TOP 10 PLAYS from the 2017 NBA FINALS

From Kevin Durant's clutch shot-making to LeBron James' dominant athleticism (including some MASSIVE slams), check out the TOP 10 PLAYS from the 2017 NBA Finals! Which one's your favorite? The TOP 10 plays from throughout the Finals features more amazing handles from Kyrie "Uncle Drew' Irving and Stephen Curry, some huge defensive plays -- including Andre Iguodala's clutch block -- from a highlight-packed NBA Finals. This Top 10 is the NBA Finals tailored down to the very best plays. Tell us your favorites in the comments! Subscribe to the NBA: /> For news, stories, highlights and more, go to our official website at /> Get NBA LEAGUE PASS:

Tj Singh
We went from the most epic playoffs and finals last year to the trash playoffs and bleach inducing finals this year
"But but but Steph double dribbled 😡😡😡" and MJ pushed off and Lebron shoulder charges 😂 😂salty ass Cavs fans Curry cooked his ass
Crazy Games
108 lavs fans disliked LMAO stop crying and take that L. 4-1
I really don't get what makes number 2 that good.
Marshawn Lynch
LeBron > KD and it's not close.
strong Brett1
That KD 3 was the most important play of the finals for sure.
Skillz Tv
You can say what you want about Kevin durant, but he truly is an extremly good and clutch player
Cavs fans are the worst fans of sports history. Even worse than warriors fans by a long shot.
Zach D'Amico
KD's 3 sealed his finals mvp... nothing Steph could do to get it after that
Kyle Chaivs
I never noticed that the ball smacked the hell out of Javale's face at 2:13
Cb4S 619
how about when KD broke James ankles and made the 3?
Le Jinzo
Bruh delusional warrior fans think Curry outplayed Lebron at #2. When Curry grabbed the ball with his 2 hands, Lebron thought he was gonna shoot so he jumped but instead Curry double dribbles it and gets away with it.
Christopher talili
accept the fact that the warriors are better than cavs.
People crying about the Curry's shot-fake. It's not called shot-fake without a reason. It's meant to look like the dribbler takes the ball in both hands. If you'd play or watch basketball, you'd know what a shot-fake is.
Sime Petrusevski
Where is Durant's crossover on Lebron, that's the moment that defines the finals
Lebrun Nicolas
This assassin 3-pointer at Game 3 from KD.. :( RIP my Cavs
If KD wouldn't have made that 3, it would've went to a game 7. The series would've been tied 2-2 after 4 games and both teams would've won each of their home games for games 5 and 6. KD was clutch. That 3 was the most impactful shot of the series.
2:35 Tristan Thompson got posterized by his own freaking teammate.
They really put that play at 2 he took about 15 dribbles, double dribbled and still almost got the lay up beat off the backboard
Basketball Spotlight
If the Warriors don't had Kevin Durant than the Cavs won the championship. The team of the Warriors is just to good.
Marcos González
Curry's double dribble was on top of LeBron's self alley oop... SMFH
Indigo Child
People salty asf Lebum getting cooked is at number 2! Bravo NBA
Tbone Bates
Number 10 should be currys dagger on kyrie in game 5 when their was like 40 seconds left
Zavian ali
he double dribbled at number 2 wtf
Chris Andrew
Currys drive ugly af took him like 15 dribbles and a double dribble
Kyle Heinzelman
why so many travels in this list lol n where is iggys steal to monster dunk!
Kaneki Ken
LOL The NBA included Curry's double dribbled
The only warriors top play that should be on here is the KD pull-up three
still get goosebumps watching this I love it we got our Rev3nge
Austin Dalbey
These are in terrible order lmao
MD Twomp
That's a travel. He already hit the ground be for he alley ooped to himself. Never gets called for traveling though.
Mark Ronquillo
no. 7 should be no. 1
J Tubes
NAh why didn't they put when curry hit a shot right in Kyrie irvings FACE
This is a great compilation of plays
Erik Cantona
durant yessss...jamessss 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
ramadan hiko
Even if curry doubled and the refs called it, would the cavs win the finals??????
Niklas Klauth
Where is JR Smiths 3 from Game 4?
Saleh Dkaidek
Worst nba finals ever
Naw man, that fastbreak dunk with iggy guarding him should be higher. That was amazing. Also the curry play on James was a double dribble so why is it number 2
Justus Abraham
the 3rd one - lebron's backboard dunk - he copied it from kobe . he had already tried it after kobe did it once , but failed miserably
Joris geras
My favorite gsw
Wtf why did curry get 2, it took him way too long to shake a slower, bigger lebron and he doubled
Desean Ross Jr.
Golden State warriors vs Cavaliers Game Game series win
#6 and one. #2 double dribble.
Andrew Kaiser
How y'all gonna put Currys double dribble at 2??? Come on cuhhhh
DemGamers So Cool
The NBA support double dribbles?
