Behind The Shells: The Making Of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Part 3 of 3

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(1991) A Documentary Made About the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret Of The Ooze. I Do Not Own Any Part Of This Video.

Ralph Munoz
Damn concerned parents! They ruined the sequels. 
Paige Turco looks like the splitting image of another actress named "Lori Loughlin" who played Rebecca "Becky" Donaldson / Katsopolis in the 1987-1995 live series "Full House". i wish Judith Hoag who played April O'neil for the first movie in 1990 resumed as April O'neil again for the second movie in 1991 and the third movie in 1993, and i wish Elias Koteas who played Casey Jones in the first movie in 1990 and the third movie in 1993 also resumed as Casey Jones again for the second movie in 1991, and i wish James Saito who played Shredder in the first movie in 1990 resumed as Shredder again for the second movie in 1991 instead of Francois Chau, AND i wish that Corey Feldman who was the vocals of Donatello for the first movie in 1990 and the third movie in 1993 also resumed as the vocals of Donatello for the second movie in 1991 instead of Adam Carl who filled in for Corey Feldman as the vocals of Donatello for the second movie. AND i wish they had re-used the turtles costumes, turtles fight doubles costumes, AND the Splinter puppet again for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III two years later in 1993. if i was in charge of the production and casting of both Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II AND III, i would have brought back Judith Hoag to resume as April O'neil, Elias Koteas to resume as Casey Jones, Corey Feldman to resume as the vocals of Donatello for the second movie, AND James Saito to resume as The Shredder, except Shredder wouldn't return in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III, because he was killed after the dock bridge collasped on him at the end of the second movie. BUT i would have James Saito play a samurai Warlord ancestor of The Shredder in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III instead of Sab Shimono who played Lord Norinaga in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III, AND i would have the turtles costumes, turtles fight doubles costumes, AND the Splinter puppet that was made for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II re-repaired AND re-used again For Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III in 1993!
I loved Josh Pais as Raphael in the original. sucked that a few voice actors didn't return but the thing that took away from the sequel was the lack of weapons. unfortunately the parents had to complain.... the third film was stupid and too dumbed down. .... didn't like it at all... Henson Studios didn't create the suits and the plot was awful
John Smith
Not bad, but my ears were buzzing for like two minutes after watching this
CJ Rocky
'ninja vanish!' how subtle
Everything he said the first minute was everything wrong with 2 and 3. Too much violence in a tmnt movies, but its okay now for vampires fucking teen girls. Time has change. Supernatural being fucking teen girl. Good job parents.
Why would they take their weapons away wow. Now I know why the second movie didn't do it to me. Its weird I thought the 3rd was alright.
Chiko Gomez
Comics was violent, therefore the movie needed to be violent if u didn't like it then fine....don't bitch bout it
Chiko Gomez
aw it's ok, just a movie. I liked em all anyway, Just never liked the idea of treating kids like they aren't smart enough to handle stuff, and the second and third movies def. did that at times.
Lotte B
Wah okay-I need to not comment on things when I'm tired. Sorry that's all messed up. I think what I was trying to say was that even with the dark comics as the starting point it seems like the movies drew more from the cartoon-hence the silliness. But it doesn't mean everythings/anythings 'ruined forever' just that it's different, or that the comics arn't any good(I'd love to be able to find them)...oh god I'm sorry that was all so messed up.
Vanilla Ice's name is still on the list of top 100 selling albums all time along with MC Hammer. Any rapper today you can think of maybe with the exception of a couple sellouts (jay z, dre, sean combs) has made multitudes of dollar amounts less than Vanilla Ice made in half a year off of one album.
as a kid who this movie was marketed too I can say easily that the first movie was better.. looking back on it I can easily see that the first movie didn't go to half the trouble to talk down and patronize kids who were fans. You say Just because group a watch, it doesnt mean what they started as is void.. yet in the same paragraph you admit the first comics (they're start) was darker and more adult. So it's good for the goose but not the gander?
Lotte B
Hahah, Extras! Extras for everyoneXD
Hahaha alright, awesome, let's hope that we get our Teenage Mutnat Ninja Turtles extra movie goodness some day!
Lotte B
Do like, a cool box set with extras and stuff-I love extras and stuff, I've already got them all on DVD but I am a complete sucker when extras are involved...
