Jim Parsons wins an Emmy for "The Big Bang Theory" 2014

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Ian Leo
Sheldon wouldn't be Sheldon without Jim Parsons. He's the only one who could play this unique character
Jessica Skidmore
"thankyou goodnight" lol that exit was instant sheldon haha
Snake being
One of the best characters in T.V. history. Jim Parsons was born to play this role. This character is so unique and rare to find. Excellent job Jim.
I was waiting for the "Bazanga" after thanking every other actors.
Antony D'Andrea
Would have loved Matt LeBlanc to do the reaction he did as Joey in FRIENDS when he didnt get the award
Say what you will about the show and the character, but damn was that a good speech.
Sheldon Cooper is the best comedy character of the last 20 years at least and Jim Parsons is a great actor and interpreter! Fully and easily deserved!!!!
Stacey Santos
Wow that was such a beautiful speech. He praised all the nominees first and it was so precious and rare to hear something that makes the competition so wonderfully healthy!
smile soul
he's so adorable ♥
bhays Condes
did anyone notice jim parson said oh my god silently
Lord of Nothing
The guy has real class.
Yashan Rikoudou
i guess sheldon doesn't need that Nobel prize anymore...now that he has an Emmy award!!!😂😂😂👍👍👍👏👏👏
Brian H
Ricky's reaction when he loses again XD
Hateful reactions... I can't believe it. Every of them who were nominated here have talent in their own ways. They can make you laugh, cry, smile... I do believe they all deserve to be recognize. I would myself pick Jim too. Be comprehensive.
shelby zimmerman
Jim is always grateful for these things and never like, "Oh yeah, of course I won!". He truly deserves these awards and I could tell he was getting really emotional talking about his father and I almost cried. He really deserves the awards he gets!
karen taylor
Jim parsons is humble and gracious! Only Jim can bring Sheldon to life like he does! The Big Bang Theory is the #1 comedy on tv because people relate to these character's! I hope he wins again, he's so derserving! I also hope the show keeps going, as long as fan's tune in and making us apart of these characters world, I'am all for it! The Big Bang Theory deserves more reconciliation then it get's! Even when it's nominated and doesn't win, it always win's The People Choice Awards, to me that says it all! Here's to Jim winning again!
Ishtar Mohammed
I always thought that Simon Helberg is an excellent actor, definitely the best in the show, however, Jim's character is what makes him stand out
Elaine gets hotter as she gets older wtf
Andy Gamboa Deschanel
Mayim's reaction 👌👌👏👏👏
Elle Chance
This made me cry love him so much
Diana Russell
Jim you're the best! Today for Christmas my sister got me a Sheldon Cooper shirt that says "You're in my spot". lol. It's now my all time favorite shirt.
Jim McFalls
Well deserved! Outstanding acting skills on one of the best shows on television today. Very humble and kind group of actors on The Big Bang Theory. Its nice to see the good guys win.
The rest of the nominees look confused when Jim is giving his acceptance speech.
Marielaa Reyes
OMFG! Matt LeBlanc looks so old, I can't believe it!
Lisa Chlastawa
Jim Parsons my favorite actor
That Guy From Walgreens
Awesome show. A well deserved win.
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If he wins another (which is highly possible/probable) then he makes a NEW record for all-time winnings.  He matches 3 actors at the moment. :)
Ricky's face lol
Nico Marquez15
We all have a "Sheldon" within us
He is really Sheldon in real life
Abhijeet P
so humble...........
Jim Parsons is so humble, funny, and talented. I adore him and love The Big Bang Theory.
Maria Rodriguez
Oh Bryan! He's so amazing.
P Phan
Vicky 12
Highly deserved win. And "Hold on Clark Gable, hold on!" is exactly what I was just thinking!!! Love you Julia!
Enzo Carvalho
Ricky Gervais looks like Wil Wheaton
the dockout
i luv both bryan and jim......so much
Sharad Pathak
all the other nominees, I admire ur work..bazinga I don't 😄😄 ..double bazinga I do😆😆
Bazing ga ..........
Well done Jim. Awesome work
Whaaaatttt???!!! Sheldon beat Joey😂😂 Salute to both Legends
Jesse Pinkman
Loose that mustache Heisenberg.
Good speech.
John Estomaguio
Jim Parsons, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Bryan Cranston, too much talent on 1 stage.
