Sherri Hill | Fall Winter 2018/2019 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

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Sherri Hill | Fall Winter 2018/2019 by *** | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen - Exclusive Video/1080p - NYFW/ New York Fashion Week)

Anita Hailey
Some of these models can’t walk lmaoooo
Loyd Nagao
The transition of music is a nope 👎
Expect to see 90% of those dresses at the next Miss USA...
Beautiful pieces...nothing original, but beautiful nonetheless
I have to agree with some of the comments on here, there is no originality in design or silhouette here. The dresses are very pretty but look like anything you'd see at Nordstrom, this show is nice but it looks like it belongs back in 1993 along with this music.
Wow so beautiful
Perla Hernandez
The music could have been better.
Prom is gonna look like a real housewives reunion show
Khalil M
Sherri need to step up her game in order to set trends , this is seen and seen before
Pedro Gil
Emily Kelly
The dresses are all made very well but her designs are very dated.
Queenie McQueen
this runway looks like the January sale rack of every department store
Anna Daniel
Although I admit that the clothes are a little dated and the music sucks, it’s nice to see the models showing personality and actually selling the clothes. It’s pretty refreshing considering we haven’t been seeing that in a while.
Only watched because of Pia. Designs we have all seen before. no originality.
Beautiful collection, gorgeous women, but the models and the presentation has a commercial pageantry feel.
Ana Beatriz Rodrigues
Ace Referiza
That last model looked like she wasn't supposed to walk back out to greet the designer. Such an attention seeker.
Mini Ryou
a lot of those comments are somewhat neutral but i really love that the models smile when they pose. They don't look like lifeless dolls but it makes their aura and the clothes very pretty when they give that extra smile!
Luma Style Tips
I Just loved everything!!!! So weareable and elegant!!!!! I wish to wear some off these jewels Someday!!!!!
Dani Perú
Desde que supe de SHERRI HILL vivo enamorada 😍 todo... un sueño 👏👏
takos t
Первая девушка шикарна
astuti lingga
I absolutely falling in love with the collection
weibeu kkul
Audrey Hepborn at 10:26
Louka Marcoux
Am I the only one that doesn't like Scarlett's walk? She's gorgeous but seems so off when she's walking. Josie's is perfect though
Angel Durac
Who's that black model? She's just ughh! 😍
Pedro Gil
daniela used 5 outfits omg
Keisha Bryant
Sparkles and shine..... So beautifully done, simple and elegance in one show
bob cat print is still a thing..?
Carla Brignoni
Daniela Braga is def. my fav model love her so much
Scarlette Cua
Who is the first model?
Такие красивые платья! А, вот туфли тихий ужас.
Арина Сапаралиева
Все наряды красивые! 😍
Sherri Hill is great
Azbuka Azbuka
Anyone knows who's that model at 3:58 ?
방희 김
At 1:30 that girl is so beautiful!!❤
Zen Makenzie
I guess people are used to Mediocre. Just so Bland. These girls can't walk AT ALL! So-called MODELS. Lol!!!! Gosh I need Naomi Campbell AND Beyonce lol to do a Catwalk Masterclass!!
Slime Videos
I loveee modeling. It just describes me and it makes me feel happy and confident to myself 🌹💖
Daniel Neethling
7:40 the models walk honey it’s terrible every season Sherri needs to wake up
Azbuka Azbuka
Шикарно. Наконец то модели нормальные. А не анорексички
Luiz Carlos Victor De Paula Felix
Qual o nome da penúltima musica
Kim Taehyung
Who is know name of girl on 2:22??
Ето прекрасно!!!!! У меня нету слов
Ekkachai Worakunopakarn
Luv Pia
Христина В
Очень красиво! Сногшибательные наряды!!!! Просто супер))))
Гульзар Залимбекова
Слов нет очень шикарные платья
Olga MV
Шикарные платья
All these people trashing the music need to know it’s not the actual music from the show. Copyright prohibits pages from posting that. I was at the show and know this.
seiji iwaguro
Andri Vicky
4:48 something was fallin' down and it keeps my eyes watching that stuff until Pia with her black gown make it dissapear😂
Princess Nina
One of them is so short models should be tall
Increased Standards
Amazing bead work!
Kąt Hârlėy
I died and go to heaven😍
Valldery Silva Santos
Qual o nome da 3 música ? Por favor..!
Christian Bravo
Pia is so beautiful and elegant.
smol might
5:49 what’s her name???
Leila Khalili
They have such nice bodies
kali staff
watching bragdany
Jaimee Naval
nomsa nomhle
I'm here for Demi Leigh nel Peters, miss SA/ UNIVERSE 2017, Beautifull
- ;; Gabrielle
I dont like de music :/
Azalea Plays
Does anyone know the design at 10:36 ?
Диана Алиева
Tiago Pires
Parabens pela coleçao☺
Бадма Делгер-оол
music 7:50
Memo Candylover
I felt like the camera man focused more about the models faces... Am i right doooo🌚
Kamilla Osmanova
Как купить первое платье?????
Victoria Sereda
Подскажите как зовут модель которая первая выходила
Настасья Филипповна
It's so beautiful....
Lululala Bulabula
One model looks like lindsey lohan 🙂
Mora Miani
Liza Jahan
13:14 is she Heart Evangelista???
Kenneth Romao
What a Beautiful Collection
Irina shopping and life
christy lemon
4:24 who is she? 😍
Michelle Vidal - Fashion Illustration
Daniela Esquivel
seiji iwaguro
Wonderful 👏👏🗾すばらしい ですね✨✏
Paola Stella
Kim Taehyung
Who is know name of girl on 1:50??
Kennu ivan
Yoongi Lover
Wow demi is here she looks so cute in the dress ❤️😍 #missuniverse2017
Romuald Leou
good tracklist for a fashion runway but do someone knows the first song, please???
Sam Sira
Emanuel Gomez
Esses vestidos jogou na Cara mesmo kkkkkkk cada um mais lindo que o outro ..
Erald Berat
Song please
Sysy try again
👍💞tout est très joli j'aime beaucoup, de très belles robes aussi 💋💋💋
Lopez Marie
Sublime comme  toujours !  Belle  collection !  Merci  FF Chanel .
Stéphane Ledevin
Insipide, rien de bien innovent... conclusion DÉCEVANT 👎
Beautiful dresses..!!
Мерей Шашубай
Malena Mosqueira
2:15 outfit. OMG, I want it !♥
Sysy try again
Très beau défilé 👍
Brenda Fuller
eman 415
Drippin in finnese
Iván Palomo
Song min 12:20 ??
So many of my future wives, so little time... THIS is what needs to be seen in fashion; beautiful, WEARABLE clothes, modeled by LUSCIOUS women! That said, the fabrics could be better and should the designer use more haute couture tailoring techniques, she'll become a MAJOR force in fashion.
Kaitlin B
Scarlett Leithold's walk is the worst i've ever seen
Veronica Kreiman
But all in all my eyes are not just pleased but absolutely stunned
Timothy Lake
Anyone know the model at 3:40?