Ghost Caught On Camera? The Real Ghost Story of Dear David

The supposedly real ghost encounters of Adam Ellis with a ghost called Dear David haunting his apartment, all caught on camera. Some of the photos are pretty creepy. This video is the continuation of the ongoing ghost story of Dear David. Be sure to check out the first video here: /> Nothing better than a creepy Christmas ghost story for the holidays ;) If you liked this video, also check out Ghosts Caught on Tape? 5 Best Ghost Videos 2017

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The first "Dear David" video is here:
Johnny Chavez
dude if this isn't a hoax, it has to be the best prove of a demonic entity ever.
I dont care its real or fake, this is a good a$$ story!$
diss e
Crimson Ocelot
I would love a Part 3! your vids Rock man!
Magical Ambience & ASMR Worlds
Very convenient that instead of VIDEOING himself sleeping he leaves it snapping a pic just every minute so a friend can come in and move a doll around the room between each picture.
Finally a ghost who isn't afraid of cameras
Marzieh Nassery
It’s a great horror story but I cannot believe it BECAUSE why the hell he doesn’t run far far away from that apartment
Randomly Entertaining
That has to be the most inconvenient way to access a attic I've ever seen XD
Larry J
Did a follow up on this for anyone asking about a Part 3. He quit BuzzFeed in Feb 2018 at the same time he stopped posting any "Dear David" content at the same time. Every time he's asked about it he gives a "no comment" or "I don't have anything to say" type answer. However, in June 2018 it was announced that Adam had sold the rights to the story to New Line Cinema for a movie. So yeah, I'd say him quitting, selling the rights of the story and no longer posting about it are all related.
Joye AndBlessings
UPDATE: Jan. ‘18 - Ellis quits BuzzFeed. March ‘18 - Things quiet down so much so that he Tweets he’s not going to invent stuff just to keep ppl entertained. June ‘18 - Ellis scores a movie deal. No more mentions of Dear David.
*People complaining about why are ghost photos so blurry, fuzzy, low rez* *people get clear photo is ghost and complain how its too clear for a ghost and think its fake*
robby G
Any spirit that's not an angel is not a dead persons spirit its a demon all the time. They change forms a lot.
TheSuper Savage slave
can you do a part 3
Spidey Malta
I think that this guy is looking for a producer to do a movie about Dear David and wants royalties.
Captain Concernicus
DearDavid is a publicity stunt for his new book. Ya'll got baited.
Nothing is more creepier than a close up shot of a paranormal spirit
Jazzelynn Gayle
The pictures shake me to the core honestly. I'm scared af for him.
Lois Umlas
It's been a year since this you uploaded this video... Any updates?
Ace Otero
This was incredibly convincing until those photos. I'm not exactly calling it a hoax, but David is almost definitely a doll. This isn't necessarily proof of it being a hoax though. David may be a doll trapped in the attic upstairs containing a child's spirit, hence the very physical doll manifestation. This would also help to explain the footsteps. Still, this seems like a big jump, and the level of supernatural activity seems unrealistically extreme. If Adam gets video footage of something similar, I can accept this.
Subhash Bhardwaj
Hoax or not but the story is really scary plz make part 3.......plz pllzzzzzz
Sydney Gray
Honestly, even if this all comes out as a big hoax its all been entertaining enough that I don't even care.
Bidyut Bikash
That's why People in India are very religious, don't live alone, don't leave our kids sleeping in a different room, don't do these weird mistakes that tend to attract disadvantageous and life threatening outcomes!!
Luziaf the Loner
This is hoax right? He good, even his cat is a good actor
Stephen Haviland
Dear David get in the corner and think about your life..then go to bed with no supper
Brynn Doornbos
What I say: I'd punch it, I'd talk to it, blah blah blah What I do: *hides under bed for rest of life* WHO NEEDS FOOD AM I RIGHT?
Lourdes Garcia
You did not tell about when he went to japan what he Saw in Japan😭
He is still sleeping in his room after all this, he must have huge brain* (b***).
obviously this story is fake, y'all, adam is still alive XD Either that or David sucks at murdering people
Shadow Mage
Oh that is so obviously a hoax. I applaud his attempt though.
Its all so cliche, the guy runs a twitter account and works for buzzfeed, I'm beat for beat calling everything that happens including the cliche of the "little shoe" which conveniently alludes to the child ghost. My dude, if you had night terrors that you were taking pictures of a deformed ghost kid coming at you in the dark and woke up to find you had those pictures on your phone, you would not just be like, hey let me post these totally weird pictures to twitter, you would lose your shit. You would never sleep again, you'd probably go insane and check yourself in, nobody EVER would respond to this like he is, it's all for views You actually think hed find those pictures of David stand on his bed while he sleeps and then go on twitter to write up some weak statement of bewilderment? oh, I don't know what to say, I'm at a loss for words, just a dead kid standing on my bed while I sleep, thought I'd just flip on my macbook and casually talk about it with the same amount of passion I'd have if they put the wrong creamer in my soy latte.
After weeks of hearing footsteps and noise in the attic he decided to investigate??? Weeks? I wouldn't stay there for 5 microseconds! I would flee out even if i was naked.
Adam said on social media that his story was picked up to be made into a movie. Insane!
Alpha Schnauzer
As of June 18th, 2019 any *Update*
Del Z Slayer
The shoe was propped in the hatch, you can see the hatch slightly open just till it drops then u see the hatch properly shut!, great hoax though, very entertaining.
Vilho Velho
If this is a hoax, it's at least very impressive
Colin Foo
set up a camera to capture a picture per min??? Why not capture it with a video? There is enough space in a SD card to capture video for 24 hrs.