Bubonic Vermin
That editing on #2 play to not show the double dribble lol
ray melvin Syegco
To all the hate comments on the warriors: Cavs blew a 3-1 comeback
David Shelley
The Nati
#2 is only in the top 10 because curry scored on LeBron if curry did that same thing against anyone else it wouldn't even be a highlight
Jake Mannix
The only way steph cant get blocked by lebron is by double dribbling? 🤔 even then its close, props to kd for that number 1 play but i think lebrons self alley oop is the no.1 play considering its never been done in a finals game before (maybe even the playoffs as a whole)
edgar leal
Nice Top 2, especially for the double dribble c:
1위는 솔직히 셀프앨리웁덩크지 근데 탐슨 눈치없노 가만있지
Jai V
KD 🐐🐐🐐 > MJ (at this specific moment)
I hate super teams but the only way to beat them is to be them so Lebron needs to either have the Cavs pull some salary cap magic and bring in some free agents or go to the Clippers or some shit.
bro Steph traveled on that #2 play. it shouldn't even be on here
Alex Rode
If they include Steph's little dribbling show on Lebron, they should include the 98234238754826 times that Kyrie did something as or more impressive than that.
Curry Alim
Paulo Cardoso
Cade aquela jogada do KD deixando o Lebron no chao no game 1 ??? Era pra estar no top 3, mancadaaa !!!
Erin Tronbak
a layup was the second place C'mon man
Jake Borch
Everyone saying Curry double dribbled, chill out😂😂😂 Lebron is one of the BIGGEST travelers in the NBA, not saying he is bad he is insanely good. I'm a Warriors fan, but Lebron, Curry, Kyrie, etc. all commit fouls that don't get called and that's just how it is. Especially cuz if they called every foul the game would suck and not even be fun to watch.
Jutas Jutas
2:12 Dayyyyyyuuuuuuummmmmmmm
4 shouldve been 3 3 shouldve been 2 2 shouldve been 4 or below
Z- Man
Number 2 overrated
AJ Styles
celtics vs warriors for next year nba final. believe that
Aye Bernie
Thumbs down for the double-dribble being #2
Jacob Flener
For anyone wondering why that play was at number 1 and lebron's self alley oop wasn't, it's because kd's three changed the whole series, if he doesn't make that shot, the warriors probably end up losing that game and if they still ended up losing the next game it could have been 2-2 going back to oakland
ДинаТВ онлайн
music please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jaden R
2:21 Lebron Poster on his teammate
Michael Oketunmbi
Cavs need Westbrook to beat GSW or Paul George
Lorenzo Rizzi
Only because warriors are champions, are best plays their?!? Lebron Remix how Game 4 is an all star game, IS THE BEST PLAY OF THE FINALS
Oleg Muscle
Iguodala's block & Lebron's dunks are incredible!
no kyrie irving four point play?
BJ Nedia
srsly when can iguodala actually get his revenge on lebron?
LOL. They edited out James kicking Iggy in the nuts.
Chan Kevin
Every good shot creator does that move in #2 you guys are only bias toward Curry. I mean, all crossovers are carries as well you guys gonna call all of them out? Is also funny how some of you guys saying "Lebron is heavier and larger" as an excuse, well why didn't you guys talk about how curry is smaller and shorter when he got blocked last year?
anthony chen
the double dribble made it lol
KD lowkey should’ve gotten a flagrant lmao
Der CrysisBZ
gj KD you joined a superteam and won your first championship, still not better than lebron or.charles barkley 😂
Anurag Anant
1:40 Iguodala was very lucky to get that block. If see closely you will find it he was going to left of James, suddenly ball comes to his right and being right hander he was able got that block. Wrong pass by love.
Kevin Ling
Anybody know what's the background music?
how is a double dribble the 2nd best play! laughable
Cristene A
Why would you cry for a double dribble? Obviously you also saw the travel if you have hawk eyes like that?
King M
jr smiths three pointer in game 4 shouldve been in there
Erin Tronbak
#3 was best by far
Fax Machine
JaVale McGoat should have been Number 1.
#2 was actually the worst play of the season
where's the Jr smith buzzer beater ? like Rly? 😡
FruitPunch Samurai
Gerardo Cordova
somebody could tell me what they say on 1:03min please, I'm leaning English
#7 should have been #1
Sanjay Kumar
man my boy kyrie making whole warriors team look like a bunch of Bums
Alex Bean
Number 2 is pathetic no way it's better than the off the board to your self dunk
Christopher allen
if laybum believed in himself as you arn-chair no ball playin fools did he would be unstoppable.....instead of a dawg that wants to get a treat after every shot rednech poser!!!!
Wtf how is Kyrie at 7!!!!
ovfd ge
No. 2 should be on a top double dribble list
Don 1 Don
Anything by Kyrie Irving.
really nba im a warriors fan but number 7 should be 3 man what a play by uncle drew