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Man City
Six years on from the goal, one year on from these documentaries. It will never get less special, will it? 😍
Christer Dovlis
How in the world did you convince Joey Barton to be a part of this?
Manchester Is Blue
"I wish I was on the pitch" - Balotelli you absolute legend
Wendy Hadiyono
"When he scored the goal I grabbed the ball and I was thinking, give me one opportunity, just one" - Aguero
Best premier league moment in recent history, unreal 🙌🙌 Aggguuueeeeeeerrrrroooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
Abdullah Siddique
I miss Micah, Edin, Mario and Joe so so much. 😥😥😥
Ebrahim Bux
It's finished at Sunderland, Manchester United have done all they can .... Manchester City are still alive here. Balotelli. Agueroooooooooo. I swear you'll never see anything like this ever again. So watch it, drink it in. They've just heard the news at The Stadium of Light. Two goals in added time for Manchester City to snatch the title away from Manchester United, stupendous!
Joe Hart the legend we miss u
Should have got Adam Johnson's view from prison
Fair play to Joey for being part of the Documentary
Ignatius Stanley Andi Pradana
Edin Dzeko the unsung hero!
Joseph Toraskar
no matter how many times u watch this, it never gets old💙
Puta Madre
I tried to go to him😂😂 balotelli is crazy
why can't all football teams have a YouTube channel like city😐🙁
goosebumps all over the place
Mike mf Tython
Mario Balotelli most of the video : *"i was on the bench, i wish i was on the pitch."*
Paul Welsh
Aguero the King and soon to be legend.
Hunter Plays
Damn I miss Micah
oliver Anders
I remember being a city fan since I was 6 years old (2006). And being from Denmark, that wasn't the most usual choice. I remember people always asking me why I chose to be a city fan, and even though I didn't know half of our players, I still backed you guys up every time someone asked me that question. I remember people telling me that we were crap, and that we would never win anything - especially not the league title. I remember the excitement that season (especially after Vinnie's goal against Utd), thinking that I could finally prove them all wrong. I remember that game, thinking, when we were 2-1 behind, that I had to defend city against all the others, who were going to tell me, that they knew we were going to bottle it. And then I remember the absolute joy after that final whistle, and can tell you - I've never been more excited to go to school than just then. Thank you.
Brad Niblock
Best moment in football's history
Ollie Gee
One of the most spine-tingling sporting documentaries ever!
9320 is how you get into any city fan’s phone
Once a Blue Always a Blue!!! MANCHESTER CITY 💙
Man City
Part 2, tomorrow 5pm. 93:20 - The Fans.
Villa On Tour
I don't even support Man City but this was mad
Manchester WWE city !
Bring back Dzeko
I'm actually crying again, goosebumps all over me
Michael Ferguson
This channel is so good!!!
Russsy x
Leander Menezes
one of the best moments of my life!! i cried so much that evening at my home in india !! My dream is to watch man city play at the etihad , and i hope one day i can have enough money to buy myself a ticket to a game and watch my heroes play ❤❤❤
Brad Niblock
Best striker, ever
Kyle Ryan
The greatest footballing memory I will ever have, and will never forget. I was there - 13.5.12 💙
Michael Ferguson
Farewell Clichy, class player and class person. City legend, blue through and through!!! 🔵🔵🔵
Aashish Pandey
im a liverpool,not city fan but when i saw dzeko score the goal,hope was restored. when aguero scored that historic goal,i had a adrenaline rush and went crazy as i managed to see man united players face when they realised they had lost the title. pure awesome momemt i dont think i will see again. till today i get goosebumps when i see the aguero goal...
Fabian Hofmann
I just can't describe the love for this club! 💙
Biebek Chamlagain
Onuoha's side of story was unheard; it is beautiful :)
Kishore Saravanan
Great job city tv ! Loved it , love from India 🇮🇳
manchester city 478
one of the best days of my life, wouldn't trade it in for anything.
