 hours straight. He was so heartbroken he actually said that Freddie death took a toll on him. He was right next to him when freddie peacefully passed away jim was there with him, holding his hand. I dont know why so many people dislike Jim, we all should be thankful to him. He loved freddie very Much, He took care of him. And stood by his side till his very Last Day on this earth. Jim Made freddie so happy, he brought so much Happiness in Freddie Life, Jim didnt care about how Famous Freddie Was, or about how many money he had. So people get your facts straight. And let him rest in peace. Wherever he might Be, I hope he knows that we all thankful to him and that we miss him. Thank you jim, ill never forget you. You were a great chap. Hope youre at peace. Say hi to freddie from us. :)
La Japonaise
Back to1987. AIDS was unknown lethal infection. Their friends of about 100 people were already dead.  But Jim did not board  a lifeboat of the Titanic.  He chose to continue to stay near Freddie as a lover (not a close friend). I think Freddie would have been very surprised and very glad.  Even if Jim had a drawback , I want to thank that action to Jim.
He seems like a good person ....
Sarah Perks
Jim was such a Sweetheart I hope they are together again.
Wow a few questions were so insensitive ...
her questions are lame
Rosslyn Picton
I believe we all have many parts to "the self," so it doesn't surprise me that Freddie was such a dynamic, outgoing PERFORMER but off stage a quiet, reserved person. I think many brilliant performers are quiet and somewhat introverted in every day life.
Syian J M
His love for Freddie was immense...he's a true gem ❤ Rip Freddie and Jim 💕
Killer Queen
Jim use to live down the road from me! He died almost 10 years. But i remember seeing him around town. Its nice he came back to live (and die) in his hometown in Ireland. He was a good man.
Juniawan Fatulrochman
I watched Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Last Night, Freddie met Jim at Club but on movie they met at Freddie's Party and Jim was one of his waiters....
Chocolate Chipmunk
I read Mercury and Me, I liked it. No doubt Jim and Freddie loved each other deeply, and Jim was the settling influence that Freddie needed at that time. However, this book, much like the movie, shone light on just one thread of a very complex human being. New fans who have come this way after seeing the movie see Freddie's male relationships as black and white....Paul Prenter or Jim Hutton...devil or angel. Freddie's first documented gay relationship was with David Mimms in the 70's, but comments have been written that he was sexually active during his school days in India. Much is made of who was the love of Freddie's life - Mary or Jim - when David caught Freddie cheating, Freddie was quoted as saying 'I have enough love for you all!'. I believe him. Driven probably by affection deprivation as a small child, his absolute need for love and adoration made him a very difficult person to have a committed relationship with, despite it being the thing Freddie craved the most. Freddie did cheat on Mary, and on Jim, and probably any person he had a relationship with, as he could not get what he needed from one person, but that didn't make him any less sincere or loveable. My point being we will never know who is telling the truth, this book, another book, the movie, because Freddie's relationship with love was so complex. There is a reason why there is no 'fact' department in a book store.....simply fiction and non-fiction....what we believe will never be confirmed.
I hope there together wherever they are...truly
Diane W.
Freddie you finally found someone to love you and to love them back. I’m so very happy that you had your time with Jim. We still miss you deeply Freddie. I know you must be the most flamboyant angel in heaven! 👊🏻✌🏻You are probably putting on shows and singing for the other angels!! 😇 ROCK ON FREDDIE!!!!
Gabby Roslin isn't really a great interviewer , she could have been talking about the best place to shop for a bargain , there was so little emotion or change of tone in her voice . She wasn't good enough to be talking a about Freddie at all. 😢
Poor Jim. I really feel for him.
Carina Blue
I have Jim's book 'Mercury and Me' I know way more about Freddie's sex life than I should.
Pete Shields
In 1994 she was so lovely to take his hand.
Angel Messtanoffski
He looks like a chubbier version of Freddie!
