Dying Light: Night-time Gameplay Walkthrough

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Hey friend, we need you to set up these traps for us, but don't be out past sundown or you'll be dead! 5 minutes before sunset.
Kyle's voice was more powerful, I personally am glad that they didnt use this lad's voice for the protagonist
Rich Homie Coon
I can't be the only one that wanted *this* Dying Light.
Move the damn stamina bar, it's in the way and distracting
Dying Light is looking sweet! Played it at Eurogamer Expo, was great! (:
BrandonG 702
Boy, am I glad this isn't how Dying Light really is.
OMG this is an old dying light 😂
What the hell happened? This whole thing looks a lot better than the actual game we got! Except for the protagonist. I hate that voice.
isn't it weird that they went from French guy to Australian guy to American guy
Mike Person
I'm sorry I loved this version better
9:14 That's a reference to Woodkid who wrote the song Run Boy Run which was used in Dying Light's reveal trailer.
9:21 was Dying Light previously intended for last gen systems as well? Lists ps3 and xbox 360 as well as ps4 and xbox one. Then the game got delayed. Interesting.
Wow his body language is COMPLETELY off!
Imaginary Sole
This should have been the release, I like the movement they put in plus the graphics are better than the release. I have the game though, I think they should make this for the second dyinglight
Well it's all very well choreographed...
Elliot Beedham
abit of a wuss tactic but can you not hide inside a house(because some you can go in) when it gets dark and the zombies take steroids XD
nice to hear a non-American accent in a AAA game.
mekia 553
And another zombie game.... yay....... >.>
I don´t know, but I think that this is before Crane arrived to Harran By the way... Sorry for my bad english xdxd
Yon Sire Liege
For everyone that was confused about the French character, they originally planned on having multiple playable characters, like 4 or so, Jade, Brecken, Crane and probably this french bro. All with different traits and abilities, but then they thought fuck that and gave us the one playable protagonist. Still the best game I ever bought on 'next gen'!
at yo mommas house
9:02-9:15 would actually scare me. That was cool.
Bob McAdoo
oculus rift anyone?
His body language is just so weird looking like why does he hit like that and move like that
+Kai Noblett In this demo you are an unused playable character known as Antoine. This isn't omar.
what is it with slowly tilting the camera in these gameplay trailers?
Run boy run! This world is not made for you Run boy run! They’re trying to catch you Run boy run! Running is a victory Run boy run! Beauty lays behind the hills Run boy run! The sun will be guiding you Run boy run! They’re dying to stop you Run boy run! This race is a prophecy Run boy run! Break out from society Tomorrow is another day And you won’t have to hide away You’ll be a man, boy! But for now it’s time to run, it’s time to run! Run boy run! This ride is a journey to Run boy run! The secret inside of you Run boy run! This race is a prophecy Run boy run! And disappear in the trees Tomorrow is another day And you won’t have to hide away You’ll be a man, boy! But for now it’s time to run, it’s time to run! Tomorrow is another day And when the night fades away You’ll be a man, boy! But for now it’s time to run, it’s time to run!
way to go indeed! copying the entire system of parkour movement from mirror's edge and why not as well combine it with some zobies from dead raising? ....
can u say Dead Island 3
Honky Tonk
What game is this? Why do I have to ask?
Gameplay's fun. but what's gonna keep me playing after a few minutes?
zinc wit lean Music
whole lot of stuff tht was on the trailers but not the game and ion know if it's me but on the trailers I saw the zombies look a lil different
Mr. E
How many times can you drop-kick a zombie before it gets boring?
Bracyn Madden
9:10 how far did that head go? Glitch fix time.
zd keimah
28th march 2018, 1:14pm and still love dying light
Young link Deku child
Spike looks different
Wasn't the MC supposed to had autralian accent??
old dying light looked much better
This is not the dying light I play
Frederik Vermeij
Again.. The game looks and plays way better than the original 😂
Andrew Valevicius
looks awful
Awesome HUD! Why Techland changed him?
8 bit Nathan
I wish they kept the game like this
I seriously will not buy this just because of the stamina bar placement. Yes, I'm a bitch like that.
Tasty Potato
Okay I think I like the newest dying light
Keyserr Villaflor
i want to play this on my PC
Budik Lagrata
techland should include the unreleased version of this game this year.. bc sometimes the beta is better than final release.
lost interest as soon as he drop kicked the zombie,so tired of these types of zombie games.
This looks like Dead Island. No Thanks, I'll skip.
Juliette Michelle
That's so kool how you can jump OFF of them, lol. Rad! Also, was that zombie in a hijab?? ha I gotta get this game.
This is different :O
Beanie The squatinator
Anyone wathcing this in 2017?