Akseli Koivisto
Wow, this is a MASTERPIECE!
bhavan vaidya
I am a ManUtd fan, always will be. But this was unreal, I cried my self watching city wins the league. It was a beginning of new era. A true rival made me fall in love with football, The manager, The player that i hated. This is football, the beautiful game and a gift of working hard to beat supremacy.
Gav Seitler
how come aguero can't speak English after 6 years?
I'm an Arsenal fan and I don't know how I got here...
Where's Adam Johnson 👀
Desman Lazuardi
i'm crying
Saagar Wadhwa
Brought back good old memories! Thank you to everyone at CityTV who made this possible! <3
Nathan Brown
“It’s all about millimeters” -Vinny. That means so much in this 2019 season! CHAMPIONS AGAIN
Samuel Izgin
Fantastic video, fantastic club and a fantastic moment!💙
Blue Moon, you saw me standing alone, Without a dream in my heart, Without a love of my own..
Best day of my life
Jamie Stone
I take no shame in admitting the tears I shed that day when Aguero scored, and after watching this back, those tears came pouring back to me again. Nothing, for any team, will ever compare to the sheer emotion this moment brought me, and I don't think, no matter how successful we are in the years to come, anything will ever bring me as much joy as that goal. I can never express to anybody how great a feeling it was to finally break the burden of United, and to do it in typical city fashion just made it even sweeter. 93:20 is the greatest thing to ever happen to me, and if I could relive it over, even the pain of being 2-1 down in the 91st minute, I'd sure as hell do it all over again.
Tarun Kakodkar
Great documentary!! gives me GOOSEBUMPS every time I watch! looking forward for the remaining parts...
I'm really far from being a city fan, but that moment was AMAZING, i felt happy for you guys. Cheers from a Chelsea fan from Brazil.
david putra
18:52 even mike dean celebrating aguero's goals anyway,AGUEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Raju Sapkota
I was just football fan and those 5 minutes of extra time that day made me big City fan for forever. Love City <3
5 years on, it never gets old. WE ARE CITY💙💙 still so emotional as I watch this
Elk Wardy
Greatest day of my life
Vincent muzenda
Its one of the most beautiful andcemotional moment in Hostory ,,,,,, l was so Happy watching my team winning the league for the first time in 21st century ,,l am so proud of Man City
ricky stan
simply incredible who says balotelli isn't good? he was class
Liam EFC
Underrated assist by balotelli. He does so well there.
Aarjav Jain
Cityzens Aguerrooo is with us Kdb is with us David Silva is there with us.. We have great players and we r going to become the best club in 1 -3 yrs.
Mikhall Mazlan
Others may say Man City has no history. I don't think so. This. This is history. And I don't think any moment in any club can get any special, emotional, and iconic as this. This is the Man City that everyone will remember, and the success stories have just begun. To Manchester City, let's not forget where we started, and continue to show the world that wonders can happen. Even in the tightest of circumstances. ❤️
Vincent muzenda
93:20 was the best moment in History of Man City in our generation
This is awesome. Huge well done and thanks to everyone involved in producing it!
Anuj Tripathi
Best day of my life. The words"Together we are stronger " "fight till the end" makes us even stronger and better. Don't care about how our defence playing now because even on the bad we still want our family together, our blue and white family. A family which getting bigger day by day, remember every player who is ever played for us, we are because of them,they are here because of us. This is family , A family made in the blue sky heaven. Always blue
Sanggra Yustian
wow, so much emotional feelings to watch this! btw, where is david silva?
luis gonzalez sandoval
That day I became a city fan, I saw the passion, the heart, since that moment I have watched all the city games I love this club. Best club in the world for me #Atrueblue.
2:01 Under Pablo's name 2008-present 😢😢😢😢💔💔💔💔
I'm a Man Utd fan and I love this. Congrats Man City.
