BILLY - Not Over You (Official Video)

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He should have been a model
Jenette Luna
He's feminine yet masculine it's confusing me....he's hot aF ..ugh what an androgynous queen 🌟
He looks like the son George Michael never had
Oyuda Gg
Twin Kaulitz are so amazing music producers. its so confusing that they're so underrated.
4 19
I love how serious he looks when he's performing but he's so goofy and sweet in real life lol
Little Jane
Damn, this is my first time listening to him solo. I didn't expect this style at all, it caught me off guard, but its beautiful. How can this guy still put me in a trance, even after all these years. I hope you keep making more music, I love you Bill.
Me siento tan hipnotizada al ver los movimientos de Bill.
Elisa Lemma
He can dance in heels ? God, he is perfection
This video is so simple and yet I can’t stop watching it???
Sky Frozen
Now that Bill doesn't wear makeup u can see the real resemblance with Tom
I love the mixture of electro, pop and 80’s synths 👍🏻
jesus kiyoko
2018 anyone?
Victória Ferreira
Lyrics I can't forget All of the memories, baby I'm wondering Do you still want me, baby? I never could remind Can't illuminate my mind I'm all alone I can't face my broken heart So tell me what you want to do Tell me what you want to do I close my eyes And all that I see is you I can't escape I can't erase You, you I can't forget it's not the same without You, you You I'm not over you You, you You I'm not over you You, you So here I am Running for love again I know somehow can I go home to you I never could remind Can't iluminate my mind I'm all alone I can't face my broken heart So tell me what you want to do Tell me what you want to do I close my eyes And all that I see is you I can't escape I can't erase You, you I can't forget it's not the same without You, you You I'm not over you You, you You I'm not over you You, you
adam lambert feat. billy is good idea?
queen C
he's so hot...
Milenka Quezada
Bill es todo un modelo se ve increibleee!!! saludos desde Ecuador i'm not over you xddd
Xyrius D
why can't straight U.S men dress this way!? so sexy seriously. Btw if u haven't watched any of his new live shows on youtube he's actually dancing better now lol
Jewl Wiggins
is it just me or does anyone else think bill would make a hot vampire?? especially in the first outfit.
Ale Mor
Como amo esta canción y a Bill ufffff 😍😍
マリー Mari B
his clothes that are more expensive than my whole place
Katherin Llantoy
No puedo dejar de escucharlaaaaa.!! Salvenmeeeee 7u7 .!!! Ayudaaa :v
I was in love with his hair but then he goes and shaves it oh god why
Annika Rose Visser
I can't get over the fact that so many people are complaning about his style and music 😱 I fucking love it, both the music and Bill's new style. I've seen tokio hotel last sunday in Amsterdam and it fucking amazing. No crying emo chicks anymore, just dancing, singing and enjoying the music. And the guys looked so fucking hot. My god. They sold us sex and I loved it!
When Bill wears heels he's nearly 7 feet tall. The man is already 6'4 he doesn't need to be taller hahaha
Ischma Vilca
no soy gay y me da cosas pensar en ello , pero este es el unico hombre que me parece atractivo .... 🙄
Xavier Cabrera
Me gusta como se le ve el cabello wuaaooo No soy gay pero admito que se ve sexy , Primer hombre al que le digo eso y esa cancion tan sensual no se , algo tiene que no puedo dejar de oirla :*
aïe ma tête
ALORS ..... peut être qu'il est habiller ( bizarrement😜) a certains moments de la vidéo, peut être que son style ne va pas plaire a tout le monde, sa danse est peut être aussi "bizarre😉" pour certains mais il s'est toujours assumé tel qu'il est et il s'en fous totalement du regards des autres, il fait ce qu'il a envie de faire et sa c top ! alors j'espère qu'il va continuer se qu'il fait 💘💘💘😍
Lo amo me gusta mucho porque como artista es muy profesional ,con talento y como persona muy sexy
one of the hottest people on earth
Estefaní Pineda
Hasta que aprendió a bailar 😂😂😂
He’s so hot I could cry and question my sexuality at the same time.
He is so handsome❤️ i love his style
Angela Neutral
Who is still listening in 2018? 💖
I'm not over you since 2007 😩❤️
why is there not a love button?!?! oh my god this was amazing!! so happy to be getting back into Tokio Hotel and so excited to start a new adventure with Billy. this solo literally blew my mind!!!
Annett Vanessa
He's still amazingly beautiful
Kat May
im not over TH. I love the old music & it really helped melearn German. I miss it. i'm not loving the solo stuff really, but he still deserves support
Billy is my spirit animal.
Margarita Cruz
oye tú muchachito ¿ Cuando piensas sacar tu vídeo de California Higth? me tienes preocupada 😝😀 ok no 😂 bueno es que quiero verte manejar y con eso de que te pintaste el pelo 😂 pues te has de ver bonis en el vídeo. 😂😂😂😘😘😘😍
I miss the old TH and Bills old hairstyle. He looked better emo. I spoke to him once, years ago...he is a sweet guy.
fuuck i want him
PRIYA Thakur
Ich Feier deine Klamotten voll!!
