NEW! ✈ Boeing 747 LOW Landing & Jet Blast at SXM Sint Maarten

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0:18 Look at the wings! I have more videos of this 747 on my channel - check them out! Maho Beach - KLM Boeing 747 Landing at PJIA.

Swan W.
*Let's all stay under it and as close as possible to the fence,I'm sure that's a great idea*👍
This is one of the cringiest comments section ive ever seen.
Theepicmelonhead Gaming
Fantastic! I wanna live near that airport
coinmaster1000 coinmaster1000
KLM.Proud of the Netherlands😆🖒💪
debra covack
Found the jet.... Great landing..;-)
Shame that beach is no long there.  Just a bunch of large rocks butt right up against the road.  About 2 ft of sand is all that's left.
Fardin Mahzoob
The jet was blue and white. The blast made a loud noise. That's a klm blue and white jet. It stopped little bit far.
Rudi van Goch - Aviation Videography
0:25 what happened?
allah akbar
HEHEH!! It Would Have been Fantastic If you throw a stone at its jet Engines.
Fardin Mahzoob
The KLM Asia airlines jet's blasts are so noisy. The KLM Asia airlines jet was blue and white.
Appukuttan nair Anilkumar
Fentastic show
Octavio Etche
super. El klm es el que mas me gusta
KONE 2001
There you see! Jets are powerfull!
Patrick Jane
Çok korkunç aq
Amelia Miara
Jenny Fagan
Ok u olm bubble wrap and Jenny is shopping and will probably be a little smoke
bigjule jules
Suppose a container truck was passing the same time as that low landing ....unless that's a no tall trucks zone
is the only 747 at TNCM(or is it TCNM LOL dont remember )
Appukuttan nair Anilkumar
Fentastic show
It's damn freaky !
Gabriel Pardo Cota
Quite low, but not as low as that 737 landing at Skiathos!
jbe Movies
What a great video, very cool! I’m a big fan of airplanes and I also made a few airplane and airport videos and plan to do more in the future. :) Greetings from Switzerland
Mutatis Mutandis
Nooooosssasssimhoraaaaa! Um dia gostaria de ver de perto seja a trabalho ou a lazer *-*
good landing!!!!!!!!!!!
hows jet fuel smell??
Ty Nitti
the KLM Asia pilots seem to buzz the crowd a little lower than others. i wanna go just because of this!
xGaming StactixX
Thinking about going..
Sue Steeds
keepingupwith jee
thinking of going here, but how busy is this airport??
video cool
I visited here and My heart goes out to St. Marteen. I hope the island recovers.
Akihira Baka
Ha ha, you're funny. *goes for cover*
Janisa Ramgomut
ผมนี่ เสียวกบาลเลยครับ
kharnak crux
st maarten, RIP No more videos like this
one small error will be a disaster :) But hats off to the pilots for such landing
Swan Bee
WHY WAS THERE A BEACH RIGHT AT THE TAIL OF A LANDING STRIP!?!?!? (...or is it even a public beach)
Sami Ul Haq
please send me your watsapp no
Lindsay miller
Ok someone on the plane farts everyone on the beach can smell it lol
Lindsay miller
Ok someone on the plane farts everyone on the beach can smell it lol
Elizabeth Marie
Beautiful HD quality - what camera did you use to film this?!
It is referred to as 'riding the fence' and is the reason I will be going. It is one of the best plane watching spot in the world.
wella warraich
F*** Dangerous..!
the KLM 747-400 flights to SXM do not take off at maximum weight, the flights are shared with the island of Curacao, at most about 100 plus people would come on in SXM not that much i assume then they continue to Curacao in the south and take on some more passengers and refuel for the long flight back
BCP '10
Heart racing and I'm not even there! **rewind**
0:23 that driver is lucky as fuck
i was there 2weeks ago loll
I wanna go there just to experience that
Cal Gary
It helps to hold the camera straight!!
Pieter van Zelst
the 777-300(ER), because it's lighter it has slightly better landing charactaristics, it can make a slightly steaper approach, flare out quickly and needs a little les runway. It can stay a little higher above the beach, but it's still a big plane close to the 747.
Pieter van Zelst
747: 416 passengers with 3 classes or 524 with 2 767: 255 / 351 / 375 passengers 777: 305-550 I theoretically the 777 holds more passengers but in practice I think the average 747 hols more...
Euplayer Noobazt
You said 767,not 777. De fuq?BTW,I don't think so.777-3-3-3 seating arrangement. B747 is 2-4-2 seating arrangement.Plus the above.So I think B747 got more capacity.
I think i met you in real. Did you meet 2 boys here on the beach?
Daniel B
St. Maarten is a gem of the Caribbean to anyone interested! Highly recommend it, I've been fortunate to go a number of times in the past.
Mark hughes
Co Pilot: Where are we landing? Pilot: St Maarteen. Co Pilot: St Maarteen?!! Oh Shit let me call my wife ti tell her i love her
Jonathan Hildebrand
Daniel K
lol :)
lol :)
8K Next
Regretfully, no )
Holy crap! Sweet vid!