Dong Joo & Woo Ri (Can You Hear My Heart) - falling slowly

what to say about this drama?? OMG it's just amazing for starters!! every episodes just leaves me in tears by how touching & traumatic each episode is! in the early episodes i totally fell in love with the story of the youngens & that appa & eomma & episode 4 just left me completely drained of emotion!! but now i've completely fallen in love with Kim Jae Won; his smile is to die for & makes me melt every time i see it!! (; I so can't wait for more episodes of this!!! Alright enough with the rambling. This isn't the best but i wanted to make something for this beautiful drama & to get more people interested in it cause it's so different than most dramas that i've watched & that's a good thing. This drama is so touching & heartwarming it's a must see!! (:

weirdly my fav parts of this show were always Dong Joo and Woo Ri's dad. They were just so cute!!
Sephy Raphel
Such a beautiful, lovely and innocent love story ❤
Madi_ gold
мать Дон Жу играла также на Цветочки После Ягодок
Jessi Nguyễn
who sing ???????
Rachel Lee
Dong-joo, Cha Dong-joo~~~~ I love KIM JAEWON !!!
agree! great job!!! the cuts are really nicely done :)
Tess K
I dunno why it reminds me of To the beautiful you ^^
Tess K
OH! MY! GOD!!! I gotta watch this drama!!!!!!!!
SONG - SOUNDTRACKC ONCE- falling slowly
What is the name of this song and the artist??? Please reply! I think I'm in love with it..... :$
what's the story?
Miki Grandchester
muero!!! xD where can i see this drama? please
Do you know who sings this song?
hi does anyone know which episode woo ri and dongjoo start dating??
Mira Menia
I'm So Flattered When i read about the comment.... I feel my heart so heavy, but i am so happy to all of you.. i 'm very sorry for my attitude, but this is real me.. thanks again
waa, lo voy a ver ^_^
Jae Won Fan
@RagdollAlice23 that makes the two of us... :) i fall inlove to this drama, to the extent that i made Kim Jae Won Fans Club on facebook... :) his sweet smile and angelic look just made my day complete... thanks for sharing this video, i didn't miss to watch one of the best korean drama ever....
This Drama is ONE of the BEST Korean Drama's I have ever SEEN!! I totally fell in love with this Drama after watching it and Kim Jae Won!!! His smile made me want to die lol xD
Desliana Aulia
le vi
kim jae won is soooooooooooo gwapo! in filipino he is handsome!!
antonia zc
this drama is just perfection!!! and this video captures how the best couple in the world start to fall in love in an amazing way i have no words... just tears cause i miss them so much
@Jeiixihhchan, no he didn't get his hearing back. Still this is a very nice drama and the cast is also great, so am recommending it.
I just started watching this drama. Only on ep 5 and I feel like crying over everything. lol T_T
m i s o .
love love love this video ^^ such a great drama
such a perfect vid for this drama, the perfect song, a brillllllllllllliant job!! :D more vids like these please *subscribes*
He looks alot like Nicholas Teo
Amazing job I am so loving this show and I am so happy more people are vidding to this.. deff a show more people need to see!!
Ruthimiel H S
lovely video, lee & crystal rock!
@Asiandramafan043 Your mv is sooo cuute! (: I fell in love with this drama <3 It's left such an impact on me, I loved every single episode that I've watched so far. (: Do you remember what episodes you used for :30 and 2:05 ?
Blue Sky
@kellybchoi it is seriously an amazing drama, you will really enjoy this series.
he is soooooooooooooooooo cute. <3
donde la puedo ver sub al español??
@Asiandramafan043 Thank you! I can't believe i couldn't recognized them!!!
Does anyone know the singers that covered this song? I've been playing this nonstop even at school <3
allkime gz
love dorama!!!!!♥
Freda Gonong
the song reminds me of the time hyunjoong sang to hwangbo....
@Asiandramafan043 episode 11 is subbed now! *rushes off to go watch it*
@Asiandramafan043 i normally do the same, but no others can get my mind off this one, so i can't really get into them. what a problem to have, right? >.<
you've got me more addicted to this drama than i am to 49 days and that is an accomplishment. wahh!! i love dramas with a deaf character because they tend to be really sweet and have some issue to overcome other than a love triangle. i don't even know what to do while i wait for subs.... *starts biting nails*.... any suggestions?
i love this drama so much, its very heartwarming so im glad to see a video of it :D thx for making it! its beautiful! great job~
Wow, thank you for making a video for this drama! I randomly decided to pick it up today and so far, I like it. I'm afraid I'll cry though. I can't handle angst. T.T
Wow, this so beautiful and I really have to continue on from episode 1!! :D
w s
NICE! <333
masu masu
currently this is the drama that getting me h0oked for long...and also 49 days.....<3 cha dong joo!
OMG this girl who played alongside won bin in ahjusshi look at her *_* ur MV is sooooooooooooooooo beautiful, I might buy this one after it's done airing but watching while May is full of new tempting dramas is out of speech, I have so many things to do too but believe me ur MV really made me love this show great job *_*
Video is really pretty! I really love this drama and I cant wait to see the next ep already:) Soo addicted to it:)
hey hun omg omg !! I watched this but only ep1 hehe .. anyway I dont feel like continuing coz It has so many episodes omg 50 i think. But anyway ur mv is so amazing . it leaves us the feeling like I have to watch/continue this drama. ^_______^
I started watching this show It's soooo good!!
May is the busiest time for us dramaholics, i so much wanna see this one but i'm not sure if i have time TT_TT
this looks so cute! added to must see list! great job :D
Hurray! Someone else is watching this drama! Cute mvid for it. :)
i REALLY wanted to follow this drama when i heard about it.. but then no one talked about it so i guessed it was not that good.. :( but ur mv makes it look awesome! hehe.. awesome mv~ it looks super romantic.. great job!
aww this is just such a sweet mv! im really loving this drama at the moment its so heartwarming :D
Aww...this drama looks soo cute!! I might check it out. Awesome video! ^^
Madi_ gold
Дон Жу красссавчик очень )
Christian Orgaya
I love this drama <3 <3 <3
Madi_ gold
Оооо я наконец-то нашла этот дораму. У меня есть в диске этот дорама, но не с переводом.
Maria Paredes
como se llama la melodia que tocan en el piano?*
Djo Me
Актёр который играл Дон жу в детстве как его завет кто не будь знает скажите пожалуйста
Hack Modzz
Ulech Z
music please 😍
Reaksmey Konkhmer