Insta360 One X REVIEW: More Than Just a 360 Camera

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Insta360 One X Available here: /> My Other Gadget Channel: /> The Insta360 One X is the next generation consumer 360 camera from Insta360. The One X is a 360 camera, but it's also capable of creating "normal" video through its freecapture software. The camera retains the same amazing stabilization as the last version, but can now shoot 5.7K resolution video with much improved dynamic range. I've been using the One X for about a week now and I've found it to be a pretty awesome camera with some excellent potential. The editing software in the One X app allows you to create some awesome videos that mix slow motion and hyperlapse with the ability to choose exactly where the camera is looking at any given moment. New features found in the One X include: - 5.7K 360 Video with improved quality re-framed video - Slow motion "timeshift" - Hyperlapse - HDR Video and Photo If you have any questions about the One X feel free to ask. There will be more videos from this camera on this channel, including 360 sample videos and comparisons with other 360 cameras. INSTA360 ONE X REVIEW For more epic 360 content: ►Twitter: />►Instagram: />►Facebook: /> My name is Daniel and I've been working with 360 cameras for over two years. I created this channel to show people how awesome 360 photos and videos can be. If you want to know which is the best 360 camera or learn how to use them properly, then SUBSCRIBE and I'll share all my secrets with you:

if you pause at 8:58 there is massive double images ("ghosting"?), is that an encoding setting or does the camera put that in? it makes me seasick to watch, even though you are rotating slow, it's not slow enough, it feels like
can you record while charging? I want to use it as a dash camera for hours at a time
why ghosting at 9:00?
4:43 microUSB?! USB-C came out more than 4 years ago! yuck!
Isaac Alonzo
Raise the volume mate, does the hyperlapse have motion blur?
ansis maleckis
Thanks for the review! Could you please upload a raw footage somewhere like dropbox. I would like to play around with the app before buying the camera.
Dan Tube
Damn it, just purchased an insta360 one! 😬
Thanks for the review. A question concerning the PHOTO resolution: You say the images look better although the resolution is worse. I guess this refers to the look on a mobile phone or a monitor. Have you compared if the difference in pixel resolution is visible in a VR headset? I regularly use my Oculus Go (or Gear VR) to look at my 360 photos myself or show them to friends and family this way (the immersive feeling still creates wow-effects. ) If I compare images taken with my old Samsung 360 cam (the very first one, which has 30 MP for photos) and with the Insta 360 one (the 2nd 360 cam I own) I think the Samsung images look better, and I'm not sure if this is because of the higher resolution or otherwise better image quality. So I'm concerned that 18 MP might look even worse in a headset just because there aren't enough pixels for this application.
Łukasz Szeremeta
Good review, thanks 👍 Maybe Insta 360 One X vs Yi 360 VR comparation (expecially video and photo quality, also in darker scenery)? From what I can see - Insta 360 One X don't have in-camera stitching, HDMI port, maybe not that advanced manual settings, 4K 50 fps instead of 4K 60 fps in Yi and maybe something more. But Insta 360 One X have very good editing software, maybe better stabilisation, removable battery, smallest size. On the Yi 360 VR group there are some negative opinions about Yi 360 VR - apparently the company no longer releases newer firmware and there are still some bugs in camera.
I really enjoyed your videos and would like to know what you think of this camera in relation to Theta V? I say this because I'm looking for a camera to use on trips, with good image quality and good images at night (with low light) ......... I tested the Insta360 One, it works well during the day, but it has a lot of noise at night and the images are terrible .... unfortunately I have not seen photo and video tests with low light in this review photos, but I will wait for the next ones. Enjoying and Sub
Peanut Turner
Thanks for the great fast review!! The X looks like a pretty decent upgrade, however as someone who uses his One primarily for cropped 'vlogging' type videos i.e. 'walk & talk' in various locations (rather than 360º action shots etc), I'm keen to see how it fairs in both cropped video quality and also audio quality VS the One. Personally my only gripes about the One are the relatively low ~1080-like quality for cropped footage, not great low-light, no removable battery, kinda fragile, bad button placement, not the best editing software... So if these things are improved upon with the X then I'd definitely consider it, especially if they were to offer an 'upgrade' programme like GoPro did with the Fusion....
Thanks for the good review, how was dynamic range compared to others at 5.7k? My Virb 360 always suffers in woodland, too dark and grainy, thanks Ben. PS other gadget channel link missing .
Can't say I'm convinced of it being an action camera in the realms of GoPro but it certainly does a great job for a 360 camera of that level. Adding waterproof housing just doesn't float my boat either. Most people I would say just don't need anything more than say the fusion offers. At the moment anyway. Always informative though. Cheers
Steven Law
Question for you Daniel - I have alternative uses for this camera other than what most people are showing with the captured content. Could you possibly show me what this is like indoors under normal household lighting conditions and edited as a 16/9 viewed video (no extra lights other than what the house has - all house lights on.) No one has shown any indoor footage - and this is what I would like to use it for about 75% of the time. You would be helping me out massively if you could show me what this is like for 20 - 30 seconds inside a house or building. I have asked Insta to show me some internal footage, but they said to wait and check out their footage which so far doesn't show inside a building. Thank you in advance. ( I don't expect you to make a tutorial or review, just upload 30 seconds of internal video and link below this comment)
Joel Gaspar
I just picked up a Rylo 360... Should I return it and get the Insta360 One X?
