2018 Spanish Grand Prix: Race Highlights

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Max Rai
Worst race of the season . I almost fell asleep .
Viggo Koch
Grosjean: "I'm sliding off the track nose in... Better punch that throttle and take out as many drivers as possible in my smokescreen."
FIA: so Grosjean, could your season even be more emberassing? Grosjean: Hold my baguette...
How to become a champion: 1. dont get tyres to work 2. complain about it a the tyre supplier 3. supplier makes new tyres 4. suddenly be able to drive 40+ laps on mediums with no problems and win -_-
Luke Montgomery
Is it starting to become more and more obvious why Ferrari haven't won a championship in 11 years? Yes, clearly. They could genuinely be half a second quicker than the rest and manage to screw it up with strategy. Vettel won't win the title this season, he's had at least 2 guaranteed victories and a podium this race taken away by ridiculously awful strategy from Ferrari, and this is a trend that has been the case for ages now, and will be in the future. Didn't they see his race in Bahrain, Vettel can make tyres go longer than they should, they knew overtaking Bottas would be impossible if they somehow caught up, they had track position, and gave it up for no real reason. I could go on about the fuck ups Ferrari have made in the past, but theres too many to count. Ham will win again this year, even thought it looks like Ferrari is quicker overall.
Alex Ball
Fans: "I bet Grosjean can't pull off a more comical retirement than last time out" Grosjean: (rolls eyes) "Hold my croissant"
Giorgi khardziani
In what universe did grosjean think he could do a full 360 in the middle of the track with half the cars behind him. Unprofessional.
tung vo
2012 season Mark Webber calls Romain Grosjean an embarassing first-lap nutcase. Yes he still is
Futt Bucker
Ferrari's new Aerodynamic mirrors were no match for Lewis's Hairodynamic!
Victor Nag
Ferrari should really fire their strategist!!
Soni Bushi
This race was boring as hell!
Incredible victory for the Pirelli official team!
Orazio Ferrauto
and winner is......PIRELLI !!
Julian G
Congratulations Pirelli for 1st and 2nd Place!
Evan Berretta
Look closely at 0:40 you can see Ericsson throw the banana peel
Carlo F
The most boring race this year 😴
Justice Warrior
Mercedes is just unstoppable
Bierschiss mein Name
wooow.. Ferrari gave that second place away 😐😕
Make Overtaking Great Again! #MOGA
Chris _
Probably the worst race in the season, looking from the technical side.
I feel like Ericsson needs to get at least a race ban for this one, I mean he´s gone to far this time.
Magic Vibrations
Most boring race so far this season
lourembam paikhomba
Ferrari strategy is extremely poor...it cost Ferrari letting down
Cant belive schumacher havent recovered yet , no news or anything , he cant be part of this era sucks f1 :((
Mbulelo Mbhele
one of my problems with F1 is that many of its races require an incident for it to be interesting, you literally get commentators saying "a safety car would make things interesting a this moment" look at the chinese gp, only after the toro rosso crash and safety car did the race wake up from its slumber. Dont get me started with Monaco.
Soni Bushi
Bad luck for Kimi as always!
I love how we went from appreciating a great season so far to insulting each other over which team we like better in so little time. You mention that the race wasn't as tense as the ones before and instantly get insulted as "Ferrari fangay" - or the other way around when VET is on 1st. What's wrong with enjoying the race and admitting that HAM won fair and square, even as a Ferrari supporter myself?
Typical ferrari team nowadays, impressive at the beginning but getting worst in mid season.
2 drivers we will most likely not be seeing in F1 next year: Grosjean and Hartley.
Tom Humbert
Pastor Grosjean
Leclerc in points again and holding off Alonso what a driver..
Crossjean was baking a french do-nut
Kshitij Kumar
Haas has probably got the craziest pair of racers at the grid. If K mag and Grosjean start giving sensible performances, Haas can finish this season as the fourth best constructor.
All idiotic commentators of the Baku race are gagged by Verstappen! Give him a car with a real engine and he wins everything!!!!
Keisuke Takahasi
would you like a crashssant?
Grosjean deployed smoke screen, it was super effective!
Justin M.
Did Ericsson hit Grosjean on Lap 1? ;)
999 999
I hate the damn comentator. Just shouting non stop God damn.
palmboom on the beach
f1 takes over trending in the netherlands😂 #33
The way Kimi lets Verstappen by immediately when he notices there is something wrong with the car is a sign of experience and maturity.
Florian Ritter
Räikkönen and Hülkenberg must have broken many mirrors in their lives...
The Meme Machines
People Who Have Retired In Spain 2 Years In A Row: Raikkonen Vandoorne
Chris _
The only one thing to hear from Ferrari is "Stop the car, Kimi, stop the car". Im amazed by Alonsos driving 👌
I think there are more baguettes in this comment section than in a typical french boulangerie. Oh! ...and croissants!!!
Fantastic drive from Lewis
Kimi Räikkönen
Mbwoah, something wrong on the car, next race is mine!
Futt Bucker
Is hamilton driving an f1 car, or a red bull X2010
Mr Spino
Grosjean is such a pancake 🥞🥞 Edit. This joke is much more funny in my language dutch
Pablo Cimas
I love the spanish race
El Péplé
Grosjean is really nice with his teammate, he put the two drivers that criticized Magnussen out of the race in one move!
