All About RNOH's Rehab Programme || Pain Management at Stanmore

▶ Check out my gear on Kit: /> In this video, I will talk to you All About RNOH (Royal National Orthopedic Hospital) at Stanmore's Pain Management Rehab Programme and my experience from the hotel based course in summer 2018. There are more videos to follow about tips for the programme and what I learned there. On the programme you are taught to manage pain with a combination of physiotherapy, occupational therapy and psychology and it is one of the only programmes in the UK known to help EDS/ HSD patients. I talk about this as a Ehlers Danlos Syndrome/ Hypermobile Spectrum disorder patient with POTS, food intolerance and a history of CSF leak. If you liked this video please subscribe to my channel :) You can also find me on other social media: Blog: Facebook: Instagram: @ChronicallyJenni Twitter: @JenniPettican Mixcloud: />Email: [email protected] Patreon: Music Credit:

Karen Bell
Thanks Jenni, my consultant is planning to refer me for this course later in the year. This is a really helpful video! Xxx
Karen Shadrach
Great video as usual Jenni. I went on a pain management 3 week course in Wales 10 years ago and I still refer to some of the things that I was taught then. I’m also still friends with a girl I met on the course xx
Thanks for sharing Jenni! Question :-) Were there any people in the programme with you who had rarer EDS types and do the medical staff at RNOH know how to deal with more severe tissue fragility? I got specialist physiotherapy in Manchester Royal Infirmary and all physios had EDS training, but that was hEDS training. And after exercise bands ripped my skin off, I nicked both radial arteries and any kind of bracing caused friction burns and bleeds into muscles and joints, they were like "We ain't touching that one anymore!". I am now with the haemophilia physios, who at least know how to avoid hurting me, but the exercises I can actually do don't do much. I messaged the Fibro Guy, a private physio who has had great success with EDS patients, but I am unlike anything he has ever seen. I blame mutations on several collagen genes, they don't even know what type to put me in... Anyways, long story short, do you think RNOH can handle rarer zebras? X Mari