Brokeback Mountain Trailer

Winner of 3 Academy Awards��, this sweeping epic starring Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal explores the lives of two young men who meet in 1963 and forge an unexpected lifelong connection.

James Holz
Life's to short. Be with who you love.
Anjolina Baptiste
even my super christian father admits this is the only love story that made him cry
Reshme Subramaniam
God, I miss Heath Ledger so bad...
Virginia Long
One the greatest love stories ever written. Could not have picked a better cast for this movie. Heath and Jake were outstanding .
More than ten years later and this is still the saddest film and greatest love story I have ever seen… I don't watch it very often because I get very depressed afterwards, but no movie has touched me in the same way.
Nothing breaks my heart like the jacket scene. I ugly cry lol
Dear Cybelle
I'm gonna watch this...but I'm 13 years late.
Damien Grivas
To this day I cannot believe that Brokeback Mountain lost best picture to Crash.
who the fuck tryna nut in my butt
this movie deserved an oscar
Olteanu Florin
it should be bareback mountain
Andy Zevach
Heath Leadger. The best actor
Ememobong Nkana
I think one of the issues to be addressed before entering a heterosexual marriage is the issue of sexuality. These men's wives were living a lie with their husbands.
Baylee S
The new Red Dead Redemption game looks great.
mickey mouse
Year 2017 and still watching , and still makes me cry
Anna Frigerio
this trailer in no way does the movie justice
Diamonds R4ever
I couldn’t understand a single thing Heath Ledger said throughout that entire movie 🤦🏻‍♀️
Kilo Gramz
one of the best romantic movies i ever watched. you gonna need alot of tissue boxes<3
mmm peepee
y'all i wanna see it but my mom won't let me lmao
Fun &Facts
I wish I knew how to quit you😔 This makes me crying 😭😭😭😭
Prehaps another version of the Joker's origins??
Honestly... I was still too young when this movie came out and it's a shame that I only got the chance to watch it yesterday. Such a great love story... Brought me to tears a couple of times. It's so heartbreaking indeed but I do believe that if I got the chance to change anything I probably would've left the movie just the way it was originally made. After all, what makes it a masterpiece is the fact that it is so terribly heartbreaking.
rene kackline
I am an idiot! This movie has been out for all these years and I just recently decided to watch it. I did not want to see this movie because of others making their "queer jokes" and two men "getting it on". I then thought about it and realized how closed-minded I was being and also I needed to mature. I watched the movie and it was beautiful! It wasn't just about two men having a homosexual relationship, it was much more. It was also about love and confusion. It was beautifully written and the acting was outstanding! As soon as I can I am gonna get the DVD. I am glad that I decided to watch it. Rene 🌺
Khalid M
I cried so much best movie ever
Heath Ledger was an incredible talent. So wise for his young age. So rugged and sensitive. He was to films what Kurt Cobain was to music.
Giorno Giovanna
Anybody watching this in 2019?? I think it's a great way to start the year watching this movie again
F dL
That was some rough tent-f**king.
Gustavo Mojarro
I'm Christian, and bottom line is God is our judge, not people! We all live with sin and are forgiven by accepting that the death of Christ redeems us from sin. Everyone is entitled to live happy.
Uroš Sunić
This was the best movie I’ve ever watched, I hate the ending, but that’s life and the point is “don’t be scared to do things you want, don’t be scared of anything, just be yourself and be happy”
Jake Gyllenhaal lowkey lookin like Jacob Bixenmann here
Katerina Tasiou
This is the saddest love movie I've ever watched...always makes me cry. It's a masterpiece.
Valery Lucy
Adam Hill
Such a beautiful movie. Filled with raw emotions and true love. ❤️😭
Lizi T
God this story is so pure it made me cry 😢
Artemis Zeus
Jake is a stunning looking man. Offft. ❤️❤️❤️
It's ok as long as you say "no homo"
Tavo Santos
I watch this movie today, after 13 years because I don't wanna cry and yes, I finally cry. So sad movie.
im straight hetero but i love this movie. it is just too real
Arianna Federici
Never cried so much for a film... it broke my heart
Chiara Malik
Years later the first time I've watched this film and I still can't rewatch it. One of the most heartbreaking love stories to ever be told
Kelly Kiiskila
This movie makes me heart ache :(
Ramin S.A.A
Just 😢...oh... My dear broken heart... Just "cry"
Jebin X
The t shirt scene make me cry every freakin time!!
Enger Manuel Leyba
Oh my god, yhat Movie is very incredible. Amazing
S Mavi
Red dead redemption 2 brought me here.
Brian McAleer
That trailer always sends a shiver up my spine... Great movie.
