Wagner Birthday Gala - Jonas Kaufmann, Christian Thielemann, Staatskapelle Dresden (HD 1080p)

Faces of Classical Music />• More information: /> Wagner Birthday Gala Richard Wagner (1813-1883) In memory of the great Richard Wagner and mindful of their own Wagner tradition, the Staatskapelle Dresden staged this glittering gala concert in the Semperoper on the eve of Richard Wagner's bicentenary. They were directed by their principal conductor Christian Thielemann, indisputably one of the great Wagner conductors of our time, and he was joined by the hottest young heroic tenor of recent years, Jonas Kaufmann. The programme features the overtures to the Wagner operas written and premiered in Dresden – 1842 Rienzi, 1843 The Flying Dutchman and 1845 Tannhäuser – as well as great tenor scenes from Rienzi, Tannhäuser and Lohengrin. Star tenor Jonas Kaufmann was celebrated with bravos and tumultuous applause – as were the musicians and Thielemann. 01. Vorspann ( 1:01 ) 02. Der fliegende Holländer - Ouvertüre ( 11:16 ) 03. Richard Wagner (1813-1883) - Eine Faust-Ouvertüre ( 12:16 ) 04. Rienzi - Allmächt'ger Vater ( 9:34 ) - Jonas Kaufmann, tenor 05. Ouvertüre ( 12:32 ) 06. Lohengrin - Prelude zum 1. Akt ( 9:33 ) 07. In fernem Land ( 10:46 ) - Jonas Kaufmann, tenor 08. Hans Werner Henze (geb. 1926) - Fraternité: Air pour l'orchestre ( 11:33 ) 09. Tannhäuser - Inbrust im Herzen ( 12:00 ) - Jonas Kaufmann, tenor 10. Ouvertüre ( 13:36 ) 11. Applause ( 1:14 ) 12. Abspann ( 1:44 ) Jonas Kaufmann, tenor Staatskapelle Dresden Conductor: Christian Thielemann Semperoper Dresden, May 21, 2013 (HD 1080p) More information: />• Faces of Classical Music

peter melian
No words in any language are able to express the grandeur and majesty of Richard Wagner's creative musical genius. And , in general, of all German musicians. They all carry that spark of musical genius in their blood. What other culture has created, and I am just mentioning a few : Johann Sebastian Bach, Georg Friederich Händel, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz-Joseph Haydn, Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert, Robert Schumann, Carl Maria von Weber, Felix Mendelssohn, Richard Wagner and a myriad of others that would make this list endless. BRAVO FOR THE GERMAN MUSIC ! I LOVE IT !
AfD Chan
1:01 Der fliegende Holländer - Ouvertüre 12:17 Eine Faust - Ouvertüre 24:33 Rienzi - Allmächt'ger Vater 34:07 Rienzi - Ouvertüre 46:39 Lohengrin - Prelude zum 1. Akt 56:12 Lohengrin - In fernem Land 1:06:58 Hans Werner Henze Fraternité Air pour l'orchestre 1:18:31 Tannhäuser - Inbrust im Herzen 1:30:31 Tannhäuser - Ouvertüre Cheers to Jose Gongora for providing the times.
In spite of all the critics and quibbles (and I too have a few), what an absolute treat to see and hear this marvelous orchestra playing Wagner in the Semperoper of Dresden. Wagner himself started his career in this wonderful, long-suffering city on the Elbe, and the orchestra breathes his tradition, as well as that of Richard Strauss. The HD pictures and excellent sound make it seem as if one were actually present at the concert. Thank you, thank you for sharing this experience.
Wagner hätte seine Freude gehabt. Ganz fantastisch. Danke an alle Beteiligten..
Jim Humphries
What a voice!
Sally Gibbons
Kaufmann singing "In fernem land" makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck.
Ho Chang
Jonas Kaufmann (born 10 July 1969) is a German operatic tenor. He is best known for his performances in spinto roles such as Don José in Carmen, Cavaradossi in Tosca, Maurizio in Adriana Lecouvreur, and the title role in Don Carlos. He has also sung leading tenor roles in the operas of Richard Wagner with success in Germany and abroad, most notably the Metropolitan Opera in New York.[1] He is also an accomplished Lieder singer.[2][3] In 2014 The New York Times described Kaufmann as "a box-office draw, and... the most important, versatile tenor of his generation."[
Madana Bhat-Khandige
Thilemann is undoubtedly the sole worthy heir to Karajan's greatness. Like Master, like pupil. Bravo, maestro, bravo!
