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Spotify: />Itunes: /> ***LYRICS BELOW*** This song, "Views", is about how the last decade has created a new generation of people that all want to be youtubers as an occupation. Most who try will fail, and those who succeed are offered no guarantees of continued success. The internet and rise of youtube has made it possible for anyone with a $30 mic and a webcam to make A LOT of money if they play it right... but this low cost of entry also means you are competing with everyone else on the planet pining for the same "dream job". How are you going to get those views? Shoutout to Ethan Klein and Pewdiepie. ********************LYRICS******************* VERSE 1: don't we all just want to be internet famous making videos in our basement six figure ad revenue it's so cool to be Pewdiepie or Ethan Klein youtube is a fickle bitch there's no guarantees next month you might not make shit no one knows what advertiser friendly now is so just fuck it, and make some cool shit CHORUS: you can vlog your life talk about your likes and dislikes you can clickbait cuz it's alright well anything goesssss as long as you knowwww there's no guarantees cuz everybody wants to be the next big thing on your tv well you could blow up tomorrow and by next week you might be nobody VERSE 2: attention is what we're all after sometimes we look desperate but sometimes there's laughter we live in a society where our children think making cool memes is their future profession look around you'll see that the jokes one me all these millionaire kids not even 17 cuz you can be a fool and drop out of your school all you needs is those view-ew-ew-ewss ★ SUBSCRIB ★ /> ★ FOLLOW ME HERE ★ TWITTER: />SNAPCHAT: />INSTAGRAM: /> ★ LISTEN TO MY MUSIC ★ SOUNDCLOUD: /> ★ GEAR AND SOFTWARE I USE (Use links to support the channel) ★ -Cameras- Panasonic Lumix GH5: />Nikon D3300 Camera: />Sony RX100 Mark V: /> -Lenses- Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 Lens: />LUMIX G Leica 12-60mm F2.8: /> -Microphones- Sure SM7B: />Rode VideoMic Pro: />AKG Perception 200 (out of production) *New Version: />Zoom H5: /> -More Audio Equipment- Focusrite Clarett 4pre: />ART Pro MPAII PreAmp: />JSL lsr308 (Studio Monitors): />ATHM50's (Headphones): />NI Komplete Kontrol MKII: /> -MISC Gear- Joby GorillaPod: />Magewell USB 3 Capture Dongle: />Magewell USB Capture HDMI+: />Sony UHS-II Memory Cards: />SoftBox Lighting: /> Final Cut Pro Motion 5 Logic Pro X OBS for Mac Photoshop Thank you for watching, liking, and sharing... I appreciate the hell out of you.

Leon Lush
Spotify: http://bit.ly/viewssong Itunes: http://bit.ly/viewsitunes <3
Lord Vega 2
Isn't life better without pants?
talented af
I'm giving you a view and a like. You owe me man.
Sorry but I think this video needs more VIEWS
You're so criminally underrated it actually makes me angry.
Ethan Klein is one of your favourites? Let's get this tomato on the H3 Podcast.
Fedor Films
Leon Lush is the only YouTuber who can actually make music. Yo shit 🔥!
Did not declare "but I'm from Ohio though, white boy" at the beginning. Unwatchable. But actually good job Leon, it's really good.
SO TRUE, SO SCARY: "children think making cool memes is there future profession". Thank you RickyBerwick's Friend ;p
Nathaniel Cullen
you could sing about anything and it would sound nice, your voice is really good man. no homo. keep it up <3
Here have a view
The Milkssiah
This sounds like it could be a Gorillaz sound, It's so good, keep up the original content Leon you man beast
Damn dude, leave some views for the rest of us
I always wanted to hear this song in its entirety, thank you so much for making this!
Big Man
This guy's underrated
Damian A
This song actually sounds really good. It has nice vocals and lines. But then Jake Paul comes in with a song that can destroy your brain cells.
I fvcked ur mum
I like the fact that you actually use your own song for an outro. I hope you get big fast like, 1M+ subs already cause you a dope ass mofo. Nice singing btw.
Garbage Human
*Bring this man his Grammy*
This character here has some real talent.
Lit AF 🔥 I dig the message of the video too, sad but true!
Your friendly neighbour
#LetsGetThisTo1MilViews Edit : Senpai noticed me <3
Shane's House
Great song, now we just need an album!
This is unreal everyone tweet pewdiepie that he is in this song so everyone can here this magnificense
Hasan Efe Gürgen
Hey dude, how did you make the "views going up animation" like the number of views goes on while the song is playing
Sean Donaghey
This is now my fav YouTubers original song and i have watched it like 10 times
No screw u I won't give u a view
Doctor Loser
I got this as my ringtone... I don't regret it.
legit waiting on this song.
The 4 dislikes are probably leafy and all of his fans
Almost Tormund
Just thought what about what YT Rewind should've used the music and this is the first thing that came to mind. Perfectly sums up the year 2017.