Wait, Vanilla Ice used to be hot in the 90's? I kinda thought he was always a bit embarassing... :/
Who says Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are only for kids? The way I see it, people of all ages (kids & veteran TMNT fans who are now adults alike) can enjoy them. As a kid who watched both these movies & the 80s cartoon series, I had no idea that TMNT originally started out as a comic book series that was darker, more violent & non kid friendly (I'd love to see a TMNT cartoon series like that). Of course I learned of that when the 2003 series (which I also watched) came out.
Cowabunga! Thank you for sharing this Behind the Shells video!. It would be awesome if future releases of the first two movies included actual bonus content like this, along with deleted scenes and commentary from the cast and crew. We Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles can only wait and hope :).
Andrew Flood
Duh Frips
i was young and a true turtle fan, i even had the expensive turtle toy chest that cost my parents alot of money. and turtle parties . but even then as a child , i realized the second movie ws missing something. and to know that a handful of letters written to the movie studio fucked it up pisses me off
lol, "frips." @1:00
I miss the first movie style Turtle costumes and attitudes. The first one will always be the best!
Candace Savage
I want the old Raph back! The Raph that was more angry and a lot more emotional! BRING BACK THAT RAPH!
man ill take cheesy 90s comedy over all the sarcastic pretentious crap nowadays. at least it had charm!
Bradley Gilmore
Why are burglers wearing plad shirts and kackies...WTF!!!
Baz The Storyteller
They should've put this doc on the DVD.
Tbh the second one will always be my favourite.. Dunno y
the first turtles was violent and the best. esp the rooftop scene
Ever wonder how many kids this franchise sent to the martial arts dojos and emergency rooms? It's plain to see-you can't change me. I'll guess I'll I'll be a turtle 4 life!
Thank you for the upload
if anything it should havew been MORE violent, Leo has swords for god sakes. You know for KILLING!!!!
Paige Turco was so adorable.
the minority parents was cool with it, we're use to violence it's the white folks who did all the complaining.... real talk
People who complained the Turtles were too violent ought to pull their heads out of the clouds. Ninja ARE violent in nature - What did the baby-boomers expect?
man, bring back the turtles who use both weapons and martial arts, FUCKING PARENTS RUIN THE SECOND MOVIE!!!!
well,in the early 90's Vanilla Ice was pretty big, deffo not for Ninja Rap but for his one hit wonder song Ice Ice Baby
Hitokiri Battousai
@josepanchosolis They will, in the reboot.
I wish they would make a new live action turtles movie. The puppeteering would be so much better with the technology we have today.
Alex McClure
@Deathbringer99699 different guys in the suits.
joshua watson
Hottest rap group? Vanilla Ice? BWA HA HA HA. Kill the narrator
@Savipalooza i sincerly agree with you, that would bring an awesome element to the films., smiles; it would be so nice to see a nolan tmnt.
:52 XD LMAO OMFG the way he chased that guy. I think I would of piss my pants laughing if someone came at me like that.
Zap Rowsdower212
April is so hot!
btw.. did the puppeters do the "martial art" scenes?.. i mean.. did they all took some karate or ninjitsu trainings before? .. or is another guy under the costume.. cause one thing is the puppeting of the face and the other is the acting of the body..
That movie was awesome
Faggy parents ruin everything, you know what your kids are fucked up because you are fucked up, has nothing to do with violence from the turtle movies or anything else......faggy parents ruin everything.
Michael Johnson
@pyramidhead138 Parents TODAY are pussies. Our parents don't complain and they let us watch what we like to see, scary movies to most movies with some adult themes like sexy cartoon chicks( Jessica Rabbit for example.), and some good'ol violence in action movies, and they were dark and gritty movies. Now the parents AND producers water everything down and make everything gay and stupid! FUCK this generation! Bring back the good times!
Anthony Saviano
Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman should write the next TMNT movie. Christopher Nolan should direct it in much the same way he directed the recent Batman films. The new movie should be live action, and it should be a reboot, not a continuation of the story so far. It should bring back Casey Jones and Shredder, and it should have Bebop, Rocksteady, Krang, and the Technodrome. And Chief Sterns. He's so awesome.
