The Big Bang Theory - Shamy Bloopers (Mayim and Jim)

The Big Bang Theory - Shamy Bloopers (Mayim Bialik and Jim Parsons)

Daisy Pieropan
I noticed that whenever Mayim is the one that gets something wrong, Jim laughs or smiles but rarely does when someone else on the cast gets something wrong! hahaha
Shelton's innocent face at 2:30 😂😂
Jim's so cute omg I wanna marry him lol
Ash K.
You control yourself. What’s the matter with you? Lol
BECKY Jimenez
I just love them and ship them so much!!! 😍😍😍
Haley Blazek
3:00 "oh wow"😂😂😂😍😍😍
Marilyn E
That smile at 1:56 is everything 😍
Francesca Porta
3:13 😍😂 and Amyy.. you need to be patient! 👏👏💖💖
Qiwen Ruan
Jim’s smile is so precious
kayli Reynolds
1:08 “Stop it Mayim!” Is the cutest thing ever. ❤️
Silvia Ercolano
Luna Rose
3:09 Mayim’s “mom” instincts take over. 😂
Adam Wright
I think Mayim look so sexy when she bites her lip at 1:34.
Love how Leonard and Howard just immediately stand back up when Amy messed up lol
Jess Leeming
My fav is the vapo rub part. :)
Alexis Stewart
2:26 is hilarious 😂
I don't give a shit
Seeing sheldon genuinely smile makes me so happy inside
Mr. Batman
Just gotta remember that Jim’s gay and married 😂😂😂😂😂
Indi Heaton
I love how it's generally Jim that goes first when it's something awkward (and not just a random line fail). I don't know when he came out (as gay) and therefore how much "experience" he has had with the bodywork of women, but his face when he was touching Mayim😂
Mr. Batman
It’s weird seeing Sheldon smile because sometimes I forget that he’s not actually like that in real life 😂
Beth Norrod
I love to see Jim Parsons get tickled 😂😂
Susan .B
The flirtation is so funny and cute. I can't help but smile. 😁
I know I'm really stupid but I think they would be a cute couple in real life...are they one?
Honestly I would rather watch the bloopers for the show than the show itself
Niña Solomon
They are just-- so cute
Lauren Pollock
They are so adorable :)
Miss Agent E
1:05 Jim looks like he's reaching down the front of his pants.
Tierra Stokes
Jim id so cute
Diana D
Sheldon Jim 0:30 1:06 1:40 2:12 2:25 So Cute :3 ♥
jamila pascua
How cute mayim is 😍😍
Sarah Landskron
I love it when Jim smiles! That makes me so happy😍
Sheldon's smile is always the cutest 😍😂😏❤❤❤
emily cheetham
I love watching bloopers
Kate Bradley
2:29 omg 😂
The Shipper
Jim is so cute
these guys are genuinely hilarious
yashvina boo
the last blooper is from which episode plz?
N_ Nemix
0:30 1:08 2:30 LOVE IT
Queen _Tina
I love how he just does his adorable smile and she breaks character 😂😂😂
Renata Bubblegum
Too cute😂😂
The Shipper
Sheldon's face *2:30* *🤣* 🤣 🤣
backwardsuser -
wack to see him laugh normally and not HHH HHH
Jenca Ann Aguirre
I'm gonna super miss these two. 😢
Misery M.
This is the funniest show I have ever seen!!!
Đào Thảo
2:16 am I the only one thinks he is really hot in this angle???
Le Tian
Эми и Шелдон сладчайшая парочка)))) Как же можно их не шипперить? мимими
Kayla Johnson
This is SO cute
JaeLynn Carver
It's Nehemiah
1:00 and 1:17😂😂😂2:04 tho sheldon rubs amy's tummy
ffjolla :3
I watch this everyday bc it's so funny xD
Lucky Jim!!!!
yes I agree with Janelle kally yes it is  so cute
Akatsuka Futago CJ
I swear I will NEVER find a bf that's not like sheldon qwq
An yee
They are so cute I know Jim is gay but they just really are such good actors
Jim is so cute! I love it when really tall people move kind of awkwardly, I find it very endearing for some reason :')
technozore 25
Everyone can feel free to play with the bar @1:26.
San Ju
2:20 Look Amy's left eyes. :B Sheldon answer her.
Tony Montana
Even though Jim’s gay there’s a definite sexual tension between him and Mayim
Sasha Kisova
Katrina Miggs
I have been watching TBBT and I still don't know if the laughs are real and if they act with audience really.... Can someone help me? Hehe
Sasha Kisova
Gabes !
2:19 eu ri tanto kkkkk
Sasha Kisova
Adriana Rodriguez
Adoradora 알리세 Alyce
Jim loves mayia, just does not know ❤ I would very much like them to be a couple in real life, but Jim and married a man unfortunate😕.but I respect his sexual choice. Shami 4 ever
Mikyah Jackson
Am i a muppet or am i a man
Hieke van Rijswijk
Where does the laughter come from?
Sylvia Ellen Nakale
It's no doubt the two are in love... I think they are really really good friends wish there was more to them..the connections is two deep
Poor guy hes does he do these scenes
Кабатова Алёна
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