Fans are shocked to see Jennie fell and hurt her ankle in BlackPink's Osaka concert

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lmf rfe
*Professional Queen Wbk* 💅😌
Daniaal khan
Not gonna lie when she fell I shouted JENNIE then my mum came in the room like who's jennie 😂😂
K Bye
And baby rose helped her during the second day after she fell and both of them walked down the stairs really carefully and i cant help but awwwed so hard 😩
She's already okay now and she handled it professionally like nothing happened ❤️🦋
Nakamoto Yuta
haters be like: she fell omg she's so lazy and unprofessional
Twice Is My Life
Poor Jennie dont worry a ONCE here to Cheer you up just dance the night away
When Jennie feel hurt, I am hurt too😭😭😭😭😭😭
sad sushi
A bit late
Hottest Aussie Avocado
*_That's one of a reason why haters and imma should stop hating all kpop artist..See this!!they are get hurt but because they love their fans,they just continue to perform why??because they want their fans to be happy_* 🙂🙃
NC-Tea stan
Oh no😦 my savage cutie is hurt☹😢
Kim Jero
Queen Jennie is fine Amen
HaveYourWay 1984
She is doing fine now as it was 2 or 3 weeks ago.
lmf rfe
*Omg* 😭😭😭✊
She's okay now, but she needs to be careful. Take care Nini💜💜💜
Key to my Heart
I’m hoping she’ll have a quick recovery (if this was sometime this or last week), or if she’s already healed that she’ll maintain good health. Fighting, Queen 💪🏻💜
Crackhead TechnologyTM
It's amazing that she continued despite her getting hurt..I guess she just do that bc of fans I guess and the show must go on so..
IGN Sooyaaa
This almost made me cry😢. Please be careful next time Jendeukie😢
Aboody Alaa
Poor Jennie 😢
hwang galyang
and people still call her lazy and a bad performer when she’s really out there trying her best to fight the pain just so fans are able enjoy the show. ugh we love a thoughful queen.
awww no poor jennie
*Haters can choke*
Winter Fucking Snow
I appreciate those another fans in another fandoms saying something good about Jennie. Day ago, she was *criticized, numerously.* *What hurt more is because all the hate she got is 75% from the Blonks.* I hope ya'll stop complaining at our idols. They may never say something but deep inside they're actually hurting. You may see them smile but under those is a teary eye. Let's spread the love guys and appreciate the effort of our idols just to make us happy. Let's make them happy too.
I had an experience when i broke my ankle after falling from ladder school, its so bad hurt and my leg turned into big purple. So, jennie is professional when she hide her pain 😢😢
memento mori
you literally posted this too late because yg announced that he's gonna be really gonna take legal actions among people who spread false rumors and im pretty sure your channel is one of those cases. lmao, bye
be careful jennie lisa might die if you hurt HAHAHAHA lol
Sneha Joshy
That must have hurt a lot..but considering that she exercises and is flexible..she is ok now I guess..
We're so proud of you Baby Jendeukie because even if you fell and hurt your ankle you still continue the concert and act like it's nothing
Late news dude, but I'm proud of how professional she acted, even dealing with the pain while performing. Honestly, it's really not a surprise, since she almost always acts professional when some things go wrong. Edit: Also, before they even post about this accident. They posted about all the old shit about her "snobby" attitude towards fans and her face not being "beautiful". Like, you had time to post all that but not enough time to post about her getting injured during a performance? Instead of posting such negative things, post things that people actually want to know more about. For example, this right here was something that fans needed to know. But you were to busy making videos about negative shit. You post a nice video about Blackpink or Red Velvet, then a couple of days later, you posts 5 videos about why Blackpink and Red Velvet are hated. You post more negative things than positive things about Blackpink and other groups. Honestly, I see other posts about groups that are popular and you only posts positive things.
memmedov eldeniz
Be careful Jennie ♡. Get well soon ♡
I still remember when a hater wrote, "I wish she would have fallen and broken her skull while slipping at the concert in Japan" this was a comment that was written during the streaming between Blinks and army's, and some trolls and antis took it damn too far.
Army Blink Luvie Once
I remember when I first saw this my heart just stop and worried about jennie because she is my bias in BLACKPINK and it truely hurt me when I saw jennie fell on the stairs
MyKookieOnly :3
Rosé was the only one who helped her get up, Lisa was like “nope, imma finish rapping then I’ll go to her” 😂
Ok but Rosé's lowkey looks like Jimin with her pink hair when Jimin (from BTS) had pink hair
Zhi Mi Ng
Jennie did not want her fans to worry of her😭😭 I shouted😂 I hope jennie can always take care of herself💔
Hottest Aussie Avocado
*_But don't worry her Hubby is always there for her_*
Haechan swiped my wig
Cause when Jennie does a wrong, she makes it right. *That's what you call a Queen, kiddos.*
unicorn yixing :3
Aww poor jennie I hope she's okay!😭😭
Omg, hope she's okay
s h i e n g
*I'm crying she slayed with that simple outfit*
Md. Saiful Islam
I don't know why people hate this beautiful Angel.
