Ashanti feat. Ja Rule - Always On Time (Live)

Good Morning America 2008

Grace M
Foolish, always on time best songs nowadays...who’s here 2019?
sopp em
Her legs.
que en
I can't believe people here are saying this performance sucks! He's rapping live! Not something you often see nowadays. 
Jay Company
Ja Rule n Ashanti one of the best rap n singing combos ever!
Givanildo Silva De Souza
Foi a melhor dupla de rep que eu já vi Ja rule feat Ashanti Ouvindo em 2019
Morris Jordan
Ashanti got some sexy as legs.
Ukachi Nkwocha
This crowd doesn’t know good music 😂😂😂❤️
Montell Carey Iosefo
i dont get one no ones like jumpin around or overly excited? like i get its early in the mornin, but for ashanti, i'd jump on stage
Sexxy 318
Still Loving this in 2018...they always we're great on collaborations
This song is spetacular and has a great beat .
I Was At That Concert!! They Were Killin' It !! :)
kayla hartless
her thighs would kill someone. damnnn.
ALAN. Sousa
Pemba Sherpa
2001 never forget
Paula Santana
2019 alguém 🇧🇷😍❤🎵
Luos Guzman
Ashanty so Beatiful 😍😍😍😍
Emy Semedo
I likeeee so much Jarule , your voice is just wonderful.
POP Winter
I Love Ashanti!
I love this song
Kim Broadie
20 people are young. pay homage these are legends
Yanique Hynes
Who's still playing this in 2018🔥🔥🔥🔥
Huria Tapara
Jah love the duo. Cheers! U rock my world for eternity. Jah love all your songs.
love this song
Beyaz la
ja rule is legend from turkey
Ícaro Bispo
Always on Time
Chambers Heros
Jarule n Ashanti killed that track. Damn
erick detroit
Sai dai o bunda quadrada prifiro as do brasil
Jerry Mein kampf
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Irma Pugh
AT this time Ashanti should have been the one to get pushed out there she can sing, but NOOOO they pushed Beyonce.  Big mistake Smh!!!!
noel smith
Ashanti is an amazing performer omg ultimate hype woman
Austin Rice
omg brings back so many memories
jojosafa .idris
miss ashanti & ja rule... :(
Loose Noose
ashanti has the Best LEGs!!!
sashanna livingston
l love you
Luke Johnson
haha wtf is THAT!!! @ 0:49
Daniel Stanev
so true
this is an ignorant comment. Just because she has sass does not mean that its ghetto, ghetto means ignorant. As in your comment. I dont think you mean harm though
Loved it! I miss Ja Rule!
Cherri Culcleasure
i almost forgot how awkward it was to watch her until i stumbled across this vid. thanks youtube.
really love ja rule....
its her performance and she is excited & hyped. So if a white woman was hyped during her performance the last thing people would be calling her is "ghetto". You are racial stereotyping & its sad, so sad.
amazing *o*
its not G unit just becos u saw a G smh
Zor-El Reviews
Ja Rule still stays on point with his lyrics .. My Man!
Josh U.
this was hot..i wish i live in NY
Ben Webster
i prommesed her she'll shine; i will not cume before time, i'll give you my al, so baby please swalow mine....LOL
Habib Nt
Man, Ashanti's thighs are serious....
xavier castillo mosquera
es bueno
bee gee
ha ha ha.,.,.ja wearin g unit apparell?!?!?!
Ashanti, marry whit me!
get at me ashanti
Aiga Bickorovska
Alexandru Stan
the beat in the first place is legendary:)) she will never have a chance to play on that biggie and faith used to do it....nice anyway! Respect BIggie! Rest in Peace B.I.G PoPPA!
Ben L
dancers in the background suck hahaha
Hannah Hymas
They sound great live!
Let’s Go Y’all!!! 2019 🥰 Please make new music to cope with all the political issues everyday🤷🏾‍♀️
That NY crowd was whack. That was my jam back then !! I'd gave them much L💕ve!!! People dont know good music.🤨
Calton Mkhwananzi
Dankie for the service we get from you tube
CurlyQueens TV
Yessss history... Dope isf
Parker Lorng
We really are part of the oldies on the radio...
Jeffery Darby
Wow still 2018
Mama Rankus
Thanks to you my bigMan " jah Rule" and come to talk @ Ashanti too, oops! Not bad at all
Helen Jackson
Always On Time.
Mckinley Lowman
Ja got better performance tan 50 thats a fact. JA IS MY BOOO
Jaajaa Rogers
This was a great time for these two talented singers one off best tunes ever made 😘💯
Chloe Chenault
JaRule & Ashanti, I love you
Betty DIKA
Am always on time, still listening it in 2019, up, Ashant&Jah rule. Betty Dika
umut bulut
the best singing combo
Perla Guadian
mannn i see Ja Rule n i think of the fast in the furious part Noooooo Moniccaaaaaaa
Jerry Mein kampf
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dalex queiroz
sou fã de vcs queria te conhecer
Roseanny Santos
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 *2019 Brazil 🎶👏*
Wagner Evangelista Evangelista
Aayshah Rudder
Never knew that this was the "Miles Montego" star Ja Rule one of the best rap singers along with Ashanti.
Chambers Heros
Always on time
Steve Money
She sound like Gina from Martian lmao
Kuhle mragala
They still look good. Aging so well. Ashanti is so beautiful
Artis Lamar Cooper
Ashanti Is so dam fine jarule still sounds good
Andrea Dunaway
Yes sing song ja rule And Baby girl looking pretty and voice on time love you too always your fan Andrea Syracuse N.Y.
Attah Bregette
She is very beautiful
ItsOnly Jacarra
Is the drummer a female or male ??
Diana Carvalho
I love it 🍉 07/12/18 Friday
Oskar.Uz(рэп на русском)
2018 December happy new year 2019
Driplets Flowers
Best compo ever,take it back baby
solomon boloyoung
This song made my youthful days worth living
William Javier
And 50 had to end J Rule carrer that was sad....
Chambers Heros
Till this day, an award winning track
Im singing this song on my channel Cadence 2014 Countdown go listen!!!
Lawal Dalla
The best ja rule
Al beez
march 30 2019
Rich Gang
50 cent in front seat watching lol
Jerry Mein kampf
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Paul Emitse
2019 enjoying it like real
jade xade
man, she use to be so pretty.