1966 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu SS 572 Big Block Restoration Project

Please Subscribe to Our Channel ----------------------------------------------------- 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu SS 572 Big Block Restoration Project 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu SS 572 features a RS FAST TRACK chassis, 572 big block and subtle looks that defy the huge performance capabilities of this car. Songs: *NOWË - Love (Vlog No Copyright Music) *Ikson - Sunshine (Vlog No Copyright Music) *Ace - Paradise (Vlog No Copyright Music) *Dj Quads - Pure Soul (Vlog No Copyright Music)

All that and we didn't get to hear it run? I let me ears get raped during the whole video wanting to just hear it run.
Jeff Miller
Music sucked, wheels sucked. Car ok.
Miles Rains
Who picks the sterile, neutered music for these videos? A monotone narration would be a welcome improvement.
Jermaine bynum
when you have a big block monster, you need stopping power! bigger brakes mean bigger tires and rims.
What a MASTERPIECE!  Great job and quality craftsmanship!
Timothy Struven
Love the simplicity of this build
I don't know which is more beautiful, the top view or the bottom?
Mach One
Excellent high-quality build!! I like the blend of new tech, but keeping the stock interior, bumpers, emblems, etc. TIP: Put the ForgeLine wheels back on, they looked better.
Stan Mendoza
Nice looking ride! I can't decide which looks better...a 1966 or 1967.....I like em nice and low with big fat meats in the back.... what a beautiful ass on this car! A lot of work went into her...hats off to you guys!
alllives matter
When there is no narration my interest is about a nano second.
Beautiful car, great build. Only wish you'd post a video clip to hear it
Ray Walker
Wow---Freak,n sweet-- Congratulations to your Shop And Much Thanks for the video
love it keep' m come' n Good craftsmanship !
Sweet,ride very nicely done.
wicked little package. Love what you have done with it. I too would love to hear her rumble at least.
bad ass! excellent craftsmanship!
Hideous wheels. Why do guys ruin the look of a classic MID 60'S MUSCLE CAR??
Work of art! What was the timeframe for this masterpiece?
sterling Wilkey
You guys do some beautiful work. I wish I had the money to get my 1977 vette done by you guys
Justin Gray
Incredible work and beautiful car, but I think a custom set of rally style wheels would have looked better.
Joe Schlotthauer
Didn't like the rims.
Pressley Jr Gasque
Nothing like an old school Chevy. 👍👍💪Whats the name of that song at the end of the video.
Ione Sand
Your work is good, but the Music is Bala Bala....
Franz Chapz
Love the music, who is it?
Speed Racer
You guys are true architectual Artists and do such great and amazeing work! Would love to see you guys do a 67 impala!
RedNeckRacing 88
It was a real boring video
Scott Oneal
Nice Build, its a head turner
I'd pay to have and work on the car during the build
Great work. Would like to see some of the hater's cars
Traky boy
What is the cost of the frame/suspension redo on these oldies???
Love the color but to me it would have looked better with it sitting higher like the stock 66,67 SS did. I'm not into the low rider BS
Very nice Car, but not really a classic "Restauration".
Jeff Allen
Nice Chevelle but horrible music for this video! Good grief!
James St. John
Christopher Trott
They should have kept it the original color.
Deke Bell
Stunning build.
Ruined a nice 66 chevelle
Fast Freddy Muldoon
My mom had a 66 Chevelle Malibu 2 dr when I was in high school. Straight 6 with a power glide.
One Fly
Very cool. Not just the car but video just as much. Enjoyed the shit outta this.
Lance Anderson
If you have cubic money nice project, just a little bit of this construction would make it out of the average persons budget, beautiful job, for us dreamers!!!!!!
chris walker
Nothing wrong with it from the start.
ryan connell
why no interior pics at the beginning was it an original 4speed car. No ss badge so that probably wasn't a 396 and the vin probably not 138. the car that was built is very animalistic. but it had so much before, purest meets rat muscle. if that was an original 4speed car you just choped up a to own bucket car of mine. The color was great lol all it needed was really beefed internals on the drive line here and there. also good move staying with the Malibu badges instead of going with ss ones
Tommy Welch
no f'n burnout or hearing it run
David R
perfection at its best
There are some things I would have done to make it even more awesome like paint the engine block, oil pan, valve covers and trans the body color. Then add a Vintage Air Front Runner System.
A. L-Ringer
James E Dennison
That's a work of art, I built a 67 mustang fastback to a similar theme for a customer a few years ago so I know the time , effort and attention to detail required to complete something like this, your crew can be proud of their abilities
Sony H K
Great restoration. Thanks
cannot really call this a restoration... only parts of the shell were used...everything else fabbed new
If this was my car, I'd put big brakes upfront, basic suspenson rebuild and upgrade drop 2" all around, junkyard 2004R, AC, Fitech go efi (assuming the motor is in good conditon) and drive it to work every freakin' day. Oh also upgrade to ultra high performance tires. I'd leave everything else as is.
