Mercedes Benz E55 AMG on 20" Vossen VVS-CV3 Concave Wheels / Rims

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Vossen VVS-CV3 F: 20x9 / R: 20x10.5 Matte Silver Machined Watch in 1080p HD on Vimeo /> Web Site /> Add us on Facebook /> Follow us on Twitter /> Flickr /> Music produced by Flawless Tracks /> /> Instrumental name is "iPad of the Future"

Nick Name
Great looking car nicer than new mercedes models .
Aneudy Diaz
The best or nothing.
irwin Sikha
Got a same e55 AMG (2005) with these vossen wheels except it is silver and it is super fast
Олег Корзун
I need these wheels for my E63!!
Paul Stefan
W 211 of the great E classe
What a awesome looking car 😍
There is an E55 identical to this setup that runs around on the north side of Indianapolis except it has a front mount. I've got pictures of it. Looks good and sounds amazing!
Fares Lutfi
My dad has a e63 amg benz from 2008, with only 21,600 miles on it! He said i might be able to have it when i turn 16 :DDD
douglass enriquez
@vossen I would literally give a finger for this car.... need any fingers? kidney. Ect?
Big Ed Scaggs
I'm having a problem installing my wheels with the hub on the front. What did you do to install yours??
alejandro menendez
Vossen, could you tell me what tires size is in it?, is the 20" Vossen VVS-CV3 Concave Wheels / Rims still in production?, could I get them online, where?
Mosa Sakö
So good
багаудин жи есть
кто дизлаики поставил? чтоб он вас переехал 
Jordan Berry
Really sharp!!!
abel loulou
très belle Mercedes Benz E55 AMG
pure beauty !
Daniel Cumpl
what kind of steering wheel ? :O
The Bee Guru's Apprentice
Hi, beautiful car and rims man, i'm gonna get same rims on mine. i have an E270 cdi 2003, wanna make it look like yours, what front and rear fenders do you have, are they stock E55 AMG fenders. ??
Lonely Benzer
Dream car !
Double tap Productions
Wow that car has an Amazing stance! I am going to get this car soon, and I will be putting those wheels on! Thanks Vossen!!! You guys are my favorite wheel company!
douglass enriquez
Seriously though...... I would.
Sergej Dee
Nice car
Azar Khaytaliev
Аха подвеску менять потом! А так красивых
Jose Alberto Rodriguez Godoy
What camera and tipe of mount like tripod or slider do you use?
Azar Khaytaliev
Аха подвеску менять потом! А так красиво
Kimbo Phillips
salute from Stockton Cali"
Jack DanielZ34
thinking of a VIP style on a E55 AMG Or S55 AMG.. I know the S class is bigger but what do y'all guy's think?
david connolly
Ihave same size Vossen but fender clearance no good how did you fix this problem
Ben Dover
for anybody wondering about the badge on the steering wheel it is the "Affalterbach" badge which is a city near Stuttgart where AMG was found
Александр Кулибин
3 Часа & Твой Двигатель ЧИСТЫЙ а Расход топлива ИДЕАЛЬНЫЙ (Клапан  EGR) 3 часа & Твой  ДПДЗ ВЕЧНЫЙ
liviu Liv
What size have the tires ?
Sick Rick
One word.........NICE!!!
what year is this ?
6 spoke would've been better
S. Champ
anyone know who's car and the setup? thanks.
douglass enriquez
+VossenWheels I would literally give a finger for this car. Need any fingers? Kidney, ect...? Serious..
Лёша Неважнов
это родное литье? какое название?
stancedout rokko
Vin Djiesel
Why oh why did I get rid of mine?
N1k Mike
@vossen who's car is this, looking to do a similar set up.
danny Shishani
duuuude i know im late on this video but where did you get the badge for the steering wheel
John Garrity
can somebody tell me about the symbol at 1:04
Le Nounours
Just love how the calipers looks like they're floating .
blkice1292 1
i wonder if anyone knows the offset on this particular car.. would be good info!
Josh Lincoln
ima bmw guy but i want this car so bad
Amazing AMG, amazing wheels, nice Video, great Job!
for no reason badge was replaced from the hood after 0:24
Ryan Grace
No big wheels for me but that's a slick ride!
Timu Cnr
Where is the CarSound? -.-
Julius Reed
This is a true Bossmans car
Jew asskicker
how can i get the bodykit ?
Real gangster car
Alimert bilgic
Can i have this ❤️
Dr. Green
terrible music!
souvenirs vima
A kurvaaaa...
So where can people in New Zealand like me get these wheels, Absolute beaut!
you care best
Miguel A. Rios
Hey guys, did he have to drop the car to get that stance look or did he just slap on those bad boys.
Very nice wheels will they fit on a 1992 Lincoln mark vll 5.0-L.s.c or 1998 mark 8 -4.6 4v32 Thomas Limo. Com
Tim Rider
Amir Amirov
Valentin Melintii
OH MY GOD !!!! i m just wondering how can be a car so nice like this one  !!!! it is a beast !!! i love it !!! i wish i could have it!! really nice video with good music by the way !
kareem alwassof
Mitch van den Akker
bhoooo i love it man!!!
I want that beat! Help?
oh shut it. i bet its better than anything you drive.
gintare gedminaite
Andrew Fraser
too bad its an automatic
Do you get any rubbing on the fenders with the 20's?
Jaakko Laakso
tires are 20 in normal e 55
Jaakko Laakso
its 2001-2006
ratcha kursk
Sandri Fier
My dream :)
VOSSEN i pronounce you as a king of wheels!
w211, I love you
Nika Jikia
I THINK 2007-2009 :)
what year is that car, i want a merc, im a current BMW 5'er owner. how do they compare?
Fiore Tutta
what kind of reliability do you have with your e 55
PJ Randhawa
love those wheels
Tra Marks
sweet ride hav a 05 black on black love those wheel gotta get them!!!! SWEET
jesus that looks pimp
Azzy Bee
God and his angels created AMG THE DEVIL MADE PRIUS
One day.. One day I shall ride like a baller on Vossen wheels. Please god let it be tomorrow.
That's a mean whip!
Golden Gun
I Want Those Rim !!!
Saudin Hodzic
I have 07 E63 im interested in 20s can these wheels fit on my car and whats the size of tires wheels and offset front and rear also i like silver the inner lip is just sick best wheels by far for e class also as far as lowering the car how did u do that i know u can raise the car i didn't know you can lover it and is that that Mercedes dealer does and also are they rubbing when u turn or when u in curve or when u hit bump.? please answer me here or e mail [email protected]
Kirk Franklin
@RAP1073 - Thanks, appreciate it.
Adam O'Connor
Ian Frazer
Its is a 2003-2006 W211 E55
adrian piste
Any one know the body kit!
Mercedes E class W211 ; )
Piękny Mercuszek
Felgen machen das Auto
MM One
/watch?v=PjNVi5aPNo0 best german song