Foo Fighters - Weenie Beenie

Sorry, I honestly don't know the words... i seen 3 different versions of this song so i'm kinda confused. Sorry!

Fucin riffs to die for baby
A Hill
Best Foo album....
Adam Brown
Wattershed + Weenie Beenie = White Limo
this song is so fun to play on guitar
This song is about condoms according to reddit
this kinda reminds me of the nirvana album bleach
Verdi Jumat
Jamie Warrior Warlord McCallum
killer song foo fighters track underrated song. and i have no idea what they are singing about, but i love this track.
The riff at 0:57 is possibly the mist epic riff I've ever heard! I got into Foo Fighters right when In Your Honor dropped and for some reason I've never bothered to check out their earlier stuff. I gotta say, I am NOT disappointed.
This reminds me of "You may think I ain't worth a dollar" from QOTSA
Jamie Warrior Warlord McCallum
underrated track from the foo fighters at their raw best. so kick ass.
el primer disco de los foo fighters el mejor \m/
Reminds me of Tourette's by Nirvana
Gavin Cothern
Vocals kinda reminds me of Tales of a Scorched Earth from Smashing Pumpkins
kody williams
Reminds me of mudhoney
Brian Bell
This is the deal. This song crushes. For all of its being a bit raw and less polished than what followed, this is still the most urgent, potent and all-around badass Foo record so far.
Why didn't i win american idol
Discription-its ok
David Jones
Don't know what the song is about but it is named after the Weenie Beenie hot dog stand on Shirlington Rd. in Northern VA near where Dave grew up.
Tré Jones
Haha, I usually just shout gibberish along with the song. "Same old shit" and "Only so much you can take" are like the only lyrics I can make out. Still, this song is too awesome not to get pumped for.
Samson N
Fkn love this song
Lord of Diamonds
1:41 You have no idea how much fun that riff is to play on guitar.
tear it off, but not a lot, only so much you can take
Nigel Skelton
what else can be said but AWESOME!!!
I love that this is one of the song's that Jimmy Kimmel's band plays during their show.
Carlo Von Sexron
Sarcasm: Doesn't work written down.
Derek Musica
These guys basically ripped off White Limo man that band should sue for infringement
Sokratis Papantonis
awesome voice
*White Limo: The 2011 version of Weenie Beenie
Juan Raul del Busto
William Reilly
Weenie Beenie: The 1995 version of White Limo
I tried so many websites and they all had like 3 or 4 different versions.
I like how title sounds funny and soft but the songs hardcorr as hell XD
the intro reminds me of the charlie brown theme song....AWESOME
I call my wife Weenie Beanie because of this song xD
lest go de barbie
Dave Atkinson
I Play This Song To Forget I Was Ever Heart Broken...
Robot Lover
C'mon guys...the lyrics are clearly about a weenie beenie...d'uh
Jared Singleton
Actually, the last line is " Well shit, no duh!" According to the Japanese import that included all of the lyrics that one of my best friends had back in the day.
there are two foo fighter bands, really. i like em both.
Everything from Foos is good!!! :D
Naufal M.Haiqal
attention....this is the most radicaly,dizzy and spectaculary Rock Metal of '90 rock ever
patrick's broken glute
Asa loveunited
this songs gotta b about kurt's heroin usage
ellervisPlay BassANDgames
I hate foo fihgters but this song is good
Love this tune. This is the shit. Can hear traces of Black Francis in the vocals. Not a criticism, more a compliment. That is all.
Tear it off, but not a lot. Only what you need.
What a catchy and awesome song :)
@AlwaysFirstGuy That's because this song and Wattershed had got drunk one night, and "White Limo" was born as the lovechild.
Joe Collins
woah, this is foo fighters does screamo
@HINTON301977 big shit no shit is a part of the lyrics in the song, he wasn't bashing it.
Eric Empson
This reminds me of Helmet.
Jaime Silva
@achmedda3rd rofl
@FashionBboy101 nope
Sybren Rijssenbeek
@ilikedogschit92 suck on my D Bitch
@FashionBboy101 well then fuck off youre not a real fan if you download songs!!
@burningxdimx why dont u try writing music,,,,ha.
@burningxdimx ur shit,
Tyler Wisniewski
he sounds mad...but thts just my opinion
You Smell like eggs
hell, their all good to me
oli de st croix
@AlwaysFirstGuy white limo is better!!!
the twin of white limo
Mike Smith
still one of my favorite foo fighter songs ever
big shit no shit
Sybren Rijssenbeek
5 seconds into the song: yeah, i'm downloadin this :D
Ângelo Peixoto
@AlwaysFirstGuy White Limo reminds Weenie Beenie...
ive been to the actual weenie beenie :) i live in arlington virginia so i go there all the time haha
Sgt Pepper
@AlwaysFirstGuy Or white limo reminds you of this song ;)
TheFury92 (Wild Ambition)
use they turn out to be the most accurate from my personal experience
@romanshirker wtf,if you want to chat go to
Robert Alvarez
I kinda forgot the Ministry influence on this song.  It's like a less industrialized version of a track from "The Mind is a terrible thing to taste".  And a bit of big black for flavour.
Foo Fighters at its best!!
Pete Jamerson
this version better but i like the riff more on the og tapes
Yellow Submarine
Fun fact: Weenie Beenie is the name of an old food stand in Dave's hometown of Arlington, VA. It's still open, and serves great half smokes and BBQ
Foo Fighters style:  0:34, 0:51, 1:18, 1:35, 2:14 Nirvana style:  0:00, 0:40, 0:56, 1:24, 1:41, 1:51, 2:19
Chris Ducat
Soundgarden - Half, anyone?
I see a little of Faith No More here too
Mr Wonderful
Gustavo Almanza
Reminds me of Feast and the Famine
andrew cruz
such a kids name for a song
Charles Moxley
A speed of 1.5 is appropriate. Especially for the end of the song.
António Sá Gomes
I prefer this sound than their newer sound. Its freaking awesome but those vocals... come on can't understand a single word. Pretty sure it would be better live though
-Mordrid 13-
Favorite Foo Fighters song.
Ro Li
Better than you think.
Amy LR
reminds me of scoff
James Metalfield
This is the most br00tal foo fighters song, right?
GoatBoy 14
I feel it has the In Utero sound to it
Ethan Dubasik
Sounds like a pixies rip off but still like the song
Anthony Martin
I get a fat scentless apprentice vibe from this
Ro Li
Cynical Scorpio
Almost sounds like a System of a Down song...
so FF is weak stuff for kids, huh?
Alex Qupper
Para los que no sabian esta cancion fue escrita por Kurt Cobain cuando existia aún NIRVANA  No fue lanzada por la muerte de Kurt . Dave dice que su primer albun y sus primeras canciones son las caciones de Kurt (NIRVANA) . FOO FIGHTERS nacio con las ultimas canciones de Kurt Cobain que no fueron lanzadas. NIRVANA VIVIRÁ POR SIEMPRE!!!