Devon Larratt vs Denis Cyplenkov ULTIMATE WAR (training and matches)

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The moment Larratt smiles at you, you are done!
it's finally announced, Denis Cyplenkov (The Hulk) vs Devon Larrat (The Superman) 17-18th november 2018, FINALLY
WTF 80kg one Hand !!!
Good old uncle Sideous
At 4:37 -5:03 Larrat reminds me of Christopher Reeve aka superman.
Cyplenkov is some kind of undiscovered species that broke out of the ice from the Paleozoic period.
ouzahor pamu
Dedication and masturbation
Definitely Superman vs the Hulk. Can't wait!
R.I.P Andrey Pushkar
R.I.P Arm-wrestling LEGEND,Andrey Pushkar...
B. A. Lineman
Larrat = Rocky Balboa Cyplenkov= Ivan Drago
NoFap 365
I did those dumbbell biceps curls in the gym today. They thought I was a retard & threw me out!
Royal Army
I came here for the man with chernobyl arms.
Clark Kent vs the hulk lol
Fierra Sari
5:02 Epic Moments 5:37 Look At Devon's Body 💪💪💪 3:17 Capten America?
first sound track any one knows?
Максим Герасимович
6-0 Larrat lost No chance... So sad.. Too strong Mutant Denis
Maksim Maiorov
Both of them are the greatest! But personally I think Brzenk is G.O.A.T. This looks like a ordinary man who works on a some factory and who is far from sport, but in reality a hige power in his arms is hidden!
Allan Jonal Isidro
Devon=beast Denis=hydrolic
Izzy LAIf
Денис его не почувствует
rick grebenik
Power wins every time
Sean Paul Van Man
Steroids won that day. Devon still the best
Fariz Aja
Superman VS Hulk
Where is Denis' first music? And before that larrat's song is crackling toward end, corrupted? It was fine before.
giri priyatama
man, this video open my eyes, that people are amazing not because they born to be amazing, but because of training and learning...thx for the video 😉
5:55 classic Larratt, let em wear thereself out then take them to the mat! The man's confidence is amazing it's like he knows he's going to win before it starts.
Christopher Leyva
I get DEVON is truly a great competitor and a good arm Wrestler but DENIS is just in another level
Voevoda in prime VS larrat, cyplenkov, zhog and brzenk...
Jed Bell
There should be 2 categories.. Steroids Class. Non Steroid Class
I really love how Larratt trains! some epic stuff I'm gonna try out!
กมลชนก พูลผิว
Devon face look like superman 1980.
Tyler Gregory
If Brock lesnar is on steroids and Jon Jones is on steroids, Denis Cyplenkov is on alien level roids
Петр Рыжков
cyplenkov - larrat : 6 - 0
Krisztian Kis
Tbh denis isn’t gonna win if he doesn’t get devon down in the first few seconds and we all know that
Koala Freak
Devon natural denis roid junkie
5:56 what a great comeback LEGEND
Pato Oscuro
5:20 White t-shirt guy ... Look that arm!
To a certain degree Devon appears totally insane to me :D He loves to fight a biiiit too much
Intense friggin video. If this doesn’t get you into arm wrestling nothing will.
Truth Reigns Forever
Denis “the Cyclops” Cyplenkov. ☝️😎
amira lallali
Who came just for the Jeff dabe on thumbail? hehehe
Josh Winslow
Easily the most anticipated matchup of the century...... which I have no doubt that Devon will win with his absolute beautiful technical skill and top roll abilities
gle 63amg
Larrat can beat them all because he is the most motivated-he always gives 100% of himself. For strenght Cyplenkov is stronger but he is not so motivated-so most probably Larrat will win.
Kenrick Paul Fernandez
Devon larratt. Is a beast
I just realized.....Devon looks like Christopher Reeves, except Devon is bigger and stronger so he is a real Superman
Jan Kowalski
5:20 This guy forearms looks like Popeye`s ones lol
Chris Harlin
Nobody caught that Devon beat Hafthor, The Mountain from Game of Thrones?