Swimming Arcade Cow
Sometimes I think I'm a bigger Jim Hutton fan than a Freddie Mercury fan! The man was so precious
Christopher Howe
Gaby Roslin calling it ''Great Lodge'' instead of Garden Lodge sounds ridiculous, she should be more informed than that 
Michelle Portillo
I didn’t know Jim saw Freddie die, that’s so sad 😭😭 I hope they’re happy together rn :)
Matt Shah
As I know... Jim did have HIV but he did not infected by AIDS.... He died cause of cancer in 2010 i believed... Correct me if I'm wrong...
Funeral Fog
She is making him so uncomfortable. You should respect his privacy.
suck on my Sticker
I honestly don’t see the hype around Mary, I’m not a big fan of her, she seems a bit uptight and uncaring of Jim.
Emily Lidiak
Rip Freddie and Jim 💔 I hope they are reunited together somewhere now ❤️
Tom Florio t
Listen I read the book to many times and am not saying Jim did not love Freddie but in the end he did betray Freddie's trust by writing a tell all book about Freddie's personal life, which I am sure Freddie would have been both hurt and pissed at the same time. I am so glad Freddie did not tell Jim where he really wanted his to be or he probably sell that story too. I think as time went by Jim was bothered by what left him and maybe the other secret Freddie left with Mary was to evict him and Jim was upset about that. just my opinion
David Lockley
I saw Queen in concert Houston Texas around 1980...it was loud rock-n-roll!!!
Sharon Sparks
Freddie Mercury did what he wanted with his money and property. No explanation required.
I read Mercury and Me. Jim says: Freddie wasn't really my type... really? He's my type, my mom's type, my dad's type, my daughtes type, my brothe's type, my uncle's type, my sister's type.. his other's fan's type .. geez.
derm gal
i'm not sure I would've had the same kind of selfless love for a partner if he'd presumably given me the HIV virus. He was a good man
Brett Bakos
I love how his face lights up the gentle dimple that appears when talking about Freddie, it really is a beautiful thing to behold looking at the face of a person who truly, unequivocally loved another.. you cannot fake that... R.I.P Jim and Freddie no doubt kindred souls together again.
darrah lane
The thing is, I don't think Freddie "calmed down" because of Jim Hutton. I think it took the realization that he had full-blown AIDS for that to happen.
Jim is a Beautiful Man! Freddie is a beautiful Man! You are just but 2 beautiful people! And it's heartbreaking!
Terry Cotterman
He wrote the book for one thing: MONEY! To Tell the Truth...
Aaaaw they both have moustache and dimple 😊
Sahiry Gnobehi
Sean S
R.I.P Jim And Freddie!!
Piggy Toys
At least Freddie had "Somebody to Love"! For serious though R.I.P the King of Rock
Melissa 'MISSI' Leonard!!!
He seemed VERY UNCOMFORTABLE...⁉⁉⁉⁉ Freddie was EXTREMELY PRIVATE about his PERSONAL LIFE!!! I think it just drives people CRAZY. Due to they couldn't find out more about his Personal Life...!!!! And, I think everyone should just simply RESPECT his Personal Life...!!! It is SO SAD to hear him describe how Freddie's last few days was!!! SO SAD...!!! 😫😪😓😔😢😭😩 Why can't people just can't just leave him and what little bit if privacy he had...ALONE...⁉⁉⁉⁉
Jimbobjim jim
Jim Hutton was the classic "sound" Irish man.
Freddie Mercury
I feel so sad because Jim had to go through the pain of having someone you love leave you and not come back, forever. I feel he was a good man and would never hurt Freddie intentionally. Thank you and love you Freddie Mucury and Jim Hutton.
Patricia Johnson
I'm glad we have these videos of Jim and Freddie. For a documentary on aids at that time, I recommend Silverlake Life the View from here.
It was not his boyfriend if both wore a ring...
I only wonder what their life would be like if Freddie was still here.