Geoffrey Gardiner
It was great to be there as not only was it the eve of Wagner's birthday but mine too!
Voy a hacer mi comentario en español, qué Directorazo con todas las orquestas Alemanas y de Vienna especialmente de  todas las obras Románticas y postromántiocas.Beehoven,Brahms,Richard Strauss, etc y ahora le toco el turno Wagner, inconcientemente "el gran inspirador de Mahler" en la orquesta moderna, que bellas las Oberturas , la de Lohergrin es supremamente espiritual,que belleza el coral protestante de los bronces en el climax de la Obertura, hay algo de ello en el último movimiento de la 3 Sinfonia de Mahler "lo que me dice el amor" , recién estoy en la mitad del concierto y ya me pico la mano para escribir estas líneas.Todavía no le he visto dirigir Mahler , al primero que escuche algunas de sus sinfoníasss dirigidas por Thielman, favor haganmelo saber.Gracias.
Filippo Monachello
Prestazione insuperabile , voce ineguagliabile grazie!! Una meravigliosa ripresa in HD,
David Trainer
This orchestra is just so lyrical, with its beautiful, crisp yet mellow sound. No wonder it's called the Golden Harp. I love the fact that the concert master for this concert is one of the orchestras ladies. The Vienna Philharmonic could learn BIG lessons about inclusion from these Dresdeners.
ludovic Pasté
superbe concert avec quelques pages moins connues très belles ( Faust notamment ) et la présence de JK !!! éblouissant de subtilité... qui a dit que Wagner ne l'était pas ? Louis II ne pouvait qu'être admiratif et amoureux de cette musique, comme moi. Merci Herr Kaufmann
MSc. Jorge Poveda
Que maravilla de Director,Orquesta e Interprete..un regalo!!!
Hans-Jörg Schmidt
Überwältigend! Keiner interpretiert Wagner so toll wie die Staatskapelle unter Thielemann. Verbeugung auch vor Kaufmann. Ein grandioses Erlebnis!
Francisco Ferrer Galiana
Una magnifica interpretación  de Jonas Kaufman.
Patricia Besoain
Gracias Dios por darme la dicha de conocer a este genio INMORTAL
Daniel Schliewa - Tenor
Ach ja, dieser Komponist... Eine SUCHT!
Miguel Rivera Dorado
Un tenor wagneriano que puede igualmente cantar a Verdi o a los veristas. O viceversa. Eso es ductilidad, como la posee igualmente Plácido Domingo. Pocos cantantes presentan una carrera tan rica. Y todavía es muy joven.
Dieser Orchesterklang.Wunderbar !
Karl Oehl
(1:38:38) wunderbar
Christiam Mantilla M.
¿Voz engolada??? Jamás...Jonas es uno de los tenores actuales poseedor de una gran técnica vocal y expresividad.
outstanding and marvellous, absolutely great, Kaufmann rules
Chris Wang
So beautiful, these are my all time favorite Wagners, absolutely stunning!
Ezze Medina
Que no se pierda la grandeza de Europa y su cultura. Wagner; pieza exquisita de occidente.
peter melian-herrera
Francisco Ferrer Galiana
Maravillosa gala de jonas kaufmann
pierre-yves Coustere
Magnifique Maestro Kaufmann! La Grâce. Déjà légende, subtil musicien au chant rare et généreux. Unique.  Et toujours bouleversant. Merci .
Hilde Nieland
Thaks for posting, JK so wonderful...
Stephan Biernath
Michael Distler
Kaufmann+Thielemann, ein grandioses Erlebnis!!!!!
Überwältigend! Keiner interpretiert Wagner so toll wie die Staatskapelle unter Thielemann. Verbeugung auch vor Kaufmann. Ein grandioses Erlebnis! 100% einig!!! Toll!
pierre-yves Coustere
Great artist !Quelle merveille un ténor de cette dimension!! exceptionnelle puissance d'expressivité. Des moyens sans limite, au service d'une inspiration élevée, et magistralement accouplé avec avec le grand Ch. Thielemann!
Maria Teresa Scapinelli
Ein Wort: wunderbar!!! Kaufmann, Tielemann und Orchestra: e in anderes Wort: e in Traum!!
Ada Verner
Eccellente interpretazione, Grazie!