Bill was a 17 year old boy when I first discovered Tokio Hotel and met them at a signing for the first time. This makes me realise both how much he as well as I have grown. We are both adults now, and no one is the same as they were ten years ago. Although parts of my heart will always miss the boy with the huge lion hair and black eyeliner, Diesel Jeans and his "Satan knows you're a poser" t-shirt (if you were a fan back then you'll know which one I'm talking about), because he saved me with his music and I'll always love him for that. But it's natural that he has changed, both his sound and his looks. I know I have, I am not close to being the same as I was when I was 14. Everyone grows up. This song is amazing and Bill looks gorgeous in this video, and it is weird in a way, yet so normal. Glad to see the dance moves are still the same as in 2007 though (Spring nicht live in Warschau for reference!) ;)
Eri K
man, it´s been like, idk, 10 years,,, and I´m obviously still not over you, ilysm
True youtubekid
Wow he is beutiful
Laura Νέμεση Stern
Эти изящные изнеженные мужчины моя слабость😍🤤
marotta silvana
cooler beat ,geile stimme <3
Rally Tonight
I always loved his dancing. It's not the same choreographed pop stuff that everyone else does. It's freestyle, and naive and childish in a way. I love that innocence about him. What a star. Long time fan, always will be.
Lee Ara
what a beautiful, androgynous icon. Love him :")
Sexy papasito !!!!
Faded Floral Convulsions
Idc what they say. He gets sexier every year.
Elzbieta Jackowska
Beatiful song!!!!!
Still waiting for California High. Yeah, I know it's coming SOON XDDD
Naomi Hyde
Ich liebe diese Lied!! Es ist mein neuer Klingelton!! ❤❤🎶🎶
Deborah Aguilar
Hay santos!! que clase de papi😍😍😘😘
Юлия M
He is more than hot boy! He made my taste. My life’s choice depends on him
Yüki Stern
Mis pensamientos durante el vídeo: • Pinshi Billy, se para más bonito que yo... :'v • Omg sus piernotas largas 😱 • Ay mi vido, está bailando 😍 • (No dejo de ver su boca :v) • KE. YA SE ACABÓ?!--- Ah nu. Hay más 😍 • NO TE CORTES EL CABELLO PERRROOO 😭😭 • Omg la música del fondo D: asdfgghjslfjagsjd pinshi billy.
Livia Melina
I'd definitely go straight for Bill & Tom.
Melissa Hernández
I love billy😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘👽👽👽👽
Tu patrona Kim
sam alieen
This is weird somehow. The song's great but I really can't believe I'm watching Bill Kaulitz.
Sheba Elan
Why does this song have only 1,273,307 views!!!!!!! It deserves much, much more. <3
Dessy Kalcheva
His dance skills... I'm dead😂 I love you Bill ❤❤❤
How can he look so perfect wtf XD
Elisa Neugebauer
ich lieeeeebe es 😍
Brianna Sanchez
My ovaries.....I miss his black hair though.
Какой он красиивый
Alice Grigat
I love it! Ich liebe es!❤
Larry Stylinson
Who's still listening in 2018?😍
Bill has definitely matured into his good looks, the man is gorgeous!!!!
Chilli Chilli
Wait wait... This is bill from Tokio hotel?????
Delilah Jones
That moment when a guy is prettier than most women you see. We're not worthy!!
Jeanela O.M
I love this men .His look <3
Helen Delgado
He still gives me erections. Amazing
MaarL Wook
you will always be my first love ❤
I miss his long black hair tho
DJ Endel
if only for a moment to return your old image of 2006-2007....dreams))
Agustin Tapia
it's giving me George Michael vibes, nice!
Karen Alvarez
Holyyyyyyy crap. I haven't kept up with Bill or TH since 2009. Oh my goooooooddddddd. amazing. they've evolved so much!!!! 💕😄
tasha nn
would so like to hear some of the Billy - songs live!
piccola shortcake
OMG.. this guy is so HOT.. specially his MULTIPLE PIERCINGS...
Julie Maia
2018 and still fabulous :)
oh man he has so many tattoos now! (not a bad thing) after all these years tho he's still beautiful and so is his voice 😍
the sound design of this track is so awsome
Luciana Dumitrescu
I don't want to be a hater. I used to love Tokio Hotel so much since 2007 until it starts to change..,I miss Gustav and Georg and TOM!! it's kind of sad to watch monsoon and than this...I don't want to say that it isn't a good video or song...but ... I miss old TH...
Shiloh Golden
Could he be any more beautiful????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. LOVE THEIR MUSIC!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
his septum piercing is so awesome. where did you get it? i'm not over you since 2007 😂❤
pat h
¡Me encanta ver cómo haz evolucionado! 💕 No hay canción que no me guste, eres ¡toooodo!💖😘 ¡se te amaaaa!
aïe ma tête
this voice 💞😍💘
La Karcia
He's so beautiful.
Jetmir Karamustafic
Beautiful song Bill is the best
elkys villasmil
you're simply gorgeous Bill
April Denton
sick moves! /( '-')/ \('-' )\ /( '-')/ \('-' )\
i love this i love Bill Kaulitz from bolivian
samy Marian
is this Bill kaulitz? ???
Felix Zacharov
he is so stuning and handsome! love this song tho.
jess from mars
this soft glam on his face is everything
Alejandra Abril Medina
He seems like a anime character... Good! The music is so catchy
Soledad Alsina
The best amazing love this so!!! much!!!!
Misha Rasputin
I just need a monsoon...😭😭😭