Melanie Curry
Fred was at the club, bottoms up when he first met him. 😂. I'm sorry.
the book was respectful didn't dish any dirt
I read his book and i thought it was fantastic
He looks too mannish to be gay
Angel’s Peace
You can tell he really loved Freddie❤️❤️❤️
win win
Thank you jim
I understand why he was *somebody to love* to Freddie. Lovely man!
man he seems so sweet :'( m glad they got together and were adorble ofc they would be the cutest couple even now he seems the opposite of freddie but yet so perfect for him
Marta 301
I'm glad jim passed away surrounded by his loving family in his family home, rest in peace you beautiful man ! <3
z bowyer
Hutton was hot back in the day. FM had good taste.
JNCOfetish 76
Jim is handsome here! Stocky, beefy and healty.
He's hot. Hunky daddy. I'd hv fallen for him! And he has such a gentle way of speaking.....
I'm Irrelevant
Please remember that the film is Hollywood drama. Phoebe has said that it's for entertainment - not for factual insights.
Sage Keasey
Jim truly loved Freddie. He took care of him when he was ill, spoon fed him and sponge bathed him, but Jim didn't put up with Freddie's bullshit. When Freddie acted like an ass, Jim packed up and left. I respect that. He wasn't with Freddie for his money or fame.
Foxy Alondra
Bro he kinda sounds like freddie if u listen closely😮😮
Ben Ragunton
I am distressed that Jim and Mary did not get on. I'd like to think that they did when Freddie was alive and more or less well, at least for Freddie's sake since he loved them both very much. It's a shame that they eventually didn't get on... In an extended sort of way they were family for each other. It makes me sad to see relationships and friendships turn sour like that.
Quality looks like it's from the 60s
Derek Mitchell
A wonderful Man , so happy that Freddie found love in his last few years
Jenny Piontek
You can see he really misses him
Jim was so nice, I’m happy that they were happy together aw
Jim seems like a nice, down to earth person. I can understand why a huge star like Freddie would have liked someone normal like him.
Diana Wheatley
I agree Reis!! Freddy's life was definitely a whirl wind, but you have to admit, he lived his life as he wished and never said no to anyone!! He is and always will be a true ANGEL!!! RIP FREDDY MERCURY, WE STILL LOVE YOU!!!
Damarita L
Qué wuapooo eraaaaa... Con razón freddie se enamoró de él... 😘🇲🇽👍👏👏👏💙💜
This love story wins. Everyone else can go home.
Antonio A
Please can you add subtitles?
Dominika C
I'm just finishing the book, with tears, It is such a beautiful love story. I'm glad Freddie found Jim. It seems from the book, they had a great love and to me Jim was the love of his life. The book inspired me in so many levels. How lucky were the people close to him <3 Thank you Freddie, Thank you Jim.
Fra ruger
RIP Hutton and Mercury. Happy 2019 paddy's day to both of ye. Jim was down to earth and kind-hearted.
Trevor Thompson
A very nice man delighted Freddie found Jim before he died I hope the two of them are together again
Bite my Dust92
I feel so sad for Jim he lost the love of his life
Tracey Fitzgerald
You can see his face is so full of light. I'm glad Freddie was with a good person in the end.
The way he smiles to himself while recounting these memories is so absolutely sweet
Leanne Hinton
To be introduced as ' his lover shows how homophobic she was. His partner for God's sake. Trying to make his relationship seedy...does she have a lover/s?
Wars Boerse
Brave to talk about all of this on tv. Good on him. RIP. x
*"How did you first meet" **0:57** [he smiles knowingly/uncomfortably]* *I'd put money on it being in the public toilets and/or cruise beat*
Laurie Arnold
Freddie wrote "Love of my life" for Mary, they were together for 6 years
Andrew Corbett
Respect. He made freddy happy and was always there for him til the end of his life.
The English and the press especially are obsessed with money
Leigh Lyric
If someone here have read that book, will you please give me an insight of what he said about Mary.
such a kind soul 💓
Sage Keasey
He truly loved Freddie and he is missed