[OBSOLETE] [ENG] 1.11 Crops farm - 58 stacks of drops/hour

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~OPEN~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ EDIT: watch this instead /> So, an update to my carrot/potatos farm. This version is much simpler to build and also around 1.6 times faster: 58 stacks of drops per hour = more than a double chest of drops per hour. It also consumes arond 93 stacks of bone meal per hour, which is 31 stacks of bones per hour, which isn't as much of a deal actually, since you can build quite easily an AFK bone farm with a skeleton spawner. In addition, this design can be used with all kind of crops (carrots, potatoes, wheat and beetroots). So definitively, this design is much better than the previous one. *The only thing you have to do is refilling the dispensers with bonemeal. As long as there's bonemeal left in the dispensers, the farm doesn't require any player interaction and is fully automatic. ==================OTHER MEDIA================== Twitter: />Twitch:

Rays Works
Cool! One of the reasons I don't use the term fully automatic :p
David Ker Games
Ya no haras videos en español? Esque no entiendo