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ARCH ENEMY - The Eagle Flies Alone (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Order now: | CD, LP & Merch bundles - />iTunes - /> New album out Sept 8th! Director: Patric Ullaeus Music: Michael Amott Lyrics: Michael Amott Taken from the upcoming album "Will To Power", Century Media Records/Savage Messiah Music, 2017. ARCH ENEMY - The World Is Yours (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Century Media Records 2017.

jan eisenbeton
when you unlock a new skin for your character. how did this comment get over 900 likes.
Tony Glz
My neighbors favorite song whether they like it or not
Marimaster Games
I was surprised when hear the girl sing like a man... Damn... it's amazing
Metal Ananda
the beginning is a bit like Amon Amarth - Siegreicher Marsch (Victorious March) xD
trash can
Reading Arch Enemy's latest comment sections has become my hobby now.
using a dark genre for sending a positive massage?!odd:|
could someone tell me what shampoo they are using 😂
Marek Struski
tak mi się to skojarzyło "widziałem orła cień"
Reminds me of the good old in flames' clayman days... anyone with me?
roses are red violets are blue when i listen to arch enemy my neighbors do too
Tomáš Svoboda
roses are red violets are blue i pay arch enemy with exposure you should too
I used an Adblock as I understand you’re happy to be paid in exposure?
Nicole Haarma
Can I repost this video and monetize it since the band clearly agrees artists shouldn't be paid for their work? (Especially photographers)
J.R. A
The drummer killllllllzzzzz… beyond my head....
Alex Armstrong
At least I can understand her. Many screamers are impossible to understand
Graysie Loves Salad Fingers
Monkeys can climb Cricks can leap Horses can race Owls can seek Cheetahs can run Eagles can fly People can try But that's about it -Natsuki
gaming with macy
I love this band. But originally when I first heard the song I thought Alissa was a guy screaming but nope and I wanna learn how to sound like her while screaming
Rock Fan
Спасибо тому, кто сделал русские субтитры!
I love that woman and the whole band is totally divine.
Quintin Scott
I. Love the beginning of the song the gituar kicks ass
I can't see any option when trying to buy stuff from you that says "Payment option: Exposure". Please fix this as soon as possible. Thanks.
Rock God
The drummer out did gutariss And came together well
eduardo lecter
Creo que danni filth se incorporo en arch enemi kkk me gusta mucho
Did u pay the cameraman and director for this one?
Victor Manoel
Aqui é Brasil e muito fã de Arch Enemy!!!
Mr Bla
Im not in the mood for paying artists for their work. Where can I find the download link for exchanging music for exposure?
Brandon Chase
forget the photographer, did you pay Dismember for ripping off Dreaming In Red?
angelofdeath 666
Gracias a este grupo que descubrí escucho metal
The real tragedy is that arch enemy recruited the best guitarist in prog metal history and don't use him as anything else than a harmonizer pedal for Amott.
the lyrics are kind of goofy
Mike Zigi
As a metalhead Im very positively surprised that a death metal song can pull 39Mil view on youtube.
Dr. Venture
Ricola must be making a fortune off this group! RRRrrriiiiiii COooOoOoolaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
CSSDragonlord (Anubis)
When I was born the seed was sown. I will not obey, my life is my own. Battle those that wish to enslave me. Expose the lies that enrage me. I don't believe in heaven, I don't believe in hell. Never joined the herd, Could not adjust well. Slave master is not for me, I chose my own path, set myself free. I...I go my own way, I swim against the stream, Forever, I will fight the powers that be. (The Eagle Flies Alone) Reject the system that dictates the norm This world is full of lies and deceit. I have felt betrayal, cut so deep, Suffered defeat only to rise again. I...I go my own way, I swim against the stream, Forever, I will fight the powers that be. (The Eagle Flies Alone)
When I was born the seed was sown I will not obey, my life is my own Battle rose, which do enslave me Exposed lies that enrage me I don't believe in heaven, I don't believe in hell Never joined the herd, could not adjust well Slave and master, it's not for me I chose my own path, set myself free I, I go my own way I swim against the stream Forever I will fight the powers that be I, I go my own way I swim against the stream Forever I will fight the pοwers that be The eagle flies alone Reject the system that dictates the norm This world is full of lies and deceit I ask my own betrayal, cut so deep Suffered defeat only to rise again I, I go my own way I swim against the stream Forever I will fight the powers that be I, I go my own way I swim against the stream Forever I will fight the powers that be The eagle flies alone Alone! I, I go my own way I swim against the stream Forever I will fight the powers that be I, I go my own way I swim against the stream Forever I will fight the powers that be The eagle flies alone
Hades 23
Frys and ties ladies and gentlemen. By the way: your manager is a big a-hole!
Miki Vukovic
Yeah, capitalism is bad up until the moment you have to make a buck. If you're gonna be far left ideologs at least be genuine
Gabiih kawaii life
Alone ☠️🤘🤘🤘
Sebass Bruu
I want to use this song in one of my videos. Don' worry, i put a link in the description so the band can get exposure :)
Randy Bish
Wise, powerful Eagle sets prey in sight, targeted bullseye, then with one graceful , silent sweep of his powerful Will, the eagle obtains his target to devour and release. Way of existing
Alex K.