Ich durfte dabei sein. Es war ein unvergessliches Erlebnis!
Luca Rossi
Bravissimo qui Kaufmann nella preghiera di Rienzi.
Alicia Livani
wonderful, thank you for sharing
Bedene Rexhepaj
Great tenor!! He's the best!!Thank you!!
Fernando Jsé
Fantastc Wunderbar. Fernando.
peter melian-herrera
¡ Qué inmenso júbilo sucumbir en éxtasis a la música sublime y majestuosa de Richard Wagner !  Herr Kaufmann Sie sind ein grosser Künstler und ein Prachtkerl auch !  Quelle joie de vous voir et de vous écouter.  Tu es aussi très beau ! pjmelian
This is wonderful. And in beautiful HD quality too. Thanks a lot for posting this!!!
Simplesmente divino.
Michele Tripodi
superbo wagner1 grazie!
David Trainer
Really like Henze's orchestral piece, too.
Juris Baronskis
Zauberliches Konzert,
Musik in ihrer Vollendung. Wunderbar!
Arturo Moyano
flossie Flossie
28:44 - I melted.
Jose Gongora
1:01 01. Vorspann 12:17 02. Der fliegende Holländer - Ouvertüre 24:33 03. Eine Faust-Ouvertüre 34:07 04. Rienzi - Allmächt'ger Vater  Jonas Kaufmann, tenor  46:39 05. Ouvertüre 56:12 06. Lohengrin - Prelude zum 1. Akt 66:58 07. In fernem Land Jonas Kaufmann, tenor 78:31 08. Hans Werner Henze geb. 1926 Fraternité Air pour l'orchestre 90:31 09. Tannhäuser - Inbrust im Herzen  Jonas Kaufmann, tenor 104:07 10. Ouvertüre 105:21 11. Applause 107:05 12. Abspann
Es wäre klüger für den Internet-Hörer gewesen, wenn anstatt der Dauer der Stücke in Klammern der Beginn der jeweiligen Stücke angegeben gewesen wäre, sodass man mit einem Klick zum gewünschten Musikstück kommt. Durch die Angabe der Dauer verändern sich die Buchstaben in blau und werden zum Link, der aber zu nichts passt.
정말 좋습니다~ Very good! Thank you~~~
Edit Dr.Pinter
pieterro80.das ist auch meine meinung. ich habe wagner noch nie so gut gehört, so in details ausgearbeitet.fantastisch
Victoria Nichols
Wonderful - pre beard - so much more expressive.
Caio Gabriel
Olhem, ou melhor, ouçam a sonoridade singular que possui esta magnifica orquestra! Observem a clareza dos metais. As cordas são outro destaque; tudo brilhante. Belo espetáculo! Parabéns aos músicos e ao condutor Thielemann.
Ghislaine Aerts
Innig mooi prachtig .gala
María Gabriela Duran Mendez
Maravilloso concierto una gran gala viva Wagner
A pesar de ser un tenor de voz engolada, Jonas Kaufmann es lo mejor de la actualidad. Tampoco me atrevería a decir que es un Heldentenor.
Nanno Jonkers
Superclass orchestra. Staatskapelle Dresden: bravo ! Thielemann wonderful in Wagner. Pure gold. A worthy commemoration with a thrilling program. Heldentenor Kaufmann: as super as those mentioned before. Wagner himself would have turned gay for Jonas.
OMG.... !!!!! what a thrill.... !!!! Thielemann is giangantic........And Jonas Kaufmann is the best tenor of the decade...... both of them surely must WAGNER feel so happy !!!!   ;)
Arthur Schopenhauer
Alles, was Wagner kann, wird ihm niemand nachmachen, hat ihm keiner vorgemacht, soll ihm keiner nachmachen ... Wagner ist göttlich!                         F.Nietzsche
Fanfan Latulipe
Quelle merveille
Edward Nah
Yes, I agree with your opinion!!!
That conductor is intense. He coaxes the right amount from every musician just as Wagner intended. That man's voice brought tears to my eyes. He may be the finest I've ever heard. Perfection
Dave Glo
I am mesmerized by Kaufmann’s Rome Narration. He is a man possessed. And yet he never screams or loses the beautiful line of the music. I had hoped the orchestra would play the Paris Tannhauser overture; then I thought, duh, they’re in Dresden, they will play the Dresden version!
donald kane
Why isn't this loud enough?
Marie-laurence Gonzalez
Ferdia Riordan
Wonderful-thanks to all.
