Duck Twacy

Daffy Duck spoof of Dick Tracy. Full version here:

lmao at: Daffy Duck: Rubberhead! Rubberhead: I'm gonna rrrrrrrrrub you out, see? rrrrrrrrrub you out! Daffy Duck: fantastic and furthermore, it's unbeliva... ble. and Neon Noodle: Guess who. Daffy Duck: Neon noodle? NEON NOODLE! AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
"You're all under arrest!"
Bat-man? Really?
aklıma geldikçe yarılıyorum ona halen ya :D neeoooon adam xD
Can some one upload the whole cartoon Thanks.
Kelly Mcbride
where's da rest man ? daffy makes man neon a signaute . haha that is realy amazing cartoon. in Turkish versin Daffy cries , Neon Adammm , a must see part.
He has a Tommy Gun, which he uses when he traps the crooks in the doorway. Why he didn't have it when he walked into that group of cooky crooks is still a mystery. Then again it's all in Daffy's mind.
incomplete :-(
Kinda scary
Snowflakes the Yeti-archer
I love it too, but are Daffy Duck so smart? I mean, he's standing in the middle, with a whole gang of gangsters, weaponless, and still he says: "You're all under arrest!". A real smart detective would bring something to defend himself with. (^~^)
Snowflakes the Yeti-archer
I have this episode on videotape, 'cause I recorded it. I love it when Duck Twacy, or should I say Daffy Duck, pretend to be so brave, but when he's in trouble, he run away like a chichen. XoD
Rob Herer
i loved this when i was a kid, but still love it now lol
Scott Dinges
Snake eyes= Edward G. Robinson.
jeice alexander
Lmao good times , come on out there you rat ! And a giant rat pops out of that little hole ... hilarious
Christina Calzacorta
does anybody have the FULL cartoon? is truly hilarious from start to finish...this is listed as full but it is not.
Robbie Quinlan
Wayne Cipriano
I liked picklepuss very funny
Rachel Klueck
Is it just me or is that Halloween?
Very nice. Even with the Spanish subtitling, the people who did the captions are making sure to translate the jokes so that deaf people can get a laugh, as well. With many of the newer collections, the captioning has been too literal and does not allow people who are hearing impaired to get the obvious puns and plays-on words. 'Bat-man' is much funnier in type than 'Batman', and makes the bad pun obvious.