That's his fourth Emmy. Fun fact in 3 of the 4 episodes he's won an Emmy for his character was drunk. It seems kind of funny if you think about it.
Marij Jarm
The way that Ricky Gervais looks at the camera when he doesn't win hahaha
Pip 1984
Good on you Jim Parsons! Very modest
Kiran Baisla
Love you jim... 😘😘😘Best comedian i hve ever seen
Junior July
ricky gervais reaction loool
1:26 I.see you Lynette from desperate housewifes😌😂😍
Brandon Doming
Macy was robbed, damn it!
Tyler Lisa
one of the best show and for Jim parson all my respect on him
Mariella Kennedy
Precise speech and so well spoken!!
I was waiting for BAZINGA!
OMG i love jim parson
M.A. Zaki
LOL. Even as Jim Parsons he still Sheldon Cooper.. Talks non-stop hahaha
Maria Santamaria
I love him
John Estomaguio
Bryan Cranston, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Jim Parsons in one frame. 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
Brax fan
Well done Jim 💖 in bringing Sheldon to life so well 💞💞
lisa Wood and socks
(bazzinga  as Sheldon would say) congregates on Jim and so sad to hear about his father must of killed him on the inside .commiseration's to the other nominees they are all brilliant at what they do . what would the tbbt do without Jim aka Sheldon it wouldn't be right at all . keep going shally from your big fan Lisa Birmingham x
Hold on Clark gable! 😂
Breezaa L
He’s so humble and kind and talented
Fevos Man
give Louis C K his Emmy, dude
Jim is awesome!!!!
Jim Parsons truly deserves this , hats of to him for his brilliant performance in all 10 seasons
WTF!!! simon helberg should win, he's the most talented of the whole group!
Attack Counter
I really do no care for the big bang theory, but I really like him.
Silent Slo-mo
That glimpse of Matt LeBlanc... Brought so many years of Memories...
Austin Hannestad
Jim Parsons is amazing
sana shaukat
it was so Avis that he would win
Amy was sitting behind Sheldon. 1:32
Gun Master
bazinga !!
Falc0n Productions
I don't know why people compare Sheldon with Jim Parsons I mean he is good and all but he is no Sheldon
LOVE Jim Parsons!! I really think BBT is a terrific show, and he deserves a lot of praise for his excellence. That having been said.........Ricky Gervais characterization of Derek is head and shoulders above even this stellar group of nominees. An Emmy win here would have also been a nod to the artist that is the principle writer of the series, director of each episode, and the creator and producer as well. No complaints here, really. Just a hope that even one more person will invest the time to take time to watch Derek. Congrats Jim!!
Slytherin Forever
We all release our inner Sheldon sometimes. "ThankYouAndGoodnight!" Aka "I appreciate you all but I hate public speaking and human interaction in general. Goodbye."
Looks like joey did learn his gracious loser face 😂💖.Love you Jim Parsons. Only you can do Sheldon ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Neville Nazerane
normally we wouldn't understand a guy talking this fast... but he trained us....
Andromeda Quasar
perfect speech all those words can be only perfectly come from Jim parsons he's really the perfect Sheldon Cooper
Simon Makary
Satisfaction !!!!!!!!!
Taru yajoh
Carrie Bizz
Jim is such a remarkable man
steefan raj
Jim was like I knew it
Krishanu Kr. Choudhury
Did I Just See Adam Levine in 1.06😲😮😮😮
Michael Choki
Really talented elaine
Muriel Missinne-Tobias
Awesome Jim Parsons. Love watching u
he is so awkward .... i love him!!
Blessings For you
I think is pretty cool, that i went to the same high school as he did! :D
Nascha Lecter
The end of the speech is a gold!Jim called upon Sheldon in his body immediately.Nice transformation
A Man Has No Name
I agree that only Jim Parsons could play Sheldon like he does, I still don't think he deserved one Emmy, let alone the amount he has
jung kook
Is Jim Parsons really the nicest guy in the world?
Zn Dollar Chang
he is so handsome!
Ceren Aytekin
Adam is really hot..
Xanadu Art Studio
Michael G
couldn't believe it when they sad it!! i mean Louis CK snubbed 3 times in a row?!?!?! c'mon
Nick Habibi
1:45 joey be like act cool, act cool
Arthur Dish
3:14 LOL Chuck Lorre is like " gosh, he is playing exactly like sheldon even when he is receiving an emmy "
Love Julia and Bryan!!