Criminal Case: The Conspiracy Case #52 - "Head Case" | To the Stars (4/6)

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Criminal Case: The Conspiracy Case #52 - "Head Case" | To the Stars (4/6) ========================================== A murder behind the walls of the Grimsborough Psychiatric Hospital pushes the team’s sanity to the limit! Can you wrap your head around the clues and put a stop to the madness? Release Date: January 10, 2019! Thanks for Watching! Thanks music - Alan Walker - Fade [NCS Release] NCS ➞ Spotify />➞ SoundCloud />➞ Facebook />➞ Twitter />➞ Google+ />➞ Instagram /> Alan Walker ➞ Facebook />➞ SoundCloud />➞ Twitter />➞ YouTube ➞ Instagram /> Alan Walker - Spectre [NCS Release] /> RedMoon & Meron Ryan - Heavyweight [NCS Release] />RedMoon ➞ SoundCloud />➞ Facebook />➞ Twitter /> Meron Ryan (Vocalist) ➞ SoundCloud />➞ Facebook />➞ Twitter />➞ Instagram /> Cartoon - Why We Lose (feat. Coleman Trapp) [NCS Release] />▽ Follow Cartoon SoundCloud />Facebook /> Culture Code - Make Me Move (feat. Karra) [NCS Release] />Culture Code • />• />• /> Karra • />• />•

Amirul Asyraff
Wahhh this is bringing back the memories, i remember jones has been put in the hospital because he eat poison cupcake in CC GB, now after five years...
Eric Cartman
I still don't hate Louis though. I like him but not as much as I used to like him before Btw,Jones's suicide attempt reminded me of those poisoned cupcakes in Season 1
Annie 1222
Then, I wished someday I'll get a letter like from Zoe's too, then I really felt bad for Jones. It's really hard to accept someone who's close to you died even on the reality, but we know someday we can accept it by being strong. We can cry for a person but someday we'll accept it too, I hope Jones stay strong. And I'm worried that we don't have any suspects that is connected to Ad Astra or Dreamlife, then nice video Kamol!
Super Crazy FCB Fan
Poor Jones, He will have a hellish and painful time to recover from Zoe's death
Joyful Wallace Waffle
Oh Pretty Simple, you made me cry a lot today :((
Baptiste Mouyanaga
Don’t tell me the next victim Will be Savannah please 😭
YingZhe Tan
11:10 I cannot believe it. Zoe does have a superpower, like the Marvel's heroes.
Jezin SK
WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The next victim's: SAVANNAH BLAKE? I see the photo
Manuel Alejandro
Savannah Blake (the actress Bateman was hitting on in In Vino Veritas and Light my Fire) is the next victim! :O
Emily Kearns
Oh no! 😱 Stage 3️⃣: Bargaining 4:18 Be strong, buddy. Stage 4️⃣: Depression 6:50 - 6:54 Awwww. 7:18 💓 7:34 AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWW! Stage 5️⃣: Acceptance 10:11 Why else would it be called "hidden camera"? 11:09 Ooooohhhh!
venoxx de mg
15:16 RIP Savannah Blake
Gemwell Gabay
Oh no! Wait! I recognized the dress! D-Don't T-te-tell me th-that the next victim is Savannah Blake?!
Doctor Gamer
R.I.P Zoe Kusama 1981-2019 "You will be missed by all, You will be avenged for all those people who did this to you."
Doctor Gamer
Man, this case was heartbreaking
Treven Virgano
I hope Jones has healed back :(
Eric Marin
This case was just an emotional rollercoaster ride with mixed feelings nor, emotions here ugh Zoey didn't deserve this even after all the crap she went threw curse u pretty simple I know this was just a game but, still to put someone threw this ghastly scenario once again was just a tad too much apparently they could have done stop Jones with the pills but, they just stood there wow at least Amir came in and, help him sorry that was a lot to process here?. 😱😭😱😨😬😰😬😨😭😱😬😲😕😢😕😲😢😯😱😭😨😬😰
Oh my...... case 53 victim is Savanah?! Poor Savanah.😯
Robert Esdale
15:16 Great! 😠 Does that dress look familiar?!