Geronimo Stilton
No... nononnoononononononnonoononoono😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Kim jennie and park jimin bangtanpink
Poor baby😭😭❤❤ love u Queen Jennie👑
azween weenween
I fell like that 3 Days ago and I Still COULDN'T WALK PROPERLY. IT'S HURT MAN How can she still dancing and do all the stuff?? She's so strong While I'm here just laying on my bed, can't walk yet....
You can scare her easily but you can’t touch her fighting spirit.
debbyyy debsss
*Reminds me of Gdragon* I didnt knew this happened, glad shes okay❤ So professional👑
anna song
go Jennie go
**Army Blink**
Poor poor Jennie! 😢 Get well soon 😊
Cláudio Smaniotto
and there's still people who call her lazy at stage
#MissionHug jennie
This is a little late but still. I LOVE MY JENDEUK
XxCuteCupCakexX A
I literally just watched the video of day 1 and day 2 in the instgram, rose being protective in day 2 was cute Edit and wasn't this a week ago or like some days it's late
EJ - Mobile Legends
Where i can find a fancam about this. Please tell me 😭
Kim Jisoo
Aww its Okay Jennie..atleast Jennie fell down gracefully and I fell in front of people countless of times lolz I always fell down in the worst way possible and Ohh my heart Rosè is SUCH a sweetheart how she immediantly got up to help Jennie ..Rosè is a cinnamon roll just like Jennie.I'm glad I Stan such caring girls #StopHatingonBlackpinktheydeservebetter
Rosé Pasta
Yoonie Kim
I remember the ddu du ddu du's mv Jisoo's falling scene
athanasia_ blink
My poor Jennie! 😭❤
Ah Seyy
I'm not blink, but i came to said "get well soon ,jennie-ah". Everyone 's worried about you♥
Ethan Soberano
so that's why she doesn't dance that energentic in other performances... her ankle is injured.... it's gonna hurt if that happened to me... poor Jennie..😭😭
Ayaka Wakami
It said to the other a fan hitted Jennie's ankle or leg with a suitcase pretty hard she cried thou and the other girls are really angry and worried this is how they love each other
Manger Frites
Thx rosie ❤❤❤
Aisyah Ambar
Trisha Joy Sanico
Rosé on the rescue💓💓 But it's sad that Jennie endured the pain so that the fans will not worry ...
Mxis Song
Re-sprains are never good.. I hope she heals soon!
I'm Just Here
I have 'exceptionally flexible ankles' apparently. This is how I live my life. Give the girl some tape and an Advil and she'll be fine.
Arlyne Patrimonio
your to late we know that already😌😂sml?
Ahh, Jennie. 😭😭 I hope her ankle feels better
GayForJennieAnd Irene
you should be careful baby😘
I love you Jennie. Hope you get better! Fighting!!
Bts Is My Everything
This really makes me cry😭😭
Uber TRAppEr
Jennie is like a box with glass inside. *handle with care*
Jisoo Kim
Poor Jennie but I least she’s okay❤️😭🙏😘
XxK!lL ThISxLoVe
Jisoo cried their i watched vlive that her 1st time crying in front of the members
Jisoo Ppongg
My heart stopped when I saw her slip
princess elena
Jennie next time be careful OK
Namjoon's Chin
I'm glad you're following the trends(black pink) :))
multifandom fangirl is me like shit
I'm really concerned about her does anyone know about the update?
Nino Yahhh
When you think your idols are play on stage sometimes they have to hide the injury they may have had recently or now.
Oh my nini are u okay now??😥😥😥
Gilana Vlogs
Poor Jennie..If I’m there..I will run then come to Jennie and say"OMG JENJEN!!!LETS BRING U TO DA HOSPITAL!!" Jennie:it’s ok,I’m okay :)
twice sana eunha joy rose g friend bp rv g idle
jennie hope she is okay now
My both ankles were flexible due on the same reason
#RelynJoy De Ocampo
Sumi rafiq
No someone said her ankle was already hurt bc someone hit her ankle with a big suitcase
8D Surround Sound
Send flying kisses to Korea for Jennie!
제니와 정국일본 국
Late news😂😂
Damn that look hella painful ...
ArmyFor Lifeee75
Well I am super glad that Jennie is alright👍😊
Sophia Stevenson
No hate but in the inkigayo bit the person crying if I’m not mistaken was Rosé and Jennie wasn’t crying
Carole M
I have done this also. It's excruciating painful, especially after you take your shoes off. That is really when it swells up. I hope Jennie gets well.
Thi Cardozo
GUYS PLEASE that picture from debuting is ROSE CRYNG simple because they debuted . No one cried cuz was hurt -_-
Hope she gets alright 👍 and I know she's a fighter so she will be OK 👌
BPxBTS iamberna
Is it a full fancam of this video bc i don't find the whole fancam of whistle
Hoshi Heartue
Queen!! she is a strong girl!!
Zima LOL
Did Gdragon also hurt ankle in Osaka??
Ad M.S
Wow after 1000 years u decides to post this news
bangtan fan
What happend our JENNIE KIM?:(
When her ankle twisted like that I could feel the pain agh she’s such a trooper 😭👊🏻
ciacy miranda
My nini❤😟
xi0o OnYoutube
Hope my bias is okay 😭
Janrick shes Moymoy
im lisa stan but i hope it never happen again
Jamya Sewell
i feel like jennie is the only one who gets hurt all the time in the group