WatCH _DoGes
Where are the volatiles??
max pancrasio
Ha I'm kidding it's the same just parkour and new moves really I would rather play dead island than the same thing and also the day and night feature good but seriously why the same thing and you have to do stuff for people for just once make a game where you have your own rules and can choose if you want to or not to
zinc wit lean Music
also I just noticed the voice character is different it sounds a lot like rahime or wat ever his name is
cool dude
this is dying light? maybe no huh?
?Its not dying light map and everything was changed!
Looks more like dead island
Bilgehan Azaklı
Downgrade at its best
Маркус Искуситель
И залазиет на припятствия совсем по другому
Маркус Искуситель
Интерфейс этой игры выглядит совсем подругому
BigJullDog Exploring Channel
Cant wait for dying light 2
When we get away from making these third party games on the ps3 and 360, and only make them for the Xbox One and ps4; then we will finally know what true next gen games are like. Besides that separate topic, the game looks solid. I like the parkour esq running and jumping aspects. The combat seems iffy to me though. I do like the slow mo look back moments when there's a significant event going on with the zombies though -- nice touch. The foliage physics are nice too. Overall the game seems pretty good, but looks can be deceiving. Let's hope the final product is above average.
After Dead Island I am really reluctant to try another zombie game by Techland. At the beginning, the guy giving the mission looked like he was moving around way too much. Most likely to compensate for the lack of emotion in the face. The wind and foliage moving around doesn't impress me, slap on some colliders moving around the plants and make them move whoopdie doo! The zombie AI looks the same, maybe a couple improvements here and there. The combat looks alright, and I do like the parkour. The voice acting was alright too. But I'd much rather play a demo!
Маркус Искуситель
brothers center
لا قصه ولا تحكم ولا افكر مجرد تفكير اني اشتريه : P
pussicat pusicat
It looks differerent to my enhanced edition, at least......the watch of the character changed.
A. Karyakin
Looks pretty cool, but I don't like how it's so "parkour-oriented". The fact that there don't seem to be any guns makes this look like it'll get boring quickly. I'm sure most players will choose to run, jump, climb over the zombies instead of fighting them with a noob axe.
Looks like they took away the "night sense" stealth gameplay that they showed during the initial reveal, so I guess now I just hope they make the difficulty scale up enough in Co-op so that even with a party of 4, nighttime gameplay still can't be brute forced.
Remember Navarro
Even though the gameplay is old and a bit different, this is the trailer that got me to buy the game. The bit at 7:32 is goddamn terrifying.
This game is epic! Way scary now because of next-gen, love the free running and gore! This is kind of like Condemned. I loved Condemned 2:Blood Shot multiplayer.
Wesley Coolbaugh
I wonder if they'll have an Analog combat scheme like in dead island. That would be nice. The first time I played dead island I was bored but honestly I didn't know what I was doing. Now that I got it free with gold and use the analog scheme its extremely immersive. And after having a baby with mirrors edge? Dayum ill be playing this and titanfall for the next two years
The Noob3 Of console
this dude is a mother down ninja I beat the game and I still can't half the shet he can do when it hits night time I fken camp
I always loved zombie movies but never cared that much about zombie/horror games... but this seems like a must have, it looks really cool
ryder wilson
I hope so the new dying light game
Fusion Hub
This is the old dying light
Rodney Severance
mirrors edge  meets dead island freaking sweet
مرتضى علي
dead trigger hhh
Fenrir The Wulf
Xnate I'm not selling my damn xbox because if they stop making the games for 360 and ps3 well goodbye wifi for ps3 and xbox 360 it happened to the old stations. :(
*sigh* The game Dead Island neer was...
is this the last gen version of dying light? or is this just like a copy or anything? like was this AN actual game?
i think that riptide dlc was used to fund this
Imagine if this is what dying light 2 Will be like
I want everything to be the same like the level metor thing but just change the graphics and the leaving safe zone when u open the gate
Lens flare
Dead Island 3?
Tyler Sharp
the only thing I like about this is the movement
ToughPanda Gaming
wow ! this is going to be 1000 times better than Dead island. Techland has learned from all their mistakes and is giving us one hell of a next gen zombie game. way to go techland !
This game looks top notch I think it's a great idea to mix parkour with zombies to create something fresh unlike most other games where it's just shooting zombies here we have a more action packed running melee combination.
fajar wahab
i think i will say "i wanna die" when i play this game..
Eno Factor
It's pretty different now.
Is that like the very first version or is it modded?
Mysterious Pig
FarCry 3?
Zachary Thomas
looks like dead island mixed with mirrors edge
Jackson Feldmeyer
I am liking their style for the zombie AI. Instead of cramming hundreds of zombies on screen at once, they put maybe a dozen and make them very smart and hard.
1:12 Stop video Pre-order game.
remamber people this is a old version
this game is.........AWESOME!!!!!!! CANT WAIT
looks like a more intense dead island