Weenie ("The Secret Life of Pets" bonus). 1080p

Additional material for the cartoon.

shadow the dragon
Suauge party in kids mode
Th3 Fr0g
Do these people use lifeless corpses for building?
Daniel Anderson
sadly this reminded me of sausage party
Jasmine Cantu
timmy: But where do we all come from? mayor: Ask your Daddy or your Mommy! timmy:...
Jack Aylward-Williams
Just to be clear, that's a single joke stretched into an entire 4 minute scene.
Kendall Nguyen
Sausage Party but is not for children 👶.
BroShay Productions
The secret life of weenies.
Spongey boy66
1:16 some are *big*
Rotten Raspberry
Everyone is a weenie, except spongebob. Or is he?
1,000 subscribers with 3 videos?
This should be an actual movie about bullying.
Hamilton Trash
that weinie kid sings better than I do
Rexitoxal Boi
Close your eyes and listen to this Oh boy i have a dirty mind :\
Mark Sommerville
See that Seth Rogan, an animation about talking hot dogs *can* be approximately kid-friendly.
Erbear Girl
Oh all the jokes you can make....
norman films
This made me feel high!!!!!!!
MC Mikey
Is this The Secret Life of Pets or SAUSAGE PARTY? !!!!!
Captain AL
3:10 no! Thats wrong
2:05 there using there fallen memebers as a train definitely pg
Maria Ahmed
I watched secret life of pets in class and everyone laughed at this bonus feature (except my teacher)
Javier Torres
Sasauge part for the children
Raise your hand if you are proud to be a weenie!
Froot Saled
if sausage party premiered on 4Kids network
This is in the future where people have killed all animals and they take these happy phills to make them think everything is still happy
Mr. gangsterPup
Why was this in my recommended
This makes me think of Weenie Hut Jr's, Super Weenie Hut Jr's and Weenie Hut General. LOL
A bad movie for kids NOW A KID FRIENDLY ONE?????😂😂😂😂😃
Ilovedrawing 101lol
Warning : After watching this, you may never be able to look at a hot dog straight ever again
They build out of there dead
PandasOwnYou lol
"But where do we all come from?" "Ask your daddy or your mommy"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Christian The Thomas And Friends Fan
Sausage Party but it's for kids
Tsubashi Ausmolo
What about the girls in their bikini? Pink and tasty.
1:49 yaaaaaa not really for kids
Avion Bruce
Love the animation on this one
Small weird sausage:Where do we come from mom Mom:uhhhh dad help where do we come from Dad: umm Mayer: no body knows =)
Linda Carmona
The Me Singing The Secret Life of Pets Sausage Factory Party The Factory Scene Hot Dog A Heave Fangdaga Sausage Family Weenie ("The Secret Life of Pets bonus). 1080p
Red fox LF
Close your eyes and watch this I have a dirty mind
Waseem Chauhan
The small sausage is so cutie pie lovely aaaa😍😍😍
3:10 so much fun in a bun? reference anyone?
Jessica Basselyous
Mayor:every one of us is a weenie Me:... Mayor:a weenie is an awesome thing to be Me:but won't you be eaten though Mayor:.... Me:and the buildings are made of weenie's are they your relatives or what Mayor:umm...
ByChris Channel
Weenie, but every Weenie is replaced with *insert rest of meme in the comments*!
My Mateo
2:31 creepy............
CoolGirl Lps
“Where do we all come from? Ask your daddy or your mommy”...... *We Come From Weenies*
Wedgie or secret life of pets?
Calamity In Action
it's pronounced "Weiner"
ByChris Channel
This should've played before Sing in theaters.
Games with Khristian
Girl: come Timmy! Timmy: I can't do it Mom: ugh Timmy be such a weenie Dad: yea what a weenie
Jeph Gaming
i put mine in 1080p its really good!
dariusworld, soon to be closed World
2:21 cannibalism
liana marie ordoño padua
I want to go there and eat all hotdog😂
StaticGamer :D
That has got to be the weirdest video I have ever actually seen wtf
Roblox: *Everyone of us is a Noobie*
Linda Carmona
Weenie ("The Secret Life of Pets" bonus). 1800p
Nintendo Kid
Finally a Kid Friendly Version of Sausage Party
Luisa valadez
😉 impresionante😂😂
Daniela Emerich
Could someone help me? What is a weenie?
Lol Hi
Doctor: you have 4:06 minutes to live Me:
Sausage Party : Soft Version
*I thought this was sausage party 😂*
rodina capili
pow kaboom + '' '' '' ''
Gator Rator
Ya what weenie Ok first of he is a Winnie and he sounds like a girl when says hi mr mayor
Emily Jeffries
That bridge is made from there body's. dead or not🤔🤔. WE NEED FILM THOERY!
Animations and Stuff
Weenie Hut JR?!?!?!
Luis Teka
Idk how mature I could watch this
Paul ius
Nick Eh 30 you need to see this :DD
jakob mcclure
Timmy: but where do we come from? Mayor: ask your mommy or your daddy
Alycan8 Playz
I just relized there makeing veicles and stuff outta them selfs😂😂
Nxif TZ
Those are tenderized balloons.
Nxif TZ
The team shooting on baseball is Pink's, a hot dog company in hollywood since 1936 or something. Why do I know this...
Just ..no.(face palm)
Marlee Olivas
Let's be real we are all thinking "Sauge party for kids"
Leah wolf
If that was real, I could totally eat them and put them catch up on your heads, eat them, and they will be so screaming😁😛☠️
My Mateo
1:54 . Creepy.......
Pedro Solis
3:23 no Timmy you have so much to live for!
TheHacker Boy
Brain.exe has stopped working.
Dank Gay
WAIT so if we were weenies, everything is made of us- and so are the fish?
Red fox LF
Belly flop at end lol
milan_ tie
In Indonesia they calls Sosis
Liam Earl Capco Gaming
2:03 He Sounds Like Sumo From the Cartoon Network Show: Clarence
Zoeya Myiesha
o yea max gone it dad eww
Rize Simmons
Organic _Potato
Oh my god ;-;
Sausage Party 2 is looking pretty tame
Geese Howard
When the drugs finally kicks in.
Sausage party 2 looking lit
FBI Agent
wait a minute if everyone it's an Weenie that's mean I can't be Tracer anymore ? :(
Dr. Edward Richtofen
If we lived in a human version of that then everything would be made of dismembered body parts
Lilly Prez paw
Hotdogs With Water Yuck
Gay Shit
The start made me cry so bad!
I call everyone a weenie. XD
Natanael Melgar
To build everything they had to make a sacrefise
The Alex Applewhite & Brian Garner Channel
Ziggy McMillian
Your burnt from secret life of pets
Laura Sohn
It sounds like they took some of the Oscar Mayer jingle for this...
Charon Miller
Good Job timmy said no wennie😂😂😂
“Hey mister mayor “ There canibals Wth also 1:23 ouch
Ewa Balcerzak
There is Poland 🇵🇱
Taco Cat528
We're do baby's come from is pretty much what he said,😂😂😂😂