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ZFH Football
*THE ABSOLUTE ELECTRICAL NANI* Miss him sooo much :( and nobody can hate his signature celebration <3
If we could trade Lukaku for prime Nani... Would you do it?
Khalid Alnajjar
Nani came to united when there's was Ronaldo, he was always been compared to him sadly.
Adam Blanch
Crazy how two footed he was
Nani is *SECOND* in the Premier League all time Minutes Per Assist. People forget the amount of assists he did. Who assisted both Berba's & Rooney's overhead kicks? Exactly. Stop calling the man inconsistent when he has won a Players Player of the Year.
Jitu Bel
Still better than wingers we have right now.
Parichit Sethi
Wasn't consistent but a definitely a hero Last minute winner vs City in the Community Shield his best moment
Kuda Mararike
His ‘inconsistency’ is so overstated. Was a great player for us
Tony กระต๊ากก
Happy birth day nani❤️❤️👹👹 32 year olds
colin mcmahon
Bit a of shame that he had to live in the shadow of another Portuguese player at man u at the time 👀
nunho14 l
I still hate moyes for destroying nani's career. Top class player but benches him and buys this fellaini guy who is still a curse at utd.
Some Person
He became my favorite player when he arrived in manchester, big part of why I am a united fan today. On his day he was defininetly one of the most entertaining footballers around.
This was the United that made me fall in love 😍
Ronaldo Owino
Martial is like Nani. Brilliant and skillful on his day but inconsistent in a lot of matches.
Finn PK
The assistant of the greatest goal against man city Wayne Rooney's bicycle
Hylian Legend
Always think of that celebration when I think of him
mohamed Adeylamy
We miss this lad
Henos Habte
Sell Sanchez and buy Nani like if you agree
atul kumar
Whenever he scored, he used to score those crackers, he never did justice to his talent though, but no one can forget Luis Nani, our wonderful amigo 😍
Shouldn't have sold him. Can't believe Valencia is still at the club
Simply Balling
Nani's bag of tricks was unbelievable
Nani was criminally underrated🔴😷
Edi Gordo
A club who have much more loyality legend in
Deska Théo
Legend of the gold generation
T'challa the great
One of my favorite untd player
Family Channel
พี่ นานี่ใอดอลหนูค่ะ FC. Nani 😍
project Deryck
Bishal Timsina
Underrated footballer...!!!!
Chris O’Rourke
I wish we had a player like him now
Alex G237
Nani is in my all time underrated beast
I miss Nani D:
Ian Deeley
Ardan Aulia
*Omaewa mo shindeiru*
Why did we sell him???
Kingmawii OG
Buy back nani, united legend need to finsh his career at home (OLD TRAFFORD) MANCHESTER UNITED
Sam Walsh
Love Nani ♥️♥️
Inderjit Singh
mounrinho out
miguel zac
I miss Nani
He was consistent for us for one season. 2010/11 he won player of the year.
Was a class player on his day just imagine if he was as consistent as Ronaldo! Definitely one of my favourite Manchester United players
James 023
THAT celebration! It had to be Nani ❤
Oly Ibra
One of my favourite player
Zacid Axmad
GGMU forever and ever the best of the best all the time
Excellent player much better than the garbage we got at the club now. 😐
He's my all time favorite lol
Madhu Babu
Old glory days please be back
pateto potato
Thank you moyes you just ruin a great club with a great player
ifraah hashi
Happy Birthday Nani<333
Russell Nyoni
Luis Nani is the closest player to Cristiano Ronaldo I've ever Seen.Facts💯💯
manas cs
Miss those days badly..We will never forget you Nani.Thanks for everything .
I really feel like we could and should have gotten more out of Nani. I think being under Cr7 at utd didn't do him any favours
Favorite player
miss those backflips
Rotua Frans Manalu
he looks like ronaldo little brother play for the same club and country and even play in similiar position, side-midfield/winger his iconic for the celebration and the one who deliver assist to one of the gest MU goal, score by rooney vs city bicycle kick
Nicholas Vital
Sees his first goal NANI!?
Method Man
Nani >>>Ronaldo
Andria Gaming
Joseph Gulled
Brilliant player
Crypto Chris
A realiable and great player. I remember when he arrived from Sporting alongside Anderson from Porto. Nani really gave United speed and technique in the seasons he played for the club. All the best to Nani in the future. Thanks for everything you have done for MUFC! I thought he was older the 32 by the way :P
Rishav Agarwal
I miss doing his celebrations with him in FIFA such a great player 🔥🔥
Announce Mourinho sacking pls
jaidenxk Forbes
nani was a properly pulse-raising player at his best, and total dogshit at his worst. perfect recipe for a cult player.
David Barak
Paolo .S Oh
Fantastic Player. huge technic.
aswin dawadi
All forty goals have been absolutely amazing. Thank you Nani!
Happy Birthday *NANI*
olin ananda
United army Indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩
Dennis Odindo
In Swahili Nani translates to ‘who?’ 😜😜 Thanks for the memories....
Abe Barsee
Glory glory United ❤️⚽️
Richard Yenkong
The Black Ronaldo 🙌🏽
The Commenter
Loved NANI from the start, which is why i love man utd!
Ewan Peek
Would have been same level as Ronaldo if he was consistent
Abdi Hassan
Loved this guy growing the screamers he bagged we mad🔥🔥🔥
His last few years at United were ridiculous. Moyes handed him a new contract, barely paid him and then loaned him out whilst paying his wages in full
Eddy Chen
The last 'TRUE' winger of Manchester United.....miss him😢
Great Banter
Get Memphis back. But Nani was unreal
navyan tanneru
All credit goes to sir alex ferguson and nani hardwork
The best Portuguese to play for our club
One of my favourite players ever. It was a crime that we sold him.
Tyson fury got robbed
Nani is one of the most underrated premier league players of all time like if you agree
Kuro Ken
Proper United winger after Ronaldo.
Saideep Rao
Happy birthday Luis Nani 🎂❤️💎
A lchm Y Music
Glorious days. Glorious days. If we had at least one Nani today ...
Nordin Hanafi
2010-2011 was the best season for his manchester united career
the wolves leader
United forever 😈💪
Favorite Player!
f00k it d00d
Spectacular talent
Karol -
I love this guy and I'm afraid he's not in the club anymore. :(
Jojo Rogers
First comment
Miss him at united so much.
dani angling
I like how Manchester United and fans treat their legend.
idc what anyone says nani is a united legend
omar jaiteh
Nani he is the player that made me fall in love with Manchester United great heroes for my club United
Muhammad Fauzi
We need a player like Nani , Berbatov , Rooney and etc ...
Pk khaganba
my fav PLAYER 🤗🤗👍👍👍👌
Cba with a name yet
If nani could of hit his top form consistently he would of been up there with the likes of Ronaldo.