EN#44 Banned Commercial "Adam & Eve" Gay Ad - Centraal Beheer Insurance

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Chris Nochance
I don’t get it? So one of them is going to call “an insurance” company because neither match the other’s sexual preference? That makes no sense… EPIC FAIL… (offensive)
0:56 LOL looks at Eve's face
I died laughing when Adam said hi I was like WTF?!?!?! XD
@cca211 Just imagine if Adam was real...
@cca211 just imagine if he actually existed! boy that would be something.
okay guys i think everybody meant well. Look the fact is it's stereotypical presentation of gays, but we should also consider the fact that there ARE FEMININE gays out there. So if they portray manly gays only, then i would think that too is homophobia. There are many other gay ads out there that present more masculine gay. And I am gay as well and i dont think it's offensive, i think it's funny. and im sure those that produce this ad meant no harm or offense to the LGBT community.
@SainterX Calm down, dude!
@PerchickSpore Okay you need to calm the F down! Like, you have no idea what REAL homophobia is. Real Homophobia is parents beating thier kids up and kicking them out the house or in some cases even killing them! Seriously, u live in such a cushy world. U have no idea how hard some gay kids have it off. So shut up and just have a freakin laugh every once in a while.
@SainterX I don't think that this is "harmless fun"... This is extreme homophobic... If U would see a racist commercial e.g. against black people, you wouldn't call it "harmless fun"... or "joke"
@technofi2011 Then this wouldnt be funny, im gay and i dont find this mildly offensive at all! Its harmless fun !
@PerchickSpore Okay i admit it is a stereotype, but cmon, its just a bit of harmless fun. SOMETIMES you have to take a bit of a joke.
HAHAH just imagine if Adam was really gay XD
@technofi2011 This ad is totally against being gay... so it's no wonder, that they put the stereotypical gay person there...
Ivan Flores
Why is Adam portrayed as being feminine? He can be gay w/o being feminine. Make another commercial w/o the gay male being feminine :)
wtf sound?