Pepsychology X
Its like joey wants to helps city to win the title😂
Samman Bhatta
I was here before 1 million views
Ed Campion
im 16 and am sitting in my kitchen crying over 93.20 wow there's only one club in the world that can make that happen
Jordyn Nexus
Not even a city fan (Okay maybe they’re like second favourites) but this is so emotional omg ❤️
Gideon Crouch
Th blue moon has risen!!!! I wl nver forget tht moment. It gves me goosebumps.
ryan maulana yusup
Dokumenter 93:20 awal pengukiran sejarah kejayaan city yg takkan pernah lekang oleh waktu,, dan akan selalu membekas betapa pahitnya "the red devil" atas kejadian injury time 93:20 💙💙💙 - ❤❤
Mcfc Maure
i may fail my exams because of citytv but no regrets. Fantastic work we appreciate everything you give us. Thank you
Ndawana siame
Am a recent man city fun didn't know about this history it's beautiful 💗💗💗kun has been there for a long time much love for him
Jordyn Nexus
Couldn’t con any united players into being in the documentary? 😂😏
As a Chelsea fan I was relatively indifferent as to who won the league in this year, but this remains one of my favourite PL moments because it really highlights why the PL is the greatest league in the world. Absolute classic.
Galih Sukron Insani
what a moment... thanks to make this video
Maxwell Kimamo
I was in boarding school about to eat dinner with a pal who was a united supporter. The telly was on and one half of the screen showing the united game and the other the city game. My pal was already bragging about the title then boom!!! Agueroooooooo 😅😅 the look on his face. 😅😅
Ram D
Best ever moment in my living history. (Spurs fan)
Aql M Ardenan
someone is cutting onions 😭💙
colin bell buchansacunt
I love watching this video. I also love watching the full match, just to remind me of all the twists and turns that the game took. Yaya going off early, I really remember the unease that the crowd felt, when that happened Cos usually, De Jong started, and then Yaya was brought on as a battering ram to pulverise the opposition into submission in that season. But back then, they always had a mistake in them, characterised by Lescott's 50p head, (not just Dzeko then), Joe Hart beaten to his left (again) The Sir Joseph of Bartonshire, getting sucked in by Tevez, and falling for the bait......"Ref, he's punched me"....lol. Mackie, doing the unthinkable, and putting QPR ahead when down to 10. To all the arseholes who left before the end, I can say only this, they are the same arseholes who leave before the end of every match, more fool them. I was at the match that day, and when the ball went in, the roar was unreal. Liverpool this season was good too. As was Chumps League against Spuds. My brother-in-law, who is a United fan, was tiling his roof in Ashton-under-Lyne, that day, and he said that he heard when City scored, he said he thought it was a roll of thunder on a perfectly suuyt May day. 6 miles to City's ground.
Korakot Kulkijja
Miss all of them, They are legends of this club and will always be in my heart. Breaks my heart when all these players are not here anymore😭
20:20 the ref wanted to celebrate with him 💙
Jonathan Dmello
4 Dislikes Really ??? Get Outta Here
Judging by Paddy Kenny's reaction to the 3rd he defo supports Utd
Thank you for the best moment of my life and I'm not even a city fan. The look on Fergusons face will stay with me forever... <3
andy rowlands
just amazing to watch city suffer for years to this one goal and one moment..and more special to take it from the rags in the last minute.....NOT IN MY LIFE TIME .....SUPER CITY
What if this rehappens. Liverpool and City on same point and last match remaining. Aguero scores another last min goal to win the league
When you realise that someone who is a ‘lifelong’ Man City fan was born in 2007
Alex Lusio
Barton was lucky Balotelli wasn't on the pitch.. lol
Roda Hassan
we need dzeko back😑😑somehow
pussikiller 9
Every time I watch this I get chills. Greek Manchester city fan!
Only thing I like about City was the look when Ferguson realised he’d lost the title
Simon Khang
How many times I have watch this... Still gives me Goose Bumps I watched this over 500 times or more
James Davies
23:54 the person went to hug another person but got denied so put his hands in his pocket and just smiled I feel so bad for him. Like if u see it
Rob Fielding
The best moment in sporting history by far. Magnificent CITY
Aleksander Rolseth
Shed a tear while watching this masterpiece from CityTV, you guys did a great job on it💙