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Right to the point, not a lot of bla-bla and hype. Well done!
Fake Justin Y.
We all came here from the guy in the train station shredding throught piano
And that's how after 6 months I play boogie woogie!
Tijn Spierenburg
Don't know how I ended up here at 3 am. I don't even play piano
Brandon Mora
It took me 3 days to learn this and now it makes my girl wet
Tomás Ferro
This should be in the bible.
thx, Arthur. No bullshit. No jibba-jabba. Straight to it. This is what viewers want. Thanks for your time.
you just made me regret quitting playing piano...i'm getting back to it right now...thanks for the tutorial...i won't give up this time
bharat sharma
Amazing Lesson! Appreciate the step-by-step demonstration. Respect from India!
How to fly a plane: Enter the plane. Read instructions. Fly. Add take off. Add landing. Now let's fly!
Brandon Rayes
As a great man once said "Bewgie Wewgie"
Thanks for the video it was the most concise once I've ever watched on YT. Most talk to much, play a lick super slow than go full on warp speed. Thanks.
Gallema Nyes
it already took 30min to just learn the starting thing in the C key
I can’t even play the piano, I don’t even own a piano, but God, I wish I did so I could learn thus
Aiden Blanckenberg
For the bass play C F G THEN BACK TO F
I've been struggling with hand independence. It seems silly considering I've been playing guitar for nearly 20 years. But I've never thought to play the chords in whole, half, quarter, etc. Gonna give that a shot when I get home. I feel like that may be the "key" to getting my hands to be independent. Thanks for that.
Allen Pilgrim
This is an incredibly helpful tutorial. I've been playing Boogie Woogie for many years but kind of got stuck in only a couple variations and this will help me take it to another level. Thanks.
Best tut i have found ty
Judith Oleary
Love your tutorials less talk, more playing. Thanks
How long it takes to learn it from 0 as a beginner? Great work !
Willem Re
Thanks for that lesson I'll work hard to get these skills ! Efficient and simple, you made the best tutorial for that 👌👍
Omg. This is so cool. Doesn't look too easy but with this great tutorial at least I'm able to start the boogie. Thank you! :)
Rick Ryker
I like the way you teach,, Great stuff and very important to learn
Carl Traina
Great Stuff, It will take me years to learn that, I will try to follow your video.
J024u4 2777
Better than brendon kavanaghs tutorials 😄
Bang Ong
Damn good stuff friend, glad I got here
Brandon Butler
Well... when you put it that way...
Your piano is a little out of tune
Yummy Everyone wants to eat me
2:11 right hand has 4 fingers XD
You monster... I should be studying for school and you have turned my piano in to THE most addicting thing in the world i litelary cant step away from my chair
Maxwell Ashton
You're a genius, it's one of the best piano tutorial on YouTube ! Excellent work !
Joely Raphael
I honestly thought this was a tutorial on how to play the music from the “You are my Da-ad, you’re my dad! Boogie woogie woogie!” vine and I’m feeling pretty dumb atm😂 Edit: I watched the full thing and I now understand the title lmao That song looks like it takes a lot of skill!!!
Star Lord
Great thank you!! Learned it in a day!
Bec W
As a guitarist and drummer of many years I've always wished I'd learned piano for this kind of thing. One week in at 20mins per night (usually stretches to 30-40mins) I have all the parts down individually and have the rhythm & baseline okay, really struggling playing the licks with the bassline though ('struggling' is an understatement!) Give me a couple of months... then a couple more to get up to speed! Brilliant lesson.
Wilf Barker
After watching this video and various other blues videos I’m guessing this is one of the hardest genre to play on piano?....
Fapoleon Bonerfarte
This is actually a lot of fun, thanks for the tut! I can see myself progressing and it's only been a few days :)
Paulo Batista de Albuquerque
Simple and direct, thanks. Brazilian people love it
big kat
You are amazing!!
Stuart Settles
This is such an inspirational way of teaching! Everything you need to know in minutes!
James Teed
I learned this in 2 weeks. Costco has 2 pianos on the floor for display. I go in there and rock this out and I get laid every time.
Soy Argentino, y me encanto :D
Maurice Williams
OMG I want to learn this
Thanks! Возьму на вооружение! Отличный обучающий клип! У меня уже почти получается!
tiffany thu
Next to do list - learn to play basic boogie woogie and try not to mess up. Lol. Thank you, will try this awesome tutorial though I think I will need some time to learn;)
James Lintell-Smith
3 views and I got it. Never played before.
that.... was AWESOME! Thank you for this video!