Seiko Scorpio
So the real name of Chucky is David hmmmm
Subhash Bhardwaj
I will comment every day until part 3 comes... plz make it..
Deborah Allen
Finding a old child's shoe tells me everything I need to know! If he didn't put the shoe in the attic, he has big trouble!
SkyMarks23 1
Upload more videos on a specific story like this, its so amazingly interesting
Zyoop changa
congratulations on your movie deal david...
Jason & Miranda Canup
Great Story. This should be made into a movie. Hoping for part 3
Luxury Elit
Any David part 3 vidéo ?
Branden apexo
This is probably the best ARG out right now
Kye Brown
Real or not, this needs to be made into a movice
Taufeeq Nabi
Can't he do something about it like call a priesttt
king stone
It's 2019 and still waiting for upcoming horror movie about this story and i really hope they make it
Vagorian Valencius
His tweets are more like telling a story than someone scared to a panic, there's no way anyone posts that calmly if this we're happening. So fake.
Wilaiporn Huansakul
Ohhhh...Jesus That's scard me. I always looked at my grandma so I make sure that I go watch another video.
Boogle Chrome
We need a part 3!!!! Hoax or not its a great story
Part 3!!!!!! Doesn’t matter if it’s a hoax!!
Courtney Davis
When are you gonna do an update?? I'm obsessed with your videos!!!
Albert Wesker
Probably David doesn't know he's dead, maybe a medium could solve the problem.
Kai O’Connell wys
It’s the Blair Adam project 😂
Miro Loya
If you see a gohst. Go to church
Joey Dixon
I know I'm a little late to the party but I think someone might have cursed him
Foxiepaws ACAnderson
Oh I am glad I found this! I just watched part one. I subbed, I don't usually like these list videos as I find them badly researched and pretty rubbish but you really do your research and I have decided that yours is the only one worth watching! I think he's doing one of those stories like the disappearing sun whatever they're called. I think it is pretty compelling though, I don't know if I would have shown my hand as quickly with the photos... I don't know... I am looking at this as an interactive story and as perhaps the experience of someone who is maybe being attacked by supernatural forces but I think the photos turned me off a bit..not so much the last one but the ones on the bed? I don't know, I was really wanting to find out if anything more had happened but I don't know now.
The story is probably real, and scientists are thinking about the possibilities of higher dimensions. (dafaq?)
*This needs to be in a movie*'s already live action in real time though.
Hey Nuke! :) Can u make an update of this? Plssss!!
Fake, fake, fake. Guy works at Buzzfeed which is known for pushing out fake stories...
Towards the end of the video, as he sleeps and David appears, then disappears, the storyteller says..."but there was one last photo on the phone" (???) I thought he was using his Nikon camera. (???)
This is a bit too much to be real
I almost want to say hopes because who would continue living there if they believed it was that hunted with so much video evidence
Stephen Haviland
Dear David was a fraud..the end 🤣
sponge head
The only one that can help him is the Lord, He should pray and use the Lord's name against this demon! It's not a kid, it's a demon! There's great power in the name of the Lord!
Joel Schama
Definitely looks fake, and very easy to do.
Kyle Rowe
Why he hasn’t burnt that place down yet is beyond me
Feedrate 138.
This creeped me out🤣
The- Y-Gaming-DS
U should call someone to stay with him like exorcism professional
I’d go to church grab my priest and be like bless this cursed appt
Jordan Leclair
Those cats are amazing!
j. paul
Blah blah blah. Jumped on the paranormal band wagon like everyone else. Oh look at me..
I first read about this story on 9GAG. Thanks for covering it.
I am pretty sure this was found out to be a hoax quite a while ago.
Pinoy keyboard warrior
I hope simon cowell is watching this.
Little Miss Stamper
Even if it is a's a good story and I'm enjoying so I hope it keeps up 😁
Farewell_ To_Normalcy
Holy shit that second part of this story gave me crazy goose bumps. That shit is insane
Thomas Tedder
If its an elaborate hoax , he pulled off a good one.
Derrick Hampton
Chills, bro lol 😂😨😱
Monkey Leblanc
So I just called him out and he just wanted atenshon
Ricardo Frausto
Fish 1:ghost Fish 2: GHOST Fish 3: Toast
Death Metal Addict
indeed a big HOAX but creepy !!! Good writer tho
Spritual Gamer
I belived that ghost dosnt appear on light but his head.... 🤔🤔
Steven Fussell
Update please!!
Nippy The Clown
4:38 Is that the 39 and a half foot pole from the Grinch?
Ash P
He clearly needs help! Poor David... Imagine being killed by a shelf at the store :( his poor mother and father too...
You should do a dear david update with a part 3 video
Can we all agree that this DEAR DAVID has lost the "DEAR" part of his title by now? I'm more than happy to adopt it...DEAR DAVE 😎🤣
OMG AM SO DAMN SCARED OF THIS SIGHT!!! i would leave the country !!!! or put all of religious things to protect me omgggg thanks Nuke for the amazing reporting <3
Cristina Bodi
Even if I think it's fake, it's a nice story.
I wonder if he’ll ever do an update on this, i follow the guy on instagram and twitter, he got a movie deal about this. Idk if theyll do one though
Ozkar Onibala
in this era of adobe and all video editing app, real footage seemingly fake. curse adobe
Hey dear David look into this 308
Kevin Brown
Did e needs to get a psychic
Flower Bedonie
but if this is a haox damn you guys are really good. you guys should make a goddamn movie
The photo where he’s “collapsed” over lmaoo mf was LIT 🔥 then knocked tf out
precious 5578
Woah the pics every minute scared the 🤐 out of me
Yson Seijuro
More please! Wtf, I'm totally in goosebumps right now!!!!😱