Alex Wild
i put off listening to this bc i was afraid it would be another cringy youtuber song but it's honestly so good
Mr Serious
Ellie Williams
I really enjoy your music and hope Ethan notices your videos and how awesome your talent is! Edit: Lol Leon noticed me it shouldn't be a big deal since he notices everyone XD
Josiah Everson
Your recommended videos are almost a mirror of mine! Nice!
Scare The Locals !
I wish this could be a virus or a bot...or something that would automatically play when scumbags (Lance Stewart/exility) try to upload some clickbaity cancer
The only thing Leon is lacking is his penis size. It's actually kinda small, it kinda surprised me tbh.
Sean Donaghey
This is so good this is like the third time i have listened to this day it is stuck and my head
Jason Holmes
Views hasn't been viewed as much as views said views would be viewed.
y did he low key sound like Kid Cudi
Alex Draycott
Who's here from mrbeast?
I'm glad Leon grew. Been subbed since 45K buddy
Silver -
I have a very high chance of getting a love on this comment But I probably won't because I have about 0 and a 1/2 luck on every game today
Goblin Pussy Slayer
"We live in a society where out children think making cool memes is their future profession" It's literally depressing about how true this is.
Josiah Everson
Nick Ferrum
This needs way more views
Leon looks like an addict, geez man you should tone it down. I don't support this kind of behavior so i will Un-view this -1 view
Lord Chimpington
Somewhat repetitive but nowhere near the modern pop industry. Great moves, Leon, keep it up, proud of you
Slaughter You
I have to admit this song goes hard af...I am subscribed to Leon lush and heard this after one of his videos and was so surprised he made this himself. Talent Leon...you’re a very talented man.
Nidrianel Games
I can give views
Damn, here comes that feeling where you unironically love something!
Faro TV
You have the best Outro on youtube! I LOVE that you even made it yourself. Mad respect. You are going places!
Lenny Lime
Take all my views daddy ♥️
Who is this cute little redneck and how tight is his prune hole?
Super Booster
this is one of your best song you have made so far
I have had this on repeat for an hour an a half 🔥. still banging! How fast of a handjob would it take, for you to allow me to use this song as my outro as well. No homo 🤫🔥😎 And send you some love and attention from Denmark 💪🏻😎
This is lit home boy
Urm, can he blow up now? K thanks
Dave Cobb
This is legitimately the best song ever created (about Youtube)
Joshua Martyn
I'll hand you a few views
Lame Dabe
I came from NFKRZ, now I subbed liked and even considering downloading some of your songs...these songs are honestly dope
Anime is gay
Downloaded and added to meme playlist. This is lit af
Alpha SMG
Needs more veiws, ill go share 😀
Adyel Ullahil Mamun
The AI overlord has heard your prayer.
Viking Corn
So this is that bomb ass outro
damn thick beat son!
seventy two
Ily (full homo)
Tenac Voidz
Literally I was dying searching for this songgg
John Summers
Leon my Tomato Lord I offer you my humble view may it bring you untold glory.
Artem Protectron
Time to hand this views video some of my views
Can we make this the Youtube anthem?
Thunderboy Echo
I wanna get this guy to the point where he can't respond and react to every comment. Because he deserves it. Mad Sorcerer with a Microphone.
good shit man, good shit indeed
Every like is deserved
it's every *VIEW BRO!!!!* where nigel at???
Bilbo Swaggins
Leon my man we need another master piece like this, I listen to this during passing periods at school
K Bye
Nut nut nut nut nut nut nut nut nut 💯🔥💯🔥💯🔥
Christopher Perkins
Carlos Ramirez
Bro this song needs more "Views"
Community Manager Jesus Christ
yes very good yes views good communism bad yes.
Kolt 45
wow you're actually talented! my guy keep up the great work! :)
Quackin Panda
This video describes this generation so well. BEST LYRICS AND BEST VOICE FOR IT. continue this amazing line of work
Noah Cummings
You could legit make music I fwy hard leon. You have great content I heard this in one of your outros and I was like I fw this lol listen to it all the time. Ily keep making dope shit. Sincerely Noah
**licks lips** pretty ok
addu 21699
Now he be pimping
Meleena Faith
You're actually good at singing hahahaha
Brianna May
Scar's Sketch Pad
This is a jam I can get down to.🤣😂
Juliette Paris
this is way better than so many popular songs out there, love it ! keep creating
Dang Dang
How does this video only have 144k VIEWS?
Michael Sweeney
I had no idea this was an actual song until just now... Groovy as fuck. Although I miss the swingy noodle arm guy.
slash vs world
This would be a great opening song for The View
Mikey Brice
Well done new sub. Not only are your vids hilarious but ur music is to👍🙂
Why the hell they didn t bot this video so you could reupload it and get more views! Life sometimes sucks! :(
Des Ulv
Has a Tv on the radio feel
After spending so much time looking for this, I finally found it.