DIY POTATO HOT DOG 감자 핫도그 krinkle-cut fry corn dog | WEENIES

Here's how to make a popular Korean street food Potato Hot Dog or 감자 핫도그 in the first episode of WEENIES. New videos every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. Join the Emmy League of Adventuresome Eaters & find me here: Subscribe: />Twitter: />Instagram: />Snapchat: @emmymade Facebook: />My other channel: emmymade /> Food Republic's International Hot Dog infographic: /> Find ChefSteps here: /> If you’d like to help by contributing closed captions, or subtitles in another language, please follow this link: /> This video is NOT sponsored. Roly Poly Tubamusic courtesy of and royalty-free Sprightly from iMovie. Secret, secret. Comment: "Impaled! Ouch." below. :)

I am surprised this is from Korea, it seems like such an over the top American food lol. =P
I've never had a corn dog before. I'm starting to think I haven't fully lived.
Critical Eats Japan
This has got to be way better than a normal corn dog.  It just has to be.
Rachel S
Love how she got so excited when she dropped that bad boy into the oil! Lol
"lets keep it classy here" 😂😂
George Tsivikas
I want a tutorial on how to get perfect Emmy-like teeth
When you didn't, _hm, hm, hmmmm_ I wasn't sure if you liked it. That's your _happy food_ sound. 😂
Eros Loves
I love watching you when I'm high, like why you so entertaining I love youuuuuuu!!!!
n a m j o o n
List of series emmy has: 1)Weenies 2)You made what?! 3)Fruity Fruits 4)Around the world breakfast 5)Ramen, Ramen, Ramen 6)Do they work? 7)Watcha Eating 8)Thirsty? 9)Military Rations 10)Bugmas 11)Prison Recipes 12)Versus
Freeloading Celebrity
Can you please try the whole chicken in a can. Your braver than me. It looks really gross
Michele Of The Oaks
That looks so yummy. It was a stroke of genius putting batter in a glass.
Hannah Kim
Robert Robinson
more prison recipes please!
This is easily the nicest comment section on Youtube. Such class.
THAT CRUNCH!!! It's gonna be hard to top this one Emmy!! YUMBO!
This made my stomach growl 😭🤤
sasuskie yang
That first crunch gave me life! 😱 It birthed me!!!👶
Jessica Reno
Emmy!!! I love you girl keep posting!!!
Erdyanto Dwi Nugroho Zheng
Can you make Kimchi Hot Dog like Maangchi? That's very delicious~!
Braeden Degnon
"A bit stiff" haha. The accent she used when she said that 😂. Soo funny when she is rambling in the drawers and Winston is sitting on the shelf in the back. Love you Emmy!
Impaled! Ouch. :P
Emily Mance
I'm vegan but damn this looks good! I know I can sub the hot dog and the fries come vegan but I'd have to play with the batter but that looks so good!!
Cesar Battistini Maziero
And impale it! (Makes cutest face ever)
Mae M
🌭🌭 Thanks for sharing your time and recipes with your viewers 🌭🌭 🌻 👍👍 🌻
Krista Johnson
I don't even eat hotdogs one food poisoning to many but this actually looked good.
Emmy Q&A video soon please!! I want to know even more about you ^^
Erin Atoms
Emmy I used to work at Hot Dog on a Stick and I must say you did a great job swirling the hot dog as you took it out of the batter! :-)
Lance Surgeon
I'm on a diet and should not be watching this! That looks so good. I've lost 12 pounds but it might be worth gaining a pound to try that. 😂
Niamh O'Sullivan
my favorite youtuber , you always brighten my day ❤️
Ashley Weill
Yum! Korean food is great
Samuel Park
The way she talks is so mature and satisfying idk how to explain it..
Arielle Y
I would like to see you try making those hot dog slices with spaghetti threaded through them. Iv always wondered if it actually worked and tasted good.
Queen Kiere
I LOVE YOU EMMY !! 💕 lol I just love the way you talk
Lili-mai Ashley
god that looks delicious.
Rayli Hall
my favorite youtuber 😍😍😄
I recently made a new dish with hot dog inspired by Beef Wellington 😊 First, I brush or coat the hot dog with mustard, then I made the basic duxelles which is the mushroom stuffing which I then cover the hot dog with it and cover again with bacon so it hold better, lastly I cover everything with puff pastry and bake it in the oven until golden. Walla~! I called it Dog Wellington! 😂
the proper and unique way of eating this Korean style is coated the hot dog with sugar, an drizzle it with ketchup and mustard, enjoy
Melissa Harris
Could you film another bento box video? I loved watching those 👼🏼💕
Emil Zarling
You should try making what we call a "french hotdog" here in Denmark. If you search for: "Fransk hotdog" you will maybe find a recipe. Hope you will try it, its so delicious!!!
brandi brown
You are amazing I love your channel and your down to earth personality is amazing and your funny 🤗🤗🤗
Grace L
Emmy, if you'll do the Philippines one, please use the Tender Juicy hotdog brand, I think it's the most appropriate to use. Thanks! xoxo
geeman 408
Ahhh....heart clogging goodness.
