Campione! Opening Song (Full) - Brave Blade!

"Brave Blade!" by Sakuragawa Megu. Used in the TV Anime "Campione!". Credits to the rightful owner/s.

Nicholas Palazzolo
I always get so pumped up when I hear this song
Yennifer Gomez
I love this anime and the song
Season 2 needs to happen!
Señor Del Crack
El opening es "BRAVE BLADE!" por Megu Sakuragawa
Stray Fox
Erica Blandelli best girl
google search "campione light novel" and click the fist result...shouldn't be that hard
jairo udiel moreno dominguez
chase robinson
maybe you could do a story cross over? here is my idea, kamen rider campione! a fan fiction story. just food for thought.
anime ended fast read light novel it super far now the eight campione the campione is before godou and the rest of the campione became one and the rest so i would consider the 8th campione instead of the 7th now that old man one of the first generation campoione read them :)
Brendan Parpan
very cool anime song I have heard :D
Wayman Wilson
awesome anime song
Kaitou Nova
Why do you expect more? :)
Diana Lima
For me, this is pretty much the best thing in the anime.
Yuk Ming Liou
You guys have to admit Campione is an amazing anime.
Awesome Song.
Love this song! :3
already 99.998 views :D just 2 more ^^
Loved this anime! :D
Jednorożec Pogardy
my favourite song <3
Danas de Sousa Ribeiro
Debz Mills Gentile
good song really enjod anime!!!!!!!!!
Danas de Sousa Ribeiro
season 3 ned to hepen😈😈😆😀😂😁
love this song
Danas de Sousa Ribeiro
mini-lamb Alpha
Sounds like demon king daimao
Pritesh Shirsath
help me with that "Bottole opening" sound appearing many times eg. @2:55 her.. What it is? Name? where can i get one?
Rev Luan
OMG i love this anime/song! Kusanagi Goudo my idol xd