Case 53 : is going to be normal case ( but i'm curious to see the history progress ) Case 54 : another killer is going to die
Case 31 of season 1 & Case 56 of season 3 flashback……
SunChannel 25
Jone's suicide could've been a lot worse. It would've been far too traumatizing to watch Jones use a gun to his head like in season one, or use a knife like in season three. Thank god you use a simple as a poison, though it's still traumatizing, so that's what I've got to say
Jak je ovajj Acc
I stg if Jones dies im gonna flip
This is so touching...Seriously Jones deserves better. I know it’s still far ahead until Case 60 but it’ll be pretty cool if the next time we see Jones in a new Season, he will become a chief just like Amy. Although if that does happen it’ll be a shame not to go on cases with him if that ever does happen.
Robert Esdale
Hey Kamol, are you gonna be wearing that forest hair Zoe gave you? That’s what I’d do.
The 30
Louis.. if only u didn't get carried away with ur ideas.. none of this'll happen.. and none of those horrid things in the future happened too...
Now my feels have to go to the hospital with Jones!
He drank freaking poison, is he crazy?
Adam Fritz
Oh thank god Jones is alive😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅🤗🤗🤗🤗
Yay next case is out on my birthday 😀
Yuki Kun
Король Аватария
Master Gamer 25
PS, why! Jones is nothing to do with you!
Pearl Studios
The next víctim is savanah?
Sarah Khan
Next victim Savannah yes the actress this edition is the saddest 😰😨😱
Ana Diaz
Nooooooooooooooooo poor Savannah Blake she is the next victim
Connor in charge
Im so glad jones will be alright and louie wasn't lying about Zoe making objects float that was creepy when I first saw it
Andrew Rex
If yall wanna know: The next suspect is the famous movie star I think she was , in case 47 Savannah
Rossi Cawkill
this is just a theory but could leroux be a part of ad astra and his reasoning for seeing zoe is so that he can see what memories she's remembering and on the last trip he has found the results for the serum and has silenced her before she could speak the truth about the serum and any information about plan: supernova
Actor From the CONDURING
What Zoe could move things with her mind that's CRAZY
2:22 Rachel Priest can be seen on TV despite she died like 5 years ago.
So happy Jones survived
Hamed Al Nuaimi
ayy I'm the first viewer!!
Lulú lopez
It remember me of Jones getting poison by the grandma.
Good Video Kamol! 😎👍
also am i the only one sympathetic with leurox?
Filip Rimac
I know all district Travel in time
Filip Rimac
District 1 is ANCIENT TIMES District 2 is USA 1960's District 3 is European Renaissnce District 4 is Dystopian Present District 5 is Age of Sail District 6 is Medieval Asia And District 7 is Back to the Start
Deoni Gacha And More!
Using my Why We Lose again.. Thank you so much Kamol
Adriano Lima SOUZA
É a música é filér é o dezenho é masa
Nadia Ramadhani Simamora
0:48 ... 😨 - 0:52 JONES, NO!! 😫😫😭 1:16 No.. 😢 w-we have to do something! 4:20 - 4:24 😔.... 4:32 ... - 4:35 Maybe we could ask Dr Russo 4:54 😢... - 4:58 - 5:07 Thank you, Dr Russo 6:48 - 6:57 😌🙂 7:09 - 7:41 🙂 7:45 - 7:52 🙂😊 I’m so glad you’re feeling better, Jones.
Alexandra Gwyneth Garen
@14:50 I agree Chief. Something’s off about him.
Faisal Dwi
10:55 spionage code.
Lyn Selfe
It's all dreamlife and ad astra's fault cause they might kidnapped Zoe then Jones was in pain first his in pain when she don't remember him then his in pain more when Zoe arrested and now his super more in pain when Zoe murder
Mihir Rai
In chapter 3, Lerouxs head overlaps his neck, in the additional investigation, you can clearly see his neck.
Doctor Gamer
Joseph Cassidy Agader
This is the saddest case of the conspiracy
Nyla Jones
Omg if this happens to anyone else imma leave the fandom
Fernan Gabrielle Salvador
How is Rachel priest from grimsborough still alive!?!
I cried in this case. Poor Zoe: (
Roberta Lopes Borges
You see whos was the bext victim
11:11 Zoe now reminds me of Eleven from stranger things.
Roberta Lopes Borges
Next not best
mohammed hasan
Vitor matheus Neves de sousa
Go kamol, go kamol,