Anthony Saviano
I always loved the darker, grittier, slightly more violent first film more than the sequel. It's truer to the comics, and it's just more entertaining for me (both as a kid and as an adult). I still like the sequel though, mostly because it advanced the story, and it was funny and exciting. The first TMNT movie is to the second one as the last couple of Batman movies are to the earlier ones: darker, more real, etc.
Phil Tess
One of the hottest rap groups in America! MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
parents are pussies
TMNT the original was by far my favorite movie when I was younger. I must have seen that movie about 2-3 times a day for 3 months when I got it on VHS. Seriously, my dream one day was to move to NY and live in the sewers. Anything, everything was TMNT for me. I obviously outgrew the phase, but I still love the memories, I really hope they make another one without the Cgi.
Christopher Nolan must do a reboot! Bring out the gritty dark Turtles, they deserve it after Turtles 2 and 3.
C Stilwell
Outcry from parents who couldn't guess a movie based on a dark, gritty, violent, bloody comic series depicting Ninjutsu, bloodlust, anger, jealousy, & revenge would probably be a little violent? That's what cheesed up the 2nd movie & ruined the 3rd?! It's so common for irresponsible parents to try to downplay the liability they hold for exposing their kids to violent media in the first place by acting shocked at how violent it was later, as if they weren't warned by the MPAA Rating! Absurd!
Niko Matses
WHAT'S THE SECRET OF THE FUCKING OOZE?! At 6:16 the narrative goes limp and wraps up with vanilla ice and shitty one liners? W e a k s a u c e .
First one was awesome with the violence but come on man the second one is too damn kiddy stupid parents.
Jeremy M
@Hyan36 i agree the first one was the best. how the fuck could they complain about violence when that is what that is what ninja turtles is about? makes no sense. they are ninjas with weapons, what the fuck do you expect?
@DonniesGirl001 eh that's why they have april for lol
@Hyan36 i agree with u, but what about the cgi one? what u think of that?
ernie reyes jr. that is the guy from surf ninjas
Mike Serot
Gotta love those "frips"!
I dont think it was cool that they just ditched Venus from the entire TMNT franchise. Having atleast 1 Female Ninja Turtle would have brought views up from mostly boys to alot more girls. Ofcourse i was into the turtles before i even found out about The next mutation. I think that having venus in on it would have boosted the confidence of alot of girls and prove that girls are stronger then they appear to be in mondern day society. Thats just how i feel about it. I really wish they would have.
@MasterMyaki it would appear u are on ur own :P lol
1:35-1:50. Man, watching the actors perform their katas in the suits almost brings tears to my eyes. To think what we COULD HAVE had if it were not for all the parents complaining about the violence back then.
@TMNachoT You can thank the parents for removing the darkness of the Batman films as well. Too bad more parents at the time weren't like mine. They never saw any problems with those films being too dark for me (6-8 years old). That whole fiasco is probably the reason why today's kids films are nowhere near what we grew up on. I'd LOVE to see a kids movie today (live action or animated) throw them some serious shit like "Anger clouds the mind. Turned inward it becomes an unconquerable enemy".
I can't believe this guy. He keeps a straight voice this whole time.
Grey FoxFan
honestly i know its suppose to be a movie created from the old amazing cartoons but the turtles suldnt even bother having weapons on them if they barley use them but understand they add to the look of each turtle thumbs up if your with meh! =^_^=
@MrD6M6K6 Yeah I found it right after I posted that.
Does anyone else remember that TMNT movie with the female ninja turtle
@heerogunkenobi That will most likely happen. Hopefully the writers won't give in to the bitchy parents (which I'm told was possibly the case). I hear the new cartoon will possibly be more like the 87-96 cartoon. If that be the case, hopefully it will be dark & gritty like the 03-09 cartoon. The best of both worlds so to speak. Too bad there isn't a way to accommodate everyone. A TMNT series that has toned down violence & 1 that is darker, grittier & more violent.
@heerogunkenobi I only think things can be ruined with morals & kookiness. Raph said brains (that line was used in the Fast forward episode, The Journal). Speaking of Fast Forward, I know it & Back to the Sewer weren't as dark & violent as the 1st 5 seasons. I started wondering if over protective parents bitched about the 03 cartoon being too violent as well, hence the changes made in the tone to FF & BttS. Between FF & BttS, BttS is definitely the better of the 2 (it has Shredder).
