Dying Light: Night-time Gameplay Walkthrough

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OMG this is an old dying light 😂
Dying Light is looking sweet! Played it at Eurogamer Expo, was great! (:
Hey friend, we need you to set up these traps for us, but don't be out past sundown or you'll be dead! 5 minutes before sunset.
9:14 That's a reference to Woodkid who wrote the song Run Boy Run which was used in Dying Light's reveal trailer.
Kyle's voice was more powerful, I personally am glad that they didnt use this lad's voice for the protagonist
Move the damn stamina bar, it's in the way and distracting
at yo mommas house
9:02-9:15 would actually scare me. That was cool.
isn't it weird that they went from French guy to Australian guy to American guy
nice to hear a non-American accent in a AAA game.
Rich Homie Coon
I can't be the only one that wanted *this* Dying Light.
What the hell happened? This whole thing looks a lot better than the actual game we got! Except for the protagonist. I hate that voice.
Wasn't the MC supposed to had autralian accent??
+Kai Noblett In this demo you are an unused playable character known as Antoine. This isn't omar.
Bob McAdoo
oculus rift anyone?
9:21 was Dying Light previously intended for last gen systems as well? Lists ps3 and xbox 360 as well as ps4 and xbox one. Then the game got delayed. Interesting.
9:10 how far did that head go? Glitch fix time.
His body language is just so weird looking like why does he hit like that and move like that
zinc wit lean Music
whole lot of stuff tht was on the trailers but not the game and ion know if it's me but on the trailers I saw the zombies look a lil different
zd keimah
28th march 2018, 1:14pm and still love dying light
BigJullDog Exploring Channel
Cant wait for dying light 2
I don´t know, but I think that this is before Crane arrived to Harran By the way... Sorry for my bad english xdxd
Well it's all very well choreographed...
Wow his body language is COMPLETELY off!
Imaginary Sole
This should have been the release, I like the movement they put in plus the graphics are better than the release. I have the game though, I think they should make this for the second dyinglight
this looks amazing
max pancrasio
Can't wait to get the game though
Rob Clarke
Looks good. Hope its not a buggy mess like dead island was
Costa Apostolou
Epic can't wait
mekia 553
And another zombie game.... yay....... >.>
Mike Caravello
i need this
what is it with slowly tilting the camera in these gameplay trailers?
Wojciech Schmalenberg
Polish game :D
This is not the dying light I play
Looks amazing.
Looks amazing !!!
This is different :O
Manuel F. Ortega
press 1 to "break a leg, man"
I want this game, because parkour. ONLY. This is ,,Dead Island''
this game is.........AWESOME!!!!!!! CANT WAIT
wow this game is intense
Lens flare
can u say Dead Island 3
Biassi Calabria
When can I play this demo
Haru Yanto
2:44 Patient Zero :O
DJ Martinez
when you get a 30 second ad with no skip button :^(
Frederik Vermeij
Again.. The game looks and plays way better than the original 😂
Terence Dcruz
amazing game!!
This footage is on PS4(:
Abdulla Mohammed
This what I called a zombie game
Sean ie
9:21 so is there a coop or mutiplayer mode?! hummm
Awesome HUD! Why Techland changed him?
Mysterious Pig
FarCry 3?
This is a new character, the other one didn't have a french accent!
Marks Župerka
I would really like to see the ending in real dying light :)
Tyler Sharp
the only thing I like about this is the movement
Freshwater Fernanigens
Is that like the very first version or is it modded?
Tropii Yopii
Man best combination ever ! Parkour and Zombies it can't be better
i wonder if there will be co-op because i think that would be really fun
Wow looks intense.
Mike Person
I'm sorry I loved this version better
remamber people this is a old version
Juliette Michelle
That's so kool how you can jump OFF of them, lol. Rad! Also, was that zombie in a hijab?? ha I gotta get this game.
Sorata Tusnami
this dude is a mother down ninja I beat the game and I still can't half the shet he can do when it hits night time I fken camp
1:12 Stop video Pre-order game.
Yay for once the demoer is actually decent at games!
Luuk Jansen
I like the fact that they ditched the zombie level up !
IHaveNoLife 953
I wish they kept the game like this
odell ward
this version is better
Filipe Herbert
Man, that is awesome!
Rodney Severance
mirrors edge  meets dead island freaking sweet
Honky Tonk
What game is this? Why do I have to ask?
fajar wahab
i think i will say "i wanna die" when i play this game..
Alexis Garcia
sepuede en exbox 360
JL The Hand
Looks intense!!!!. This is how you should feel after an outbreak!
old dying light looked much better
Elliot Beedham
abit of a wuss tactic but can you not hide inside a house(because some you can go in) when it gets dark and the zombies take steroids XD
لا قصه ولا تحكم ولا افكر مجرد تفكير اني اشتريه : P
Anik Alam
Damn! It's on PC too! :)
Damn, look at that lag...
Jonathan Manning
the game is usually the opposite of what the comment section is sooo this game will probs rock
Andre Timoti
run boy run~
PC Biatch
I want everything to be the same like the level metor thing but just change the graphics and the leaving safe zone when u open the gate
Emiliano Bosch
sensibility 0%
BrandonG 702
Boy, am I glad this isn't how Dying Light really is.
Ольга Легенчук
точнее как называется
Eno Factor
It's pretty different now.
i think that riptide dlc was used to fund this
When is this comin out
Mr. E
How many times can you drop-kick a zombie before it gets boring?
Imagine if this is what dying light 2 Will be like
Andrew Valevicius
looks awful
Giovane Fatori
# dying light for x box 360 e ps3
yia boi
this version can be downloaded?
Gameplay's fun. but what's gonna keep me playing after a few minutes?
If only the game looked likde this when it came out
Wai Kin
Some how the sunlight looks great as it takes an important role in this game
Keyserr Villaflor
i want to play this on my PC