I live in the UK so typically record in 25FPS. Is this camera capable of recording in that frame rate at the full 5.7K resolution?
Why is the intro music so loud but your voice too low to hear ?
where is danny black
that time shift looked really good
Kyler Harris - Bozeman Real Estate - Keller Williams
Would you recomend the Theta V or the one x for real estate tours?
Salgado Projects
Thanks for the informative video. Can you tell me if the Insta360 ONE X has an option that will auto correct the angle so that if it is slightly crooked (non level ground) it will auto correct that? A few cameras such as the samsung gear 360 has that option and I've found it very useful when working on rougher terrains. Thanks in advance!
Ken Middleton
Have you any idea when the desktop app will start being useful? In beta form Insta 360 Studio doesn't seem to do much other than play the video.
The Man With The Hat
Sound quality? Does it need a dedicated mic like the theta V
UnderCovers Acústicos
Hi there, great review. Quick question, if I wanna do a live stream video to facebook or yt, the camera connects through wi-fi or bluetooth, to a smartphone? Because if its wi-fi I cant connect to a wi-fi network in order to do the live stream... and with a short data plan, was awesome that the camera could make blueetooth connection. Thank you.
I've been an insta user since the nano and this was a useful review (thanks) although I'm disappointing to find its £410 in the UK for the base version without any sticks or memory sticks etc... would be cheaper for me to buy from the USA and ship to the UK than buy here and PAL and NTSC are not really an issue anymore...
Sensor resolution and pixel size have a great deal to do with transfer rate, if he sensor is the same size on both cameras having less pixels means the pixels become larger this has an effect on how light is received by the sensor in terms of noise compression, but also in transfer and buffer rates. You may find (and I don’t know this for a fact but I suspect) the increased stabilisation is why the pixel rate has been reduced as the calculation of pixels would reduce with having less pixels to calculated which means a faster buffers, enjoyable video tho keep up the good work buddy.
One thing that really pissed me off about this camera is that I can not make changes to the wifi. So annoying when the camera choose a channel which is not supported by my phone.
Bvsra Onal
It looks like weight gained version of theta cameras 😅 of course screen is very good thing to control cam. I think the best thing of Insta series is the app. You can do everything on phone it give a awesome freedom. But I hope to see a comparison with xiaomi mi sphere 👏🏻 and thank for this review.
Arun Jose
Totally disappointed, I just purchased yi 360 camera from ali express last week. I miss this one
Unboxed ours today...waiting for selfie stick, so just used off brand for test. App and connection = Easy. Editing/ extracting “normal video” = Easy. Image = Good, dynamic range limited. Stabilization = Good. GoPro killer? No, but my first test off a long pole tells me I can easily fake drone shots.
Please pay attention to audio volume balance in your videos. The intro music is waaay to over to your voice audio. Either the music is screaming or you are whispering in the video depending on the speakers volume set.
Great review and video. I'm wondering if you are just using the app on your phone to edit? Wow Ive been trying to find and easier way and I'm just not able to right now. Guess we'll have to wait till they beef up the desktop app.
Toni Acuña
Great review, while, due to obvious hardware improvements, the image capture has more sharpness, I would disagree that the x took a better picture than the 360. It took a sharper picture with more dynamic range, but it also blew highlights for a considerable part of the sky that the 360 did not. Still, I can't help now looking at my Insta360 with a certain sense of 'meh!'. I wonder if those fast and slow effects,being done in software, will also be doable with the Insta360 and a new app.
Redfield Media
Good review. Thanks. Your camera was mostly focused on your ears and not your eyes. It sometimes focused on your eyes, and it was either that or the wine last night that was giving me a headache 🤕
Billy Rogers
Thanks for the videos, been really helpful in my research! Question: which camera would you recommend for real estate tours? Slower, walking tours... do they necessitate an "action" cam due to movements?
Fishy Angler
I can’t find anywhere, how much straight recording time (besides 30 min file system recording time limit) will fit in 64GB SD card at 5.7K resolution?
captain virtuality
Thanks for the review. Happy to have delayed my investment in Insta 360 one. I like to combination of action cam and 360 camera. I will use and test it for sport conditions and for the photo I have the Theta V
How do this cameras deal with high contrasted scene ? how does it decide what to expose for ? Imagine i'm inside a car with the camera, and i want to expose for the outside only. Can i do that ?
Jo Afterrunfries
Hi Daniel, one like from me because of the 'Ealing (Broadway)' footage ;) ... Thanks for the good review - well done! Greets from Germany, Jo
Antonio Diaz
any chance you can confirm if there is a setting in manual mode to change the shutter speed? if so what is the range ...
