The Big Bang Theory - Shamy Bloopers (Mayim and Jim)

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The Big Bang Theory - Shamy Bloopers (Mayim Bialik and Jim Parsons)

How they ever got through the spanking scene is a miracle x'D
Janelle Kelly
At 2:05, when Jim touches Mayim and says "Sorry" is the cutest thing omfg <3
Kavya Pahwa
my favorite moment is 1:08 when he says stop it mayim
0:35 JIMMM! 😂 1:08 "Stop it, Mayim!" (would always be my favorite on their bloopers I've watched) 1:55 JIM'S SMILE 😍 2:05 Jim's naughty hand... ops 😂✌
Shelton's innocent face at 2:30 😂😂
They really do have a lot of chemistry as actors. They are fun to watch together.
Adam Wright
I think Mayim look so sexy when she bites her lip at 1:34.
BECKY Jimenez
I just love them and ship them so much!!! 😍😍😍
Francesca Porta
3:13 😍😂 and Amyy.. you need to be patient! 👏👏💖💖
Haley Blazek
3:00 "oh wow"😂😂😂😍😍😍
Marilyn E
That smile at 1:56 is everything 😍
Jim's so cute omg I wanna marry him lol
Alexis Stewart
2:26 is hilarious 😂
Jess Leeming
My fav is the vapo rub part. :)
Qiwen Ruan
Jim’s smile is so precious
Ash K.
You control yourself. What’s the matter with you? Lol
jamila pascua
How cute mayim is 😍😍
Lauren Pollock
They are so adorable :)
Jim loves mayia, just does not know ❤ I would very much like them to be a couple in real life, but Jim and married a man unfortunate😕.but I respect his sexual choice. Shami 4 ever
Tierra Stokes
Jim id so cute
yashvina boo
the last blooper is from which episode plz?
Renata Bubblegum
Too cute😂😂
Miss Agent E
1:05 Jim looks like he's reaching down the front of his pants.
Sylvia Ellen Nakale
It's no doubt the two are in love... I think they are really really good friends wish there was more to them..the connections is two deep
Daisy Pieropan
I noticed that whenever Mayim is the one that gets something wrong, Jim laughs or smiles but rarely does when someone else on the cast gets something wrong! hahaha
Diana _Du
Sheldon Jim 0:30 1:06 1:40 2:12 2:25 So Cute :3 ♥
Kate Bradley
2:29 omg 😂
Sheldon's smile is always the cutest 😍😂😏❤❤❤
technozore 25
Everyone can feel free to play with the bar @1:26.
Adriana Rodriguez
Le Tian
Эми и Шелдон сладчайшая парочка)))) Как же можно их не шипперить? мимими
Gabes !
2:19 eu ri tanto kkkkk
Tony Montana
Even though Jim’s gay there’s a definite sexual tension between him and Mayim
Ena Griparić
Sheldon's face *2:30* *🤣* 🤣 🤣
Ena Griparić
Jim is so cute
Đào Thảo
2:16 am I the only one thinks he is really hot in this angle???
Jim is so cute! I love it when really tall people move kind of awkwardly, I find it very endearing for some reason :')
these guys are genuinely hilarious
Poor guy hes does he do these scenes
It's Nehemiah
1:00 and 1:17😂😂😂2:04 tho sheldon rubs amy's tummy
Jenca Ann Aguirre
I'm gonna super miss these two. 😢
Mikyah Jackson
Am i a muppet or am i a man
ffjolla :3
I watch this everyday bc it's so funny xD
An yee
They are so cute I know Jim is gay but they just really are such good actors
Lucky Jim!!!!
yes I agree with Janelle kally yes it is  so cute