Why so many haters?
Maycol Javier
Año nuevo 2019/ y sigo aki con la buena música XD #\m/👨‍❤‍💋‍👨🤗🤗🔊🔊
Marc Field
I have debated for a while and I think I like her vocals better than Angela’s. They have a lot cleaner sound to them.
renzo abad
Que brutal voz me enamore \m/
Jay Cap
I miss her clean vocals, this band could be soo much better with them
Anti what? Certainly not Capitalism. What bloody hypocrites!
I do not Think you can eat using exposure
azalea Ortiz
😘 😘 😘 Amo esta canción 🎶
Ante Balov
Riffs are like kid made em.. so sad for loomis having to play that
I would not be the least bit surprised if AE competed in Eurovision 2019.
Eagles fly naked, they don't need Thunderball Clothing or stolen photos.
cooct baddo
Do you guys accept exposure in lieu of money for tickets?
This is the first Arch Enemy song I've ever heard and I'm already obsessed.
Fredrik Tunér
So Jaina Proudmore is doing the vocals
leandro angelo
Pena que não tem Br aqui :(
Serene Tree
Dismember - Dreaming in Red, Whereee????
Aare Vaher
you are angels from hell
Kalixto Cruz
Super super super🙋🏻‍♂️ 🎸
HCO Guitars
Shagrath wore it better
блевота под музыку
Cant believe this drummer can play with this ass in front of him lol
Maybe if you treated your fans and photographers well would you be more popular. Deleting you guys off of my playlists 👋🏼
Alfred Nobel
Arch Enemy come back and show them that they are wrong,polubiałem i wy też polubicię.
حالات واتس Watsapp
احا دا راجل وبيعبدالشيطان كمان دانا فكرت واحدة لبن 😅😅
The roblox gatcha giril
this song killed my depression I'm happy again thank you goth for making me find this song
Não canso de ouvir isso!
I used to like Arch Enemy before every song became a verse with nothing but 4/4 and Melodic C Minor and then the chorus was a key change 2 steps up
maciej czajka
I love this ❤️
Alissa White Gluz i Love you!
Игорь Д
Absolutely professional sound and voice! Love Amott from Carcass old times 😁
daddy ortiz
Very nice song, great metal band
Jason Nielsen
She is a beautiful absolute BEAST! lol
Anyone else drunk right now?? Horns up!!
Arturo Garcia
I came here after I saw the whole photographer getting banned thing and I have two things to say. Looks aren't everything and go listen to Jinjer!
Андрей Марычев
Блядь, да это охуенно. Fuck, this feels good.
Air Massage ASMR
(๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ Oh my girl so cute voice!
J Nadres Mor
Esta canción es igual a la de DISMEMBER....DREAMING IN RED...(intro)
where's the German blondie? Shit... I'm old....
Iore Iagame
É louco muito crazy
David Wright
I thank God for blessing us with beautiful Metal Music. Now some guitar solos. 🤘❤
Everytime someone say "Womens should not be into metal (making)" I just link them Arch Enemy.
And if they are going to pay the rights to the track to the band. DISMEMBER? this is the copy of Dreaming In Red
vanessa chaparin
The must amazing lyrics that i have listened!! "..I Swim agaist the strem(forever)" "The eagle flies alone" Go Vegan Alessa!
Jan Narat
I just saw the video screenshot when i was writing a story and clicked it. I was so confused if I'm retarded and clicked the wrong video, but nopeee. Still awesome, though not my taste xD
radek dvorak
Amazing... :)
Metal fans; complaining about new music while praising old music. In a never ending cycle of stupidity.
Great I video, I will record with a screen recorder. Don't worry I will share it social media first, so you will get your exposure, that you value more than money.
Darwin Castro
Me enamoré de esta hermosa bella y linda mujer.... esto a sido amor a primera vista¡¡¡ 😍😍😍😍
Great song. Can I buy it on iTunes with "exposure"? Or do you expect cash payment?
I love the girl's look😍 Edit: thank you for all the likes! This is my first time to get 100+ likes in my comment😂😄
Николай Терентьев
Девушка очень красивая!!!
no way
My I need throat loasanger ss back to well .... my neck well.... have you heard of nu wave may I suggest you try it cheaper than throat problems cough cough ...
Irony or Sad your manager is willing to steal other artist's work (photos) and blacklist them but you make social posting about others stealing musicians work and not getting paid. Hmm sounds like the same thing.
Expert Cultist
Jeff is cute
Manas Deka
believe in nothing .. nothing is shiva .. believe in nothing else .. the god of destruction .. he will take care of you anyways .. till judgement .. the first that then after you .. may you rule the earth .. you are pure ... untouchable .. and your own judge .. and you have charm :)
Jose Valle
That intro reminds me of DISMEMBER: "DREAMING IN RED"
Recon 39
The guitarist has the same strap as me... I've had that strap for like... 8 years, we cannot be freinds..... i guess you could say he is now my.... Arch enemy.
peter oud
this is great. i will be listening more of this.
Сергей Ефремов
Класс это не повторилось...черт возьми это круто....так держать..