me playing fortnite for views

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Chris Huizar
Nadia Kl.
Now I get how no skins think.
I will never think about no skins the same
Hawkgirl 89
Anyone watching in season 7?
Annie Ellem
I need her and Ethan to play duos.
shrek4isthebest 0ne
*turns into a gaming channel*
Ava Dillon
Who is watching in season six
Barbara A
*Plays fortnite for views* ..... 3.5 Million views later
Mykala Trice
*ninja left the chat*
Molly Jean
Have you ever been on fortnite and killed someone and NOT realised it was a famous YouTuber..... ????
The only gaming channel we need
Naydean Gutierrez
*Ninja is quaking and has left the chat*
panda squad
Who's here now when the map is totally different!
J.57 Xo
Probably the only fortnite video I’ll ever watch
panda squad
Admits she's bad** *Goes straight to tilted*
I hate fortnite and I watched this entire video
Hannah Van Hise
* snipes with a pistol *
Lourdes Velasco
Gra taa taa got me laughing so hard😂😂😂
caroline woram
inside the head of a default
Who thinks that she should play granny XD like if u agree
Cora B
„They can‘t know I‘m up here“ Gets shot immediately
Slimey Teapot
Who's watching when season 7 is out??
Morgan Davis
*Emma has joined the chat* *Ninja has left the chat* *Wig is no where to be seen*
Savanna C
*i wanna land on one of these big things* a mountain?
She makes me think I’m good at Fortnite😂
i can watch you play fortnite for hours emma hahah
Taegan Mooney
Who else thinks she should play granny. Like if you agree
Gracie Keddie
Who else got really annoyed at the fact she didn’t build
Passion Does
Could you do another fortnite video?
Sherlyn Lyv
**instantly subscribed to Emma** **Unsubscribed from tfue and ninja** Ok jk fortnite fans I didn't unsubscribed them bcuz I didn't even subscribed to them in the first place...
Soré Suni
Emma trying to navigate is me trying to control my sims
Daphne Fabonan
11:32-11:35 *when bob the builder is in tv*
jaree voldemort
I related to you lmao except I know the terms and Flavadava because I watch Lazar beam
Weirdo Dani
When Emma picked up the gray weapon I cringed
thomas davies
Emma chamberlain has become the Antonio Garza who uploads more regularly
Youre litteraly the first and only person ive ever killed in 2 years im sorry
Annie Ellem
Im teaching you a little something about fortnite for all you eneducated HOES. - Emma Chamberlain 2k18
Mason EM
You should play again now (season 7)
R.I.P tactical sub :( R.I.P moisty:( R.I.P dusty R.I.P old music
Marissa Ricotta
This was actually so fun to watch
*ninja has joined the chat* *emma has joined the chat* *ninja has left chat*
Itz brianna Gacha
Omg that shirt is amazing something to scare boys away :D
Bitter Sweet
you killed me, the entire way of the video.
Mobile Gamer
I bet that your playing on a Mac 😂😂😂 With no mouse 😂😂😂
Katie Gode
where has gamer emma been all my life?
without watching the vid skip to 4:26 just do it
Marycel Gonzalez
Okay it’s actually kinda cringe watching her play😂
Jamie Rivera
I wanna see Shane Dawson play Fortnite xD😂😂😂
Heidy Lopez
She is on level 4 “Yh Bc I’m pretty good “ hmmmm ?? No shade btw love you Emma
At least the title is as honest as you can get😂
Hailey Barrientez
We need a part 2 😂
Skyler Durham
Fiona Feeney
This was the fastest 17 minutes of my life
Alex Mendoza
She’s toxic just like me 😂
WTF Emma’s already more than halfway to a million subs ..😭❤️
Golden eye
what is this 5 FPS on low?
Pokidokie Moon
She’s probably using the arrow keys
Fresh Sans
You look tired af
Just Mirah
ethan can teach her! then they can play duos!! or squad with grayson and james!
i didnt know i needed a video of emma playing fortnite until i watched this
mighty beast1010
Shes playing on a mac 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
ღ jung seul yeon ღ
Emma, Salty Springs is like the second most popular place pros go...
Ulrica Gericke
Ur going to be my favorite fortnite player bc u just make it funny
2:28 ha ha ha *oo*
Gamer Girl2675123
When shotguns did damage
Who is watching in season 7
Ciara Lyons
RIP tac smg
why are you me alone on a Friday
Scooby Mew
.....and it worked
julie keenan
throwback to moisty mire
Jayden Boatright
Part 2?
Rhiannon Phillips
turns into a gaming channel
me watching Emma and giving her views best idea I've had all day tbh
Zoeanna Vogts
Her avoiding the tilting towers is me avoiding all my responsibilities
Life of Jenna
I play fortnite I play playground a lot and squads and solo I always land at tilted towers and there was only one time I died
Rhiannon Phillips
EmMa ChAmBiE
Liam McPhee
She got sniped every time ha😂
Coralie Anne
You could put a video up about absolutely anything and you'd still get thousands of views!
Julie Mora
When she didnt pick up the gun, and got shot😂😂😂😂
Anela Nisic
The sister squad play fortnite together. ICONIC
Emily Mason
emma u should play fnite duos with james or play squads with grayson ethan and james!! (like if you agree)
All fun with Adrie
zoe karina
uh youtube, y’all didn’t give me a notification that queen emma uploaded .. truly disappointed
Tropical Pastelz
Dang she earning money, How i know 4 FRICKEN ads!
SuperAvery #10
Emma:What’s up squad Me:ur playing solo Hehhehheh🙄
loved it you should do another lol btw my birthday was 27 days after. edit: lol no one cares
Madison Tomon
Sign in the back of emma: be proud Emma: I’m not proud Me:😑😂😂
Emilee Pyrtle
QUEEN OF FORTNITE! all the straight boys are shook! they could never.
libbyyy roxburghhh
i want her to make a part 2! like this comment if you agree!!!!!
Ella Leather
Me cringing bc u didn’t take the damage trap
Landri Ransdell
But you have a funny personality
- KETi -
Shane should make a series of finding out if Emma is dating ethan
honestly quality content right here gamer emma is quality
Maddie Adams
i know how to play fornite. it just tha i suck. suck way worse than emma. i love it but i suck. i tried not to but still because im not strategic. if fortnite is reallife i would be the first one to die with no weapon with me
x aeris x
i used to hate you but i watched this one video of you and i love you
𝙎𝙖𝙜𝙚 𝙅𝙪𝙧𝙤
It worked : help
Marlanda Menard
wooaahh!! I almost forgot what Emma looked like with blonde hair
Brianna Fullerton
We love a fortnite queen
Bree Flannery
Did I kill them? Probably..
Anna Biccheddu
Sei una grandissima nabba