Beyonce - The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour (FULL DVD)

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Beyonce LIVE
1. Run the world 2. End of time 3. Flaws And All 4. ***Flawless 5. Yonce 6. Get me bodied 7. Baby boy 8. Diva 9. If I were a boy 10. Naughty girl 11. Party 12. Blow 13. Partition 14. Freakum dress 15. Standing On The Sun 16. Haunted 17. Drunk in love 18. I Care 19. I Miss You 20. Schoolin'Life 21. Why don't you love me 22. 1+1 23. Irreplaceable 24. Resentment 25. Love on top 26. Survivor 27. Countdown 28. Crazy in love 29. Single ladies 30. Grown women 31. I Was Here 32. I will always love you 33. Halo 34. Heaven 35. XO
Danny P
What a breathtakingly gorgeously stunning woman with the ability to perform like no other woman I have known! Of course we had dear Whitney Houston but she was just a stunning and beautiful singer but Beyoncé and that ability to dance like no other, I truly believe she is the greatest female entertainer the world has ever had!!! You go Beyoncé, WOW.
***Muzyczne Informacje PL
I Been On 0:00 Run The World 1:28 End Of Time 4:18 Flaws And All 8:25 ***Flawless 14:28 Yoncé 19:06 Get Me Bodied 19:57 Baby Boy 23:00 Diva 26:07 If I Were a Boy 29:55 Naughty Girl 33:59 Blow 37:04 Partition 42:10 Freakum Dress 48:07 Standing On The Sun 51:21 Ghost 55:47 Haunted 57:56 Drunk In Love 1:01:11 I Care 1:05:32 I Miss You 1:09:16 Scoolin' Life 1:11:55 Why Don't You Love Me 1:15:58 1+1 1:23:23 Irrepleceable 1:28:37 Resentment 1:32:46 Love On Top 1:37:42 Survivor 1:41:33 Countdown 1:43:30 Crazy In Love 1:45:34 Single Ladies 1:48:48 Grown Woman 1:51:35 I Wil Always Love You 1:58:42 Halo 2:00:12 XO 2:04:57 The End 2:08:20
Kailee Garcia
Ugh this was such a good tour. I feel like the majority of the "Beyonce" album is just too damn underrated
patatas fritas
i'm going to see her live in june in London. Words can't describe how excited I am to see her live. I'm generally a depressed person and I've got a boring life that I do not really enjoy, so seeing her perform life will be something big. I am so happy i can hardly put it into words :) i love her and i love all her fans. Let her music unite us all, Byeonce is magic.
Peyton Greene
i live viariously through beyonce concert videos
Jessica Day
This is not a dvd. It’s partially fan video. There are cuts between songs, also. We don’t really know if it’s the full Show.
Jessica Romero
I care is the audio from her Revel concert, Schoolin life is partially the audio from that same concert. Great editing though.
I’m glad I’m not a Beyoncé fan. I’d be broke. As soon as you pay off the credit card for the new tour she’s on to the next tour
Samantha Tashquinth
September needs to be here already! Arizona can not wait to see you!!!!!!!!
Kandace Bracey
2018 and my girl Beyonce still #1 in the game 🤔
Ana carolina
Bey o Brasil te ama ❤
Efrin Apriandi
everytime i saw this video, i wish i be there and see bey on the stage. she allways doing greats on the stage😍😍😍
Damn i been looking for a full video edit of this forever great job (the 2013-14 setlists could be mixed in a different way that i think makes more sense though- Rtw, ***flwls, Yncé, EoT, F&A, If I were a boy comes before GMB, Baby Boy, & Diva, And then switch irreplaceable & resentment cause she always did LOT after irrep. Then I would try to end it w/ halo cause it was the end for both setlists) Really great edit thank u 4 makin dis Also she did a lil hbo special called Beyoncé X10 u could use that audio for some of it but the visuals will get this video removed
Louise Benson
Thank you so much for posting this. My sisters went to this concert but for many reasons I couldn't. And really regret it. And instead of wading through the various videos it's all here in one. She's one heck of a performer! And just gets better with each tour 👍
Nayara Hewellen
She is the best
Tree Detreex
where she got her voice from??
we need more formation world tours and more mrs.carter shows lol
Davi Matos
Aff pensei que era i dvd gravado por a câmera profissional quando chega no meio Câmera de cll
Gianni M
Ugh the lights are everything. Yessss Beyoncé give me epilepsy💖☺️
Jorge Hernandez
After watching this concert live my life was changed
Njabulo Lukie
Mahinda Githaiga
I wish I was part of her entourage I could be one of her backup dancers or something
Natan Pereira
Como ninguém colocou isso em formato de áudio para podermos baixar ????
Kid Mix5
Nilson Francisco dos Santos
Só eu achei q tem mta edição de plateias q nem são dessa tour?! Chateado, podia ser assim msm simples sem plateias ou sem plateias de outras tour
Leonardo Javier Guzmán Atalah
Excellent Audiovisual Concept. Leo's
lisseth sanchez
Omg I’m crying she is everything I love Beyoncé, badass bitch but vulnerable and humble at the same time no other like her with a real true heart 💓
Tasti Baker
Copyright© Ethiopian eskist by Beyonce after she visit Ethiopia 2009
Tamo Junto
A bixaa é Babadeira😮👏👏👏
I wonder what she be looking at with a straight face without laughing or crying lolll
Beth Simeão
Te amo!
Jonathas Almeida
Onde está vendendo?
Efrin Apriandi
everytime i saw this video, i wish i be there and see bey on the stage. she allways doing greats on the stage😍😍😍
Efrin Apriandi
everytime i saw this video, i wish i be there and see bey on the stage. she allways doing greats on the stage😍😍😍
Beth Simeão
Thank u
Adam febriyant
R u have otr2 full show?
Regina Dos Santos
Demeke Workalemahu
i can only say ...dear god make me see her once
Sarah Bel
That was something
Cleiton Jesus
Fan Medias
Made a full dvd from Atlantic City Revel 2012 please
gisele oliveira
Mr. Edu
Você tem o show da Beyoncé do coachella?
Shera Masamune
does anyone have the full performance of her at Wynn Las Vegas
Birama Sissoko
Christopher Acoba