@heerogunkenobi If they all at least just enough of them ever gathered to protest violent pop culture stuff, they should all get sprayed with a fire hose and/or get a Grenade containing Tear Gas thrown at them. When I think of people like that, I think of Lisa Simpson, Maude Flanders, Helen Lovejoy & Kyle's mom from South Park. They're all moral & most likely would forbid that stuff. As Raphael from the 03 cartoon would say "They blow it with their morals & their brains & their kookiness."
@heerogunkenobi Some parents just enjoy complaining. Not only do these uptight parents ruin the movie industry, they ruin the TV & even video game industries as well. I've even heard that some parents go as far as to say that TMNT, Mortal Kombat, TGA & many more violent pop culture icons should be banned. To overprotective parents: The ESRB & MPAA exist for a reason. To rate movies & video games in order for parents to decide what is suitable for their children.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles kick ass (they're way better than Power Rangers in my opinion). Another thing...Who the hell says that things like TMNT can only be for kids? I told a relative I wanted to see the 2007 TMNT movie & she said I'm too old for that. I decide what I can & cannot be into, NO 1 ELSE! Like The Simpsons, Peanuts (Charlie Brown), Marvel heroes, DC heroes & even various Disney movies, TMNT is something that can be enjoyed by people of all age groups, not just kids.
@PhidippusAudax, No, they had fight doubles, Keno from the 2nd movie actually was Donatello's fight double in the 1st movie.
Marc Westby
One of the hottest rap groups in america, Vanilla Ice.
@mrking15 perhaps but 2 is stil my favorite
Keith King
youtube needs a tracking button.
Robert Scruggs
I. Want. A. Turtle. Suit. End of story. Those katas they did, in those suits looked amazing. Thanks for posting this special. I never saw this, as a child,.
Chris King
Wow one of my favorite movies of all time
@Anthropomorphy I blame parents. They leave TV to teach their kids while they're on facebook or doing business meetings and shit like that. So when little Johnny swears or mimics a fight scene without hurting anyone they go apeshit. Nowadays disney is teaching little girls to be shallow thanks to the bullshit they air and no one complains. Thank God Ninja Turtle dvds are on sale so boys can see that being a kid should be fun or they'll grow up and hate the pussy, and humanity ends there
@stupidstuffx It's sad really. Now we have this whole bullshit with High School Musical like shows that are enjoyed by both boys and girls :'( I really feel sorry for little boys since they can only watch shows that are made for little girls thanks to disney and nickelodeon. To think nickelodeon bought the franchise and shelved it somewhere while that boy band show sees the day of light. The way things are going and kids being raised I hope this generation is able to repopulate.
@BXmuffslayer Ignorant much?
fucked up how they had to dumb down the "violence"
Enrrwa Brocs
enire reyes jr! filipino
Chris Lawson
For the time, it was violent, I guess.
@oolilfishyoo lol... stupid narrator guy... *shakes head*
@r0bw00d I still can't believe he busted out "Ninja Rap" on the Rachael Ray Show... *facepalms* I guess he's not ashamed of having done it in the Movie.
It`s amazing just how those actors in those heavy suits managed to pull off moves like that.
B-boy StuntZ
@r0bw00d I'm sure most people remember him as a rapper. Allot of people thought he was wack. But he did stand out allot. Now if nobody specifically asked Vanilla Ice to appear in this movie, and he had to audition as a rapper for the club scene, then I would agree it helped people know and remember who he is. But I doubt he had to audition. Most he probably had to do was meet a deadline to finish the Ninja Rap song.
@bboyStuntZ I never said it made him popular. I just doubt his success in the rap business ALONE would have secured his legacy.
yeah.... too much violence in this...... NINJA movie? Wait.... REALLY?
B-boy StuntZ
@lakku I agree Donny sounds gay in da second one. First one he sounded constipated though. But they brought his first voice back in the third movie atleast. I agree too that the third was terrible and that TMNT was ok. I wouldn't say the second movie sucked. It's more for kids yes. And watching it now I think it's lame. But back when I was a kid I like it allot. Memorized every actors lines. I was a huge fan. First one is a classic and timeless IMO.
B-boy StuntZ
@r0bw00d This movie DID NOT make Vanilla Ice popular. He was famous much before this. Me and all my friends knew who he was before this movie came out. What made him famous was that song "Ice Ice baby".