Jesus Lopez Haro
Buenísima película, explora de manera brillante algunos de los problemas más importantes de los homsexuales sin caer en clichés afeminados, llena de sentimiento y realidad, realmente le robaron el Oscar en 2005
I've never cried harder over a movie than this. This fucking broke me man. I was sobbing all the way from his phone call with Lureen and now, still sobbing.
Dada Perea
This film leaves me hangin! Tf! It's so depressing!! 💔
Ainoa Stylinson
I swear... This movie is just perfect ❤
Meghan Gracie
Cute movie. Only thing I don’t like is that they were cheating on their loved ones.
Rolan Luó
Spoiler alert! The saddest scene was an alive man was hugging dead man's blue jacket. Also I thought of Joker and cried again. I wish he were alive in real life.
Dead Below Zer0
I'm not Christian but my family is, and I can tell you the only reason they usually dislike gays is because the Bible says it's wrong. However, my family doesn't encourage it , they are more open minded
Regina Bennett
Very well said Gabriel Lara.
Gabriel Lara
Wow dude, take it easy. Im christian, not very conservative but christian non-the-less. I have an uncle and cousin who are both gay, and my cousin is about to get married. I have no problem with that, I dont see anything wrong. Now i know that some christians are a pretty extreme, and they dont have any right to look down upon those who they think do wrong, because they are worse then those they think are wrong. I want to apologize for those assholes who think they are better then anyone.
*gag* *shudder*
Cameron Sears
Freakin love this movie. Makes me cry every time
I certainly didn't choose to be heterosexual. I loved this movie
Dyke Dude
Heard of it, never seen it, *agressively wants to watch it*
Love is love🐰❤🐯
Alex Morgan
Сильный фильм. Один из лучших в мире.
Anis Hemmings
Thank you for recommending this trailer on my feed, you’re making me wanna watch it Youtube 😂
Jordan Stone
Heavy duty. Powerful movie.
It’s cool how Joker, Mysterio, She-Venom and Catwoman are in this movie.
Karim beshir
I didn't cry while watching this movie... but this one left me in weird mood and a very sad strange mood 😞
Heilon Iris
Wow,same studio as coraline huh
its kinda amazing how people love this movie and feel sorry for 2 cheaters lol
Ika Bara
My hanging over this movie ain't over just yet.
*gay heartland*
Elliott Backhouse
one of the best
Maximilian Dummnichtswürdigkerl
This reminds me of devil's alley LOL
Steve Wilson
How do you sell a movie like this to John Q America? Turned out to be an Academy Winner. Hell of a Novella too. Those Leading Ladies and that Fireworks scene through... Jack Twist, Jack Nasty. I heard what they got for boys like you down in Mexico. I wish I knew how to quit you. Jack Twist I swear.
la china yo
esta peli levanta en mi y inspira sentimientos
Chelsea Wagers
What state was they supposed to be living in
Kenna Buttrey
18 naked cowboys at *rAm RAncH*
didou kido
hey does anyone know tge name of the bgm ... i have been looking for it for ages
Ankita Maity
heath ledger....u r one of a of the best actors till now,we miss u so much
Christina Luna
One of the greatest love stories ever
jonas smith
0:50 SNOWBARDS that narrow it down ----
Carl Huck
they sure was not much foreplay in that there tent. i mean, spit and git.... lol
rocklovehome rock
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Country Lyre
A friend suggested this movie. Never imagined I'm 13 years late. Never expect the ending would be this painful :( This is a quality one. With this, I don't feel ready yet.
Such a beautiful story about love...
Jeffrey Austreng
Is it just me or was that the theme to Shawshank
Seven Ellen
Is there a version of this where the music is lifted? No dialogue?
Noor Hingorani
Please tell my why I'm crying
Dilara Akkoyun
the best movie ever
Lola Rose
Came to see the trailer because so many movies kept referencing it😂
Maria Maria
Lindo, emocionante! Adorei!!!
Elizabeth Williamson
Heath Ledger gone but certainly not forgotten.
Nse Iboro
R.I.P Heath ledger, forever remembered
Lillian Garza
Love this movie but it makes me cry
Louise MacAllister
Such a beautiful movie.
Monika Kašparová
Love is everything if you find just go for it trough everything and everyone stand up for what you believe I love this movie so so so much and I cant stop crying but still I just cant love this movie and guys and and be completely in love with brokeback mountain♥️
+ ketamei
Lol i think i watched this already
Beware The Dead
happy ending?
the cat 96
Best love movie ever in my opinion
jonathan Macias
Ummmm okay 🤔
Johnny the You Know What
WHERE can I WATCH this!?
Ethan John