Charlie Tighe
Does the desktop app have all of the track, hyperlapse, etc features like the phone app?
Ed Hecht
It's surprising to me that there is still no all-in-one 360 solution-one that does video and photos equally well. (Based on what you say, the Yi 360 is best for video and Mi Sphere for stills-two devices.)
We McLaughlins
Great video. Do you happen to know the recording bitrate for the One X? I'm looking to buy my first 360 cam and was excited for this announcement but I shoot with camera bodies (Sony A7III & A6300) and action cams (Sony X3000) that allow me to get up to 100mbps which produces some great video and I think you said at one point that the One X shoots at only 17mbps. I'm trying to figure out if that was at a lower resolution (like 3K or 1080) or if it applied to 4 and 5k as well? ...also, from your experience is this okay for a 360 cam? I have heard that the GoPro Fusion shoots higher but it takes forever to edit and stitch due to the higher file sizes? Any help would be appreciated on this question! Thanks!
David Falckh
What would you say is the best video camera in the consumer range? Yi360 or GoPro?
Jason Sneed
Does it have audio in?
Probably your best review yet. Great job! A bit disappointing that it's not made a leap on photos compared to the Theta and Misphere.
Pau Ronald
Is there any edge between fount and back camera? Also is the problem while using housing?
Andrew Miller
Would love the Ista 360 One X. Love one to film adventures in rural Thailand.
RocKiteman _ 2001
360 Guy: So, you are saying you *LIKE* this camera, am I correct? 😜😜😜
Is there a way to colour grade the LOG 360 video on a iPhone?
Rob Campbell
Great review, thank you. I'm super tempted to but one of these for my motorcycle videos. You were saying that it would lose some resolution once cropped in. I post most of my stuff in 1080p and a lower frame rate just for a more filmic look. I take it that once cropped in the resolution would easily meet that standard and that you meant that we shouldn't expect it to achieve 2k or more? Such a great camera with so much editing potential. It would save me so much time not having to mount and monitor GoPros all over the place. Eats through SD card memory though I'm sure!
빅맨 튜브 BigManTube
thanks for the video! quick question : rylo VS. insta360 one x ---> what would you recommend?
Ric Ferr
It SMASHES all the other cameras including all Go Pros. Amazing.. but too expensive for me though.. i can´t afford it.
Channel K
Its not selling at US399, wrong info?
Nick Firth
*AITCH. The other 360° bloke pronounces it wrong too.
Charles Chung
I loved the hard case , I'm rough and tumble , also it flips to an easy stand
Uday Maripalli
How does the photo quality compared to Theta V?
Emmanuel Tuts-Schiemsky
thanks for this quick review already...... when you render a normal video in overcapture mode,what is the size of this video? is it full hd? looking forward to your comparisan with the gopro 7...........
Mauro Risch
Great stuff. Is the One X waterproof/resistant?
Tony Carlin
Thanks for a detailed review. What are your thoughts on it's low light performance? I saw a little bit of video you did at dusk and it looked noticeably softer...
That time shift is dopeeeeeeeeeeeee
Hey great video man, I've got the theta v but love the timeshift feature you showed. Can I get similar results with the Ricoh ? Maybe use a different app Thanks
Claude Aquino
Do they have type c connector?
Ruggero Todesco
Thanks for the review!
Tariq Mohammed
You say its cost 399..on insta360 site its costs 475
George & Delia Adventure Channel
Well apparently it is a very good camera ... but I bought the 360one 30 days ago and paid $300 US and I would like to change it for that 360 one X .. $$$$$$ It's not worth the money.,  GoPro 7 is better
Sven Pavlik
Thanks for the great review!! Any comments in the plastic used on the lens? I ruined (2) 360 one cameras due to how super easily the lenses scratched and they were / are not user replaceable. Any improvements on this?
Can you tell us if you can superimpose two shots at once? A feature I love with the Rylo is the ability to edit in a picture-in-picture.
MA Marques
Between the insta 360x and the Rylo which one is better , in terms of video quality and easy of use?? I need to make a decision today, thank you for the reply. I noticed that the insta is less expensive.
Driving Guy Idaho
So far all the 360 footage annoys me. I just dont get it.
TTL tv
how about night shoot ??
Svend Nielsen
Hi Daniel is it the same app on the Phone and Computer as the Insta361?
Bro Den
Your gesture seems very feminine
Ayden Ye
awesome review
Communications & Design Group
Theta V or Insta X for still quality, HDR, and low light? I'm gonna buy one of them today.
Ana MakoArts
Impressed about stabilization! Looking forward for gopro 7 x insta360 X comarision.
Why would you pay money for a camera which gives you bent pictures I don't get it I do not see in bent? this seems to be a fault from the old go pro.
Sonic Snail
Daniel is the best. Ben is the worst.
So they basically copied the yi 360. Which is a year old now. Nice...
Gautam N
Hi.. if you say this is not the best 360 camera, then which camera is better than this one.? I’m planning to buy 360 camera soon. Thanks..