I'm not sure how I ended up here, but this video is freaking awesome! Thank you for posting it~
Catness Everwild
Thank you, sir, for a well-taught and well-played boogie. Much appreciated!
Jean Kennedy
Amazing how you can cover all that in less than SEVEN MINUTES! Bravo!
Dan Dann
You can play that stride piano boy ;=)
Cine Music
The best piano tutorial I’ve ever seen
chum drum
Just ordered a Synth....
Sector iZZ
I’ve always liked a piano ending like that for some reason.
A320 Crew
Too much!! Excellent 💓
cuball 24
Your a mean piano player
Jacob Mack
I almost have step 1 and 2 down it took me about 30 min.
Slowed down I’m in the Wild West Sped up I’m at a 50s high school dance.
BRAVO! You are a CHAMPION! Learned LOTs from this, MERCI!
I just love this! One day, I’ll really want to crack this excellent stuff!
Ronin R
Lol I was looking for what type of keyboard to buy as beginner to learn piano and very good recommendation video by Google 😂😂
vintage dreams
I gotta get me a Yamaha beginners piano keyboard! And no sir i aint kiddin.
Gwin DeMatteo
You are my absolute favorite kind of tutorial teacher! No BS, personality, theory explanations or showboating. Just get down to brass tacks. Thank you!
Joram Hartmann
Awsome tutorial i ciuld follow IT realy god
I am Taiwanese。 it soooooooo amazing!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH
Олег Годун
Left hand is very difficult to play.
T Star Media
Nice but you missed the Tremelo at the end
Vilgot Michelin
Good tutorial but it goes so fast in my opinion. I can play the boogie woogie bass but I have trouble with combining it with the licks. I have to just practice, even though I'm just at beginner/medium level in piano.
шашагашаша вшалададп
Я ни со не понила
Christer Albäck
Very helpful. Thanks a lot 👍
Nanny Wolfe
Vipul Bhirwandekar
Wow 😍🔥 love from India ✌👍
This by far has been the best form of a tutorial I’ve ever seen!
Daniel Glass
That is not actually a progression for 12 bar blues. A standard 12 bar blues is a I IV I I IV IV I I V IV I I
Diamond Thai Boxing - Gino Serra
The best !! Thanks a lot man 🙌
Blues progression + fast, varied bass line and dominant chords.
Kevin Shaffe
Oh how I love the blues
Cannabis Lover
Mission passed! Respect +
Very good!! Tanhk you.
Johnathan Doe
This is amazingly! Thank you for a simple and effective lesson for beginners. I’m gonna have to try this out
Maria Bottino
Spot on Lesson. To the point. Thanks.
Morgan Walker
Beat me daddy 8 to the bar
Thanks so much for your generosity and excellent lesson. I bought your book and enjoying every minute of it. Question: at 4:52, is the right hand G-C supposed to go before beat 1 (bass C) or on beat 1. (on the 4-and, or the 1) I know usually it falls on the 4-and, but this time maybe it is supposed to fall on beat 1? Thanks!
The best video yet.
Renzo di Pier Angelo
Great and useful!
Cole Parker
2:49 how do you put the hands together? I find this part sooo hard I can’t get passed it. As soon as I try to add the right hand lick on top of the left hand riff, I lose my ability to play my left hand
Captain Candycorn
Jakub 83
Takes practice and patience
Nice. Thank you!
Awersome, helped me alot
Paul Allen
Jorge Efrain Rey de Oliveira
Vera good!! Thank for sharing
Cool tip. Thanks.
Butter of Sorrow
Great video! How would you suggest to go about creating new variations? I mean assuming you can give more specific tips than "try to see what sounds nice"
Sokrates Galan
THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH THATS THE BEST AND MOST INFORMATIVE VIDEO ON PIANO ON THE INTERNET AND IM NOT EVEN EXAGGERATING ok thats it with the caps but really thanks so much man this is beautiful i cant find words to thank you
Jason Holm
Wow! Thank you!
I want to thank Arthur for this awesome video, and the ability to break it down and teach in small parts. Everyone else teaching boogie seems to miss this. I just uploaded a video of what I learned from this. Thanks again, Arthur! Keep on teaching!
Γεώργιος Γεωργολαΐνι
For those who ain't hopeless in learning boogie this video is enough. 👍👏
Basti Halligalli
I am now a master on this. What can I add to this?
Robbie Schiltz
I wish there was a word other than thank you that I can use. You sir are so amazing! Thank you so much for putting this on YouTube. You should grow your channel and do more! Thumbs up X100 from me.
philippe .cheguillaume
super je vais pouvoir travailler le boogie.,Pour l'instant je ne joue que les basses à vitesse 120 mais je sent que je progresse. Merci