Chris Broussard makes a case why the Lakers will have 54 wins next season | NBA | UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
How many games will the Lakers win next season?
Jah Jah King
I don't think Laker fans care about Chris opinion at this point
Yellow Flash
*Ppl hating on Broussard, yet forget that Jalen Rose said "99%" Kawhi returns to Raptors*
Y’all Turned On Chris So Fast🤦‍♂️🤢
Jaiden Fountain
Damn Chris broussard now the Lakers bout to have 30 wins
* WillHall229
It's sounds like the sports commentators are the cause of drama to me, not LeBron
Daniel Hill
Chris we’re still waiting for you to pick up your 95% L
Think Tank
"But Lebbbraaaawwwwn!" - Chris Broussard
Steven Bond
Chris Broussard is like the modern day “boy who cried wolf” nobody believes a word this man says nowadays 😂😂
Ryan Green
Paul george has had surgery the past 2 seasons. Lol. Just throwing that out there
Allan Mburu
Chris Bousssard looks like a BLACK PASTOR for REAL!!! ahahhahaha
Chris "99% sure" Broussard Skip "He Quit On My Spurs" Bayless Shannon "O' Goat James" Sharpe
yall disrespectin Chris literally every analyst got Kawhi's prediction wrong got him FKED up
People are telling me the Lakers will win 54 games.
Please Chris, no more predictions....
Soufflé Samuel
Chris "The lakers are getting Kawhi" "Hold this L" Broussard
Everyone bangs on like kawhi beat a fully healthy warriors, I get that injuries happen and it’s part of the game but still if Klay and KD was healthy they wouldn’t have lost
Bobby Joseph
I feel like 50-60 is reasonable within the season... As long as they're healthy.
Chris really thought he had a direct line to Kawhi 😂
“Who was the predator that snatched the backbone out them” love unk Shannon
Yasoi Skipper
100% comments about Chris not being trustworthy 😂😂
alfred hardin
Yeah ok no way the clippers gets Leonard also 😂😂😂 this dude has lost all credibility can't look at him the same
Chris “the clippers are OUT” Broussard😂
r/Reddit vs Karen
My daily tasks include watching all your videos. I must be a top fan. 😎
Jmarx 1
Shannon: who was the predator who snatched there backbone and made them call 7’0 Durant
Vanessa O
When is Jenny coming back tho is the real question.
Chris said the Lakers were going to win 54 games last year.
Papa Shanghoe
That's the same number these stupid goons said before last season.
Angel Rivera
Chris turned into Ms. Cleo 0-60.
untouchable Cantu
We can make the case why chris Broussard should be fined and fire from speaking anything basketball..
Blake Benham
Ya'll need to pump the breaks on the CB hate. 1 errant prediction and all of a sudden he's the worst 🙄 All I saw the last two years is "CB the goat" "I'm a simple man, I see CB I click"
Ever since Chris KD incident he has not been a source that should be talking no one believes what you say anymore Broussard.
TeaTime Podcast
we still listening to chris broussard? rip ben askren
Patrick Chen
Lakers won't even make the playoffs. LeBron and AD will both get injured.
Ty Redd
I agree with everything Chris said except win total. I think the Lakers will win 48-50 games
Matt Bazilius
Since everything he says is the exact opposite imma have to go with 45
Ayokunle Akachi
Love chris Broussard! Always entertaining. Not everyone has the chemistry these 3 have
Reese Chamberlain067
Chris Still Talking Like He Credible 🤣🤣🤣
Irvan Sutandi
Just remember about last year, both Shannon and Chris said that LeBron by himself is good enough to give Lakers a 50+ win, and they're not even get to 40 wins, and LeBron has activated a "playoff mode" if I'm not mistaken for the last 30 games LOL. It's a different team, and we just have to see how they play together as a group.
Which sources told him this?
Jean Toronto Raptors
Last season, he said, lakers was gonna make the playoffs Cris dont know anything
xxx playboyzey
Only thing I dont like is the fact he said bron was injured I feel like he didn't want that team
Nativ Segal
I love watching this show until skip talks. that's when I rather keep my brain cancer-free.
Conrad S
Clips had 48 wins as a 8th seed! Warriors had 57 as a 1st seed. There’s no easy wins the Western conference.
Frank 5599
Is chris going to argue next that the Lakers can beat the 90s bulls? Or argue they are a better team than the warriors with KD? Or he's going to say they are arguably the best Lakers team ever?
Chris "my sources told me 54 wins" Broussard should be forced to surrender his L.A. passport.😐
kabagema yannick
"Activate playoff mode"😂
Anderson Rodriguez
According to Chris “sources” they are
Let the excuses come when things do not go LeBron's way. Shannon talked about 50 plus wins last year also.
Matthew Reynolds
Lmao Avery Bradley is NOT a good defender anymore, overall liability on both ends
2nd best team in the league? Stahp it Broussard just stahp...🤦‍♂️
Proppa Music
*Chris Broussard aka The Source Master*
MrGetDough 562
‘Lakers choke dis year’ epsn will say ‘so this is why the lakers will win a championship next a season’
kb 2003
Stop listening to these nba media fanboys😉
General Wavy
Everytime chris says something like "I just dont see it happening" it usually means whatever he predicts, the complete opposite will happen lol. Don't trust this guy at all.
Gets 2 players and all of the sudden they are going to be the second best team lol!