Jimmy Park
Wow. Petronas Mercedes has the best team. The new 2018 f1 is beautiful. Halo or not. It’s a winner.
Aaron Unknown
Was an interesting race!
Hpesoj Ogladih
Mercedes home track, did the kid cry again when Kimi gone out?
John Eminah
Love him or hate him but Lewis Hamilton is the best driver in F1. By the time he retires Michael Schumacher would have no record left as he would have broken all of Schumacher's records. Mercedes are clearly so proud of him. I love nothing better than seeing him jump into the Mercedes workers after the race is won. He got me hooked unto F1 in his rookie season in 2007. He's a legend and will retire as the best ever!
Grosjean... What's happening to him?
Verstappen is 3rd OK is good
Kapitän Swamp
He wants to play bumpercars!
Senninha mcl
Here are so many immature comments about the F1 race. I wonder if the people come here to analyze the race or to bandying fine words.
Grear driving from Verstappen!! Even with a damaged front wing he was able to get away from Vettel and gain on Bottas, impressive!!
Abhi Choudhary
Oh oh oh ....... 360° caurt wheel drive 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Attila Gyarmati
Mercedes tyres are working well.
Nice work Pirelli, you bring back Mafia to this sport.
When the race is so boring so the thumbnail has to be the start.
Max T
Grojean is the new Maldonado.....he should be dropped
It's scary how fast Hamilton was today. If Ferrari wana beat Mercedes this year I think they are gonna need to make sure they get in front of them in qualifying or from the start. Otherwise in clear air that Mercedes looks very fast, especially in Hamiltons hands.
Frontrunner on the road
Front wing designer of Red Bull: "we now got the best aerodynamics" Max: same laptimes as the rest of the field with a broken frontwing...lol
Well Daniel Ricciardo set the fastest lap of the whole race Im fine with that. Lets go Ricciardo!
So boring after the first lap..
Gamingjelly 505
It's dangerous drive for max because he didn't change his front wing
Perrin Yves
Grojean formula one killer
James Fleming
Dammit man!Does anyone, anywhere have an answer for Mercedes/Hamilton? I'm gonna start watching something that makes me feel better-figure skating maybe.
Adam Young
2018 Predictions after Barcelona Mercedes 2018 Drivers Champion Mercedes 2018 Constructers Champion 5x Consecutive Driver And Constructers Champion Lewis Hamilton 5x Driver Champion 5x Dominant Seasons 5x Boring Seasons #1 Most boring team in F1
Rehaan Hussain
Grosjean is the new Maldonado
Nurfanto lendi
Why sebastian use 2 pitstop?? And finaly finished in 4th posision
It's Only Me
Same old F1 again, Mercedes one two. Expect all following races to be same now. > Formula Bore < Come on Ross, get the rules changed.
Jesse TT
LOL ofcourse the Max haters are going to talk about that wing damage. Great how u can keep a Ferrari behind with it right ;)
As someone who spent 7 years working with HAAS machines, I can confirm this was an accurate representation of their machinery.
Rasmus Verhoeven
Grosjean is too dangerous to other drivers and HIMSELF. Yes Ericsson to be blamed.
Mr Ring
Hamilton Number 1. You will Champions 2018
Ozymandias The King
Redbull's Helmut Marko's in 2017: 'If Grosjean falls off it is no reason to stop a practice session we all know Grosjean falls off quite often'.
thijs sandbrink
Grosjean in first lap: I think Ericsson hit us
Jake Davies
Thanks for the highlights c4f1 don't even bother putting on all4 anymore I'm watching all races on here now since there is a pay wall next year I should start getting used to it
Grosjean going full 2012 mode
Thanks Pirelli for the great exclusive Mercedes tires! Also Grosjean is a tool. The way he handled that spin was dangerous and stupid.
Bevans Fifa
It was Ericsson who made grosjean spin:)
Geoffrey Bailey
i think ericsson hit him
BabaBbaaa bababaa Bumm..😑🤔🤔
Jay Joshi
"Ericsson hit me" comments are coming in 3...2...1... 😂😂😂
Amazing A The Dreamer
Thoughts below so nobody can accuse me of spoiling it. Hehe. This was a disappointing race for me... Lewis did a brilliant job though, so well done to him. But why did nobody even bother to investigate Verstappen's incident with Stroll? I feel like that's a hollow podium finish for him... And as for Romain, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? And Leclerc in the points again. :)
Sagar Rimal
"Grosjean is not gonna make out turn 1 " Netflix .....
Finkel - Funk
Cheers to the Ferrari tactical department for literally throwing away 3 races in a row. Someone should tell them that drinking on the job may not be such a good idea if you get a 7 digit salary each year.
Danielo Vega
Emirates Movistar Eni Pirelli Rolex Mapfre Heineken TVE DHL Martini UBS Polaroid
As expected, Catalunya produces a snoring race
Orkun Çınar
Hamilton is never a legend like Alonso and Schumaer. Deal with it
2018 season round 1 to 10 so that 10 rounds all DNF to grosjean?, he needs to get out in haas and f1!
Where is the ocon pit stop loooool.
Gredi Nainggolan
Man, what happen to Vandoorne? didn't he supposed to be what Leclerc is doing right now?? Lando Norris might come for his seat next season.
Tall Man
Great race by Verstappen! Held Vettel off with damage and older tyres.
Raian Levy
I was expecting a 20 second retirement reel ant that'd be about it