When ever I listen to this, and it's often, I can never listen just once. Every time it amazes me how good it is; the incredible singing, the choice of music and the orchestration. An inspired pairing, Thielmann and Kaufmann performing some of Wagner's best.
Narendra Arjungi
Clasicsl Music Indian.and Western.,and Drupad be added . .
Yossi Peles
Amazing video, many thanks!. . . Both Thielemann and Kaufmann are marvelous interpreters of Wagner's music and the orchestra has got the ideal Wagnerian sound: singing, highly expressive, rich in nuances. . . Thanks a lot also for the fine performance of the fine Henze piece. . .
Balbir Singh
Thank you Monsieur Christian Thelemann.
Michael Whitbrook
this is no doubt the best concert i have heard for ages jonas kaufmann is fantastic wagner singer i have this on dvd ..and cannot stop playing .i cannot thank you tube enough for showing this. i dont like kaufmann in the italian arias the only tenor for me is guiseppe de stefano... BUT WHAT A GREAT WAGNER SINGER!! hearing this as made my dreary life much much better. wowwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!
M. Y. Aw
It is so nice have a video of JK in concert. Not that he is not great in operas.  But MOST of the productions he takes part are, well, to put it in the least derogating, uninteresting.
Certainly prefer him in this, than being an Italian tenor-but the shorter roles and big bucks of those roles-and dearth of real spintos-finds hinds him doing less of this
M. Y. Aw
On the whole, the Covent Garden productions that JK took part are the best.  But then, he partners Angela most of the time there. His best operatic partner I would say is Elina Garanca.
Александр Буянов
Das Stück von Henze ist  fehl am Platze hier und kommt wie ein Fremdkörper vor. Im Übrigen gefiel mir dieses Konzert gut.
Peter Helbich
this is gods Music.........wagner was not an Atheist.......no great Music was ever cmposed by an Atheist........Facts and love from vienna Austria..........where it all began,. hayden,.Mozart,.Beethoven,.schubert,...etc............
Fabius Graco
Serei redundante, mas que se dane! Insisto que nada foi postado de melhor em termos das aberturas de Wagner. Pessoal, vejam a interpretação do prelúdio do Lohengrin. Digam se não é a pura expressão da perfeição? Toda vez que ouço essa parte sinto algo divino. Isso chega ser fantasmagórico! É soberbo e único. Sintam a sensação ... . Amo esta orquestra!
Ilse Baudier
Max Grau
Nach der Ouvertüre klatscht man nicht !
Jonas Kaufmann- eine Verbindung aus Leidenschaft und großem Können.Was sollen immer wieder diese abwertenden Kommentare ? Aber das ist wohl eine Zeiterscheinung. Es gibt halt zu jeder Zeit immer nur wenige überragende Sänger.
Jan Ettema
Een mooie uitvoering geweldige zanger
Nur ein Gedanke am Rande: Die Holländer Ouvertüre könnte ein kleines bisschen forcierter sein. Ich finde, dass Thielemann sich da zu sehr auf die Gewohnheit verlässt, zumal es ja "nur" ein Konzert ist. Dennoch verehre ich ihn!!
Incredibly good rendition of the Lohengrin Prelude. Unfortunately the Tannhäuser overture wasn't quite as good in my opinion.
Irina Harari
absolutely great performance, no one does Wagner better than Staatskapelle Dresden
Fabius Graco
Parabéns! Mesmo apos anos, este continua sendo o melhor vídeo com as aberturas de Wagner. Insuperável.
pilar paco
Absolutamente magistral ,jk pone mucha pasión y sentimiento, bravo
Florin Hotiu
1:45:25  That bass trombonist reminds me of NJ Governor Chis Christie.
Tolles Konzert! Einziger Wermutstropfen: das unsägliche Henze-Gedudel. Was hatte das in diesem Konzert zu suchen?
Therezinha de Almeida
Hannah emily
wow. stunning
combat Guy [game Channel]
...mjam...genuss pur :))))
Alice Cardoso
Georges Le Gal
L'orchestre fait ce que l'on lui demande , mais peut etre pas assez pour moi 
Madana Bhat-Khandige
Wagner is the only composer whose overtures are the same lengths as symphonies...
Interesting that Kaufmann tries to sing Wagner like Ramon Vinay (or P. Domingo?). So he is the German tenor with the best dramatic voice and international reputation but the worst German pronunciation.