Jeremy H
I’m sure Chris feels 95% sure of his pick of 54 wins for the Lakers
I think LeBron will average 28 points 8 Rebounds and 9 assists. Anthony Davis will average 27 points and 13 rebounds, and Boogie Cousins will average 16 points and 10 rebounds. Green, Kuzma, Bradley, Cook, Rondo and McGee will provide the rest of the points.
Reef k
if LeBron offense still be there his offensewill make up for his mishap of Defense get off his back a little bit skip I'm a Laker fan but I'm a Kobe fan LeBron bring us one man💍
Curtis Ashford
Same guy who said lakers would have 50 games last season... and Chris my guy... but he be wrong
Who took the biggest L this year? 1. Broussard 2. Paul Pierce 3. Jalen Rose
Alejandro Alvarado
Why does skip keep saying LeBron went 28-27 like if his the only player on the team 🤦🏻‍♂️
Why Chris still talking?! No one believes you no mo bruh! STAAAHP!
Chris “ my source is telling me the lakers will win 54 games I’m 94% sure they will win 53 to 54 games next season”
Trevor Philips
nah cuz Clippers the real LA team now haha.... top 3 Lakers are Midwest boys _'Gone Hollywood'_ -- whereas Clippers the real ones LA team with hometown LA boys I think the *San Diego / Clippers* angle cannot be underappreciated.... Kawhi live in San Diego, went to university in San Diego, and grew up in east LA but wasn't a Lakers fan but was stuck in the Lakers' shadow. now he join the LA / ex-San Diego Clippers -- and George who is another LA hometown boy who was a Clippers fan and played vs Kawhi in SoCal college bball -- and they got a chance to take the Clippers out of the Lakers' shadow so.... two teams play in Staples now: the *Midwest Lakers* and the *Los Angeles Clippers* hehehe (so at least their name finally makes sense XD)
Aaron Dutra
Skip predicting 0-82 for the Lakers.
Shannon and Chris reaction to Skip casually sneaking by "[Kuz] could be the closer" LOL 😂
Los Angeles Lakers
56 wins and a Championship Lakers vs Sixers.
Skips just salty because everyone he hates, is in a good position
Denny Cascade
that defense still won’t be that good, 48 wins max 🤷🏽‍♂️
Chris last year's prediction: "Lakers will get 53 wins and LeBron is the MVP"
jay fairman
That cousins is gone but when he was on the warriors he was an “allstar”
Andrew Lauhoff
Keep Broussard off the air for awhile. Can't listen to him anymore.
Teddy From the block
Bro, dats cap u don't even have KDS number 😭
This guy should be suspended from making predicitions for at least 6 months
Shannon and Chris were bothbroasting that 🤡 Skip Bayless. #BustSkipUp
Lol Shannon had the lakers winning 50 last year...
Paul Chung
this feels like dejavu lol lebron injure and playoff out, i hope lakers win champion 2019
Jonathan King
Laker fans prolly not tryna hear jack from Chris anymore lol
Maurice Harris
Man look I'm tired of them sleeping on the lakers we just gon see we just gon see
Jowerson Cariaso
Im excited to see lakers in the playoffs next season❤❤❤
Cameron Covin
Y’all all on Chris , while y’all should be on Skip. This dude Skip hates on everything lebron does 🤦🏽‍♂️
Isaias Ramirez
All this guys don't know anything. Just like their sources. On Kawhi. 🤣
Mariah Lin
Lakers over-rated? They are stacked to the roof with talent. Excuses for Lebron coming up early before the season even starts, just in case they somehow fail to win the chip with such a loaded squad.
Cordell 3
Notice when Danny Green went to Raptors Skip, had nothing but praise for him but, now that he with Lebron “ he comes and goes”🤦🏾‍♂️.
This Jones YC
I liked chris before, but now he is slowly turning to SAS v2
Mason Albert
Lakers with a Twin Towers Bron on PG duties are O'Brien favorites... but all these pundits talking about ranking leaving Spurs out of top 5 teams...we Spurs fans love being overlooked...until you are forced to acknowledge Pop's greatness at playoff time. Again. And again. And again.
Jonjo Jr
"c'mon Skiup, Stop it!" I'm making a t-shirt out this.
aibner contreras
Skip said "why do you keep changing it to somebody else?".. trolololol
No Name
They are very capable of 60 wins with AD & Lebron that can easily average 25 PPG Edit: but load management can take a toll on them :(
Tim Honks
Hate when the media wants “drama free”. YALLL CREAT THE DRAMA!!
V Ling
I believe Lakers with that big duo and good role players theyll win the west. Or come in second.
Allan Anaya
The West is stacked, the Lakers will be very fortunate to win 50 games. Anything more would be overachieving. Skip's analysis and prediction is pretty spot on.
Yaguine Toure
The irony, NBA without drama will leave you guys jobless!!
Happy Birthday
My source tells me Rob Pelinka and Frank Vogel expect Lakers to be an 84 wins team in this regular season
seth hinson
I'm surprised Chris videos arnt getting more dislikes after his predictions
Rahman Eddington
We need to trade Lebum for Devin Booker and Clay Thompson.
Nativ Segal
"LeBroN iS nOt A cLoSEr"-Skip Bayless. would you rather have kuzma closing? wow how can you say lebron is not a closer not alot of time after the 2018 playoffs. one of the dumbest things that were ever said by someone not including skip