Kayla Rogers
These videos make me happy😘☺️
Bless you, I saw Shinee eating these in 2012 and I drooled. I have been wanting one since that time and HERE IT IS!!! I can't believe I can make it at home. Thanks for sharing, Emmy!!😘
Lincoln Abernathy
that looks amazing!! so excited for this series! I LOVE SAUSAGES! also omg! i LOVE chefsteps!love how cooking is like a science for them!
it would be cool and weird to see a recipe for a sweet hot dog :)
Jonathan Brett-Warren
Hi Emmy. Absolutely love your videos! Just wondered whether you have made any low calorie recipes? A series on this would be awesome. Thanks! Jon (from the UK)
Jenn S
That looked AMAZING! ♡ We must know - what brand of hot dogs do you prefer?
Sonoran Hot Dog! Pro Tip you MUST use a homemade slightly sweet bun. Look at videos from guero canelo in Tucson AZ.
I LOVE the silly moments in this one! I absolutely love your channel! it's so relaxing and nice to watch, and makes me hungry allot of times :p thank you for the nice vids!
Hi! Emmy I love you so much you will make my day if you reply
omg, I wish I could try this! It looks amazing :D
Tina weston
I love that I've been subscribed for years and this channel just gets better! Love you Emmy!
Devin Carnes
This would be perfect with cheese inside!
Yes! I can't wait to make something like this. A healthier version. Thank you, E!
Ki Ji Hoon
A Puertorican cheese dog , is a hotdog rapped is a slice of American cheese and then rapped in a empanada, deep fried 😁
Filipe Alencar
Weenies series started off... *wait for it*... WINNING! hahaha (I know, this was awful lol)
Realtra Dark
Good lord you're making me hungry. i need to go cook this right away!
Ruby Doomsday
Why do the fries have to be crinkle cut if you're just gonna chop 'em? Looks amazing though... betcha it'd be so good with maple syrup.
Gladys H
Thank you ,so much for this recipe. I have been looking for a while for this recipe ! Delicious and easy. Perfect 😊
Ashley Strongheart
love this! sending love from alaska!
It's Me!
keep it classy haha Emmy I LOVE YOU!
Claudia Garza
I can't wait to see the continuation of this series! Thank-you in advance, Emmy
Matthew Wayer
Save yourself time, and use Jiffy corn muffin mix. It's also awesome for making waffles.
Novar ❶
R u japanese? By the way traveling to japan is my biggest dream 😢
Meredith Kavanagh
WAT. Imma adda splash of milk to that, cuz that seems really STIIIIFF.
Stephanie Pierce
Wow Emmy this is a good one. I going to make it for my family. More hot dog recipes please. 😊
Cata Thielemann
Impaled! Ouch You should try the chilean completo next :)
I've been waiting for this since I saw it on Instagram! Thanks, Emmy!
Dominick Pabon
Great vids! You should try to make a lobster corn dog! Great stuff keep it up!
Clever piggy
love the idea of this series! good job, emmy!
Saarena N
Can you do a sweet hot dog with caramel (or something similar)
Martina Kaye
"That's exactly how I wanted to start off the Weenies series. Excellent." Same, Emmy. Same.
Horton Who
I'm 15 weeks pregnant and that looks soooooo delicious, I'ma gonna have to think about making those! p.s. who is Winston? I saw something white with eyeballs on the that him?
@ 4:22 *crunch* ! please marry me i need this food in my life. "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach."- Idk
Mags Monroe
Seattle dog is awesome when your drunk! From what I can remember it’s got onions, cream cheese and sauerkraut.
Keido Kindness
How do you get your hair so perfect every video I need to know
biii Bass
Ah I really wanna try this now! I seen a picture of it but never found out exactly what it was, thanks Emmy!!
Captain Crunch hotdog. Love your channel. Your attention to detail and knowledge are what keeps me interested.
Jen June
omigosh Emmy what a masterpiece! i want to make this asap! ♥
Ayla Williams
Winston from OverWatch?? lol
Wild buckeye
Love the expression of pure joy on your face when you place it in the fryer
Chat n' Chew with Ms. J
i just found your channel.....I am so going to make these dogs. I totally agree with you - who ever invented this corn dog is a GENIUS.
Micah Leon
Love you Emmy! Greetings from Venezuela!
Lou Angeles
@2:24 I found your new YT profile picture, Emmy!!! ;)
Isabelle Tan
Love your videos & your voice is so calming to listen to! Can't wait for more of this series :)
Lalady Warriors
Flour Sugar Salt Egg milk Baking powder Corn meal Milk Potatoes
Rai Gimoto
Let's keep it classy here. 👍
I love the endings of your videos 😂
I like how you have a different sound for each ingredient when you add it to the bowl.
tiny town touring
"Impaled. Ouch" :) Winston returns !!:)
Brett Bailey
I absolutely NEED this! Hahaha I love a good corn dog, and this idea just takes it to the whole next level! Hahaha
sequoya williams
Korea is the innovative food capital of the world 💯
Jeanette Marie
Hot Dog on a Stick and their lemonade tastes so good! It's the best! 😊
Karl Schelling
idea for stick for corn dog is chop stick longer not pointy holds well.
Had this in Seoul - I think it's called a Tornado Dog - they have some fantastic tangy and spicy sauces that go great with it. Wish I knew the names. Love your videos!
John Bainbridge
Do want! Omanomanom!