Jay Hall
Devon should be cast as the next Superman,,really!!!
The Hulk literally SMASHED up superman! 💪👊
Tim Thomas
Wish I was half as strong as that dude Damn
TaMèreLeDinosaure 78
music please
Gsfbffx Pdhhdf
Damn such good form he can be body builder he knows how to work out
Extreme devon :)
nader achkar
thank you for this video......we hope that they face each other !
bing bingbung
Insomniac Dreamer
Gigantism + hardwork + steroids, you really can't beat the holy trinity.
SUREJ ur lOvinG boY
He is truly a champion
Earl The Pearl
It's hard to bet against Denis, he possesses the clear strength advantage. Although Devon has the superior stamina and technique. Aswell as leverage being 6'5" and all. It would make for the highest viewed match in arm wrestling history!
Sergey Wizard
Bro what track was playing in the third minute? throw off the link if not difficult
Kris Hammer
Still can’t can’t get over Popeye’s forearm at 5:30
CopperRaven Productions
Devon Larrat basically Roddy Rowd piper mixed with Christopher Reeves
Devon Larratt= Clark super man!
Joey tran
wtf 5:34 that dudes forearm is massive
Максим Козлов
uesdto signin
3:28 He look like a shaking machine.
4:17 Matt Damons power double!
elo_ elo56
Im from future DEVON LOST
Devon Larratt to play Clark Kent, youread it here 1st! :)
Beast mode 😖
Luis 99
Devon wins 🤜🙌 Is the champion of de world
Aee Krypton
Damn!! Devon Larrett look like Man Of Steel.
both monsters. cant wait to see the match. too bad Denis is injured right now:/
jimmy white
I think Devon would win, but only because he's smarter and knows how to maneuver better at critical points during a match.
6:07 브금이랑 개잘맞넼ㅋ
George George†
Cyplenkov the best!!!
Skywalker CFC
3:03 Pushkar is only like a training session for Larratt 😂😂
Arbnor Zejnullahu
this is quite hyped up...Jon Brzenk beat cypleinkov quite easily
one day the wrist is going to snap off with the hand still attached and everybody's going to freak out 😲
Donald Duck
Triumph of strength!Larret is a beast!
Shubbit the fubbick ubbip!!!
Be glad he's not your Proctologist!
Brandon h
If Jason Genova ever got big
R. Maj.
When will be this match? NEVER?
უწმინდური მამაო ღორმენ
man us pullers do lift a lot or what (i mean elbow)
Solomon Creed
It's all fun and games until they meet the big smiling Canadian. 🇨🇦💪
A Dechev
For Larrat is hard to beat Oleg Zhokh and Matt Mask. Cyplenkov took down Oleg very easy!
Always a good shape type of body with also genetic gonna win, and more with workout
Lucas Mateus
0:11 music please??!!!
Dave Gill
Can you imagine being a Jujitsu Champion with the arm and grip strength of Devon Larratt? I really believe Devon's workouts could benefit the sport.
Jason Lycett
Devon ........Would make a really good classic superman has a look of christopher reeve
bahduh macri
devon is exactly like rahul gandhi
Cyplenkov is defnitely a growth hormone user(HGH). He has unnaturall body structure,especially fat bones.
Private Factory
Devon has such an incredible charisma, a great ambassador for the sport!
A Man who Has a dream
I wish devon would retire, He has nothing to prove, in my heart he is the legend
shashank honey
4.03 old man freakin osm
Thanks for the upload!:👍👍 The match you mentioned is November 17,2018 is it in Canada?
Match at 4:39 Binnie's Elbow was off the pad multiple times and it was OK? Or ref just blind?
5:20 dat forearm is like my calves put togheter
Purple Goldie
Is there anyone close in endurance as Devon??
cliff rayner
Genetically gifted is Dennis Cyplenkov Technique superiority is Devon Larratt My opinion 😉