TO the Other Side - Bleach Anime Episode 62 Live Reaction

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Okay so Aizen left huh!! and we got to see Byakuya past too, I can see why he did that but still not big fan of him. - GIVE ME SUGAR!! - />- Back up channel - />- - />- Twitter - />- Instagram - />- Snapchat - ayngaran - MyAnimeList - />- GIVE ME MORE SUGAR -

大橋りょうこ Ryoko
At this point Tosen's true intention is still a mystery. I feel sorry for Komamura.
Ayy I don’t know if u remember me but I was subbed to u a long time ago and I’m finally back lol.
exposition episodes can sometimes be nice to get good explanations of characters...hearing byakuya's reasoning was pretty nice
Jessica Strike
Your queries do get answered, yammaji vs aizen(what would the outcome be?) and why byakuya asked her what rank she was in. They both come at different times but they do get addressed. Also why Aizen didn't just take the hogyoku when she was in the real world.
Jace Harrison
I'm surprised Byakuya's wife died from illness, I didn't know dying from illness was possible for souls lol. But the best explanation I can say on Byakuya's reasons on why he did what he did is because Tite Kubo reasoning/writing.
barath balaji
you should see your lie apiril
Regarding your question about whether Head Captain Yamamoto can take Aizen, Aizen himself admits later on in the show that if he were to fight Yamamoto head on without a plan he would lose. In terms of raw power and destructive abiltiy, Yamamoto is by far the strongest character in the anime. He's been the Head Captain for 1000 years because there hasn't been a single soul reaper born in that time who's been stronger than him.
Damion Dixon
The reason Komamura became a Soul Reaper is to pay back a debt of gratitude to Yamamoto for giving him a chance as a soul reaper despite his appearance.