Frank Nowakowski
Amazing restoration, short of the FAR too low suspension and crappy looking wheels.
Jim Thomas
that was a 136 Malibu 66 Chevelle, it has the Malibu name on the quarter panel and says Chevelle on the grill, true 138 Super Sports said SS on the grill and Super Sport on the rear corner panel where it says Malibu
jimmy wilkinson
I agree about the rims if it had a full set of rally rims why in the hell would you change them.Us older guys saw these when they were new and we liked what we saw.
Whiteys Workshop
Nice work!
I can't hear it!
randy jones
You can't beat a stock.66 Ss. 396 chevelle and it's body .frame wheels.396 motor and 4 speed..your wasting your time..car was made 50 years ago.still kicks ass.rj..I kno.cause I have owned one since 1970.rj...but..I like this paint job..and who sucked the hood..my luggars.anyday..the bounce at 2nd.gear...rj...good try.
potato salad
doesn't even look like a chevelle anymore
randy jones
Like the paint and color..car looks better on stock frame.I have a ss..only chevelle stuff on my car..for sure..it beats that junk any day and was made in dec.1965..lots of progress.50 years.old and still kicks ass.
F.i.Weld.it! Now
Love the color. Hell of a lot nicer than the baby shit blue that it was. 👌
Don't be surprised when no one ever gets a response from "Hand Built Cars", because I promise you that the owner of the restoration/speed shop payed someone to put all these videos together and post them. Just look at the dates they were posted, one right after the next. Also the video editing was done by a pro for sure.
MAN i was diggin that build till i seen the new wheels!?
Jack Wheeler
It looked better before the redo.  I think the wheels and tires look out of place and it has no hope of ever hooking on them.
Lucky Goose
Slamed to low, like a kid with his first Civic. And the stock hood with those side intakes is way nicer. The final product, even though its nicely done looks like a cartoon car. Very un proportional and silly.
What aftermarket color is that?
Ed Ochoa
cool ride!
Nice color like the stance
tim walls
Love the 66 Malibu. Too bad it doesn't have the tilt front end that would be sick.
Good work like it very nice
Bad moffo!
Messias Leite
Legal de mais.
That song if you can call it that was terrible
martin garcia
dam nice color red can i get paint code please thanks very nice
That’s not a restoration..... you cut up a nice classic car......
Lucky Goose
Kind of ugly cat to begin with. Old mans grill and tail lights on these. Should of done a 66 GTO. Should be black, And this thing is way to low. It's slammed like a millennial's Honda Civic. Doesn't really suet the car at all. Not to late to do a body swap for something more interesting.
Walter Niklowicz
Great car hoarable
Richard Groesbeck
Chevrolet did not make a SS Malibu from the years 1966 thru "If I am remembering correctly" 1971, may be 70. SS was simply labeled as a SS Chevelle. Also, During those years you could not buy or order a SS Chevelle with a small block either, BB only. even though some of the SB put out more HP than the low HP BB's.
Califf Toten
Jesus those welds were so fine they gave me a chubby
Cana box
One of the car mags, Car Craft I think? Replaced the big single plane intake with a performer RPM dual plane. They only lost 15 peak horsepower and gained 65 ft lbs of torque
Joe Marco
What the hell kind of chassis is that? it looks like it is very unnecessary and a lot of weight added .
Jus Fadezz
Very nice car
I'd take the 572 BIG BLOCK, That's about it!👎
Richard Johnson
All that work and then the God awful wheels! UGH!
Where is this company from?
way to ruin a classic. Low rider with stupid-looking wheels and a stupid color choice. Who made the decisions...a 21 year old punk with no respect for classics? Thumbs down just for being stupid. Stick with jap cars and stop destroying the finite classic cars from our generation.
ابو عبد الرحمان
عمل جميل ومتقن
Rain Coast
Low profile tires with large diameter mags just DO NOT fit the lines of this classic. FAIL.
Junior B.Jucu
Que serviço bem feito. Muito legal.
Jr McDonald
As a Ford guy, I can't help but saying that the '66 SS Chevelle is one of the coolest cars ever made, especially in Marina blue and with a big block & manual trans. So I was a bit disappointed in the eventual "shiny Rustoleum primer" choice of color.
Crappy music and no running of the car...waste of time.
Dario Ramirez
Tengo uno igual, vivo en Colombia totalmente original!!!! Lo único q pienso cambiarle son los rines para meterle una llanta mas ancha y bajarlo un poquito y ya
braian contreras
esta muy bueno todo, pero la unica cagada que no se escuchoò andando en ningun momento ni siquiera el motor ni una arada que verguenza. muy lindo entrabajo
courtney hall
messed up a nice car.