When Michael Phelps Was Just a Teenager | Before They Were Superstars

A trip back to Baltimore to see a young Michael Phelps reveal his brutal training regime shows why the swimming legend won 23 Olympic gold medals and became the greatest swimmer of all time. Visit the Olympic Channel, where the Games never end: /> Subscribe to the official Olympic channel here:

Sarah V
"One gold medal is all I want" hehe he got his wish a "few"😂 times
SquidKidDavid Eng
All this man needs is to eat, sleep, win 1 gold, and have spinners.
Andre Ripley
All lies, he grew up with dolphins. Its the only explanation.
Leah Hogan
"I only want 1 gold medal" How's 23 for you? 😂
He was so dorky, man he's grown where has time gone?
The Batman
Man this kid could be an Olympian
i laughed so hard at the spinners part. just look at his face lmaooo he's so happy that they spin.
Thaddeus G
One can tell that he used to watch 'pimp my ride' a lot on MTV.
Novely M
He loves those spinners 😂 he's such a dork. His face when showing off his car makes me happy 😂❤️
misteer blavog
"all I want is just one gold medal"
Lyndon MacLeod
Faded af during this whole interview lol
good for him he went for 1 gold and got far more than that
Scott Spaanstra
haha he's so happy about his car XD
tan lexuan
teen michael phelps = jim halpert from the office
Daniel Cavalier
Two things. He said 'one gold medal is all I want' and now he has 23, no words. Second, those are the spinners Chase Kalisz, 400im rio silver medalist, was talking about, he used to train in Baltimore with Phelps, but at that age he was only 8 and he and his friends were fascinated about Michael's spinners. They were caught sneaking into his car to see them, and they run away when Michael saw them, and the next day he asked Phelps for autographs, good story
William Dillery
He predicted fidget spinners
Patrick Callow
Michael is right :) be positive and confident and anything is possible :)
Isabela Cameron
"I hate to loose" 😂😂
Best Olympian EVER!!
I think this kid will be a pretty good swimmer someday.
KitKat 1017
I'm not saying Micheal Phelps isn't a phenomenal swimmer, he is my idol, but he does have made advantages. He is double jointed in 3 large swimming muscles, his family knows more about swim then most, and he swam at an "ivy league" club since age 7. But he does have a crazy work ethic.
Only wanted one gold medal, comes back a few years later with 23😂👏🏼 gg Michael you will always be the best
Young Dancers
Aw I wasn't even born when this was filmed😂
arty party
I am a swimmer and I swim 5 times a week I am only 10 years old I want to become an Olympic swimmer
Dj Sparkles
"One gold medal is all I want" he ended up with like 23 😂
Starwise10 AJ
"All I want is one gold medal and what happens after that happens" Well you go on to win 22 more of course
Michelle Polo
he got "1 gold medal" one too many times 😂
1 gold 🥇 turned into about 22 golds 😂😂💓
Ricky Trujillo
Straight pothead lol
Yousuf Asghar
Working hard pays off, complete respect to the young man! Ahhhh he loves his car!
Temo Barajas
michael phelps the best swimer in the world
Ivey Luo
You know, I'm not sure he's going to get that one gold medal
christian johnson
"one gold medal is my goal" 😂😂😂 I couldn't help but laugh. little did he know
he looks like a Vulcan. teenage spok 😂
Nora Hanson
"One gold medal is all I want" well you have almost 30 now so I hope our happy
Bob Duncan
wow i can tell he is going places!!! you never know, maybe he can go down as the best olympian of all time
He was driving with sandals. Thata dangerous young Michael...
That bit at 4:36 is absolutely bizarre haha
James Ambrocio
The world's greatest runner and swimmer already retired. Now what are we gonna do?
Maya Pancakes
“1 gold medal is all I want”, cut forward to now, he has 23 gold medals!!!
Epic skater 101
I live 30 minutes away from Michael
Lara Morris
It's sad too see the rest of the swimmers he was swimming with in the lanes cuz they are probs watching him swimming and are like border line suicide 😂
looks like that christmas training payed off...
1 gold medal 😂😂😂
Agustín Gómez
(4:15) I have the same poster in my house
Emma W
He talks about how unlikely it is he'll break a world record😑😑
ghostcrafter12 Gameing and more
I'm 8 and we do 5 days a week for 3 weeks
Random6 Projects
you are my motivator philps
Dev Mathur
Michel Phelps invented figet spinners😂
Carl Mape
Dude has freakishly long arms
Marlene Eichholz
one gold medal his goal. is he kidding?😂😂
Hello Darkness
idk why but i have a crush on phelps
That explains Y he is so good b cuz he trains every single day
Roberto Campos
I can tell this guy has a competitive drive that will make him an all time great. He's going to be a phenomenal Olympic Swimmer, mark my words.
well he got more than 1 that's for sure lol
Michael Phaps
A Gmail Account
what is the song?
Ava Lauren Ponce
The things that he wished for that he thought wouldn't come true came true hope that could happen to me
Саня Жеребцов
the best and the greatest olympian of all time
Evin Verbrugge
He seems more happy about those spinners than anything else 😂😂
Kinda looks like that guy from the office
Paul Noonan
irish guy hear anything come of this guy😅
The Proper Way
GG Phelps
"I just want one gold" says the most decorated Olympian of all time. It really shows that we all start somewhere.
Ellableu O'Neal
I went swimming at the exact same pool Michael phelps did
Blacky The Wonderful
Yeah he's quite good isn't he. If he keeps swimming he might even win a few medals, or break a few records. Keep swimming kid, you'll get there.
Urban Audio
5:41 the urban fidget spinner
the cave dweller
I wonder if Michael likes fidget spinners?
Glen Roberts
I personally dont him something is wrong.
dawei liu
Amazing how a teenager can be so motivated!
Dorcas Kombo
I just want him to say *I'm a surfer dude*
This man had fidget spinners before everyone went crazy over them
K Lu
Good grief I'd be depressed if I had to train 365 days a year.
Brett Padfield
I live in the area and I swim for a team called asc and our rivals are nbac which is Phelps team
He looks like Walter White son at young age
Hope this kid gets a medal seems like a good kid hopefully he turns out okay
Don Balon
Carlos Tevez
Zack Young
Hes legit a mix of jim and ryan from the office!
Haruki Suzuki 「cute, funny」
Nice Jim Halpert hair
Bemnet Ayalew
Jason W
All you need is some good weed, some spinners on your rims, and you're good to for a gold metal lol
Ivanhoe Sanchez
Hello top comment
sky kim
michael phelps created the fidget spinner
Hosie Rose
How old is he now
Mychael Jackson
Ha was like a sloth haha love him
Jade Bacon
1+22 more I bet he is really happy now
Look how long his arms are
Andrea Ugalde
Abby B
*Michael Phelps was found alive on the rocky shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean as just a baby. Nobody knows how he got there.
josémarcosdonascimento Nascimento
Muito bom
YouTube Tips
i started training at 7, swim 17 hrs a week, 30km, i just need to grow a bit and il be really good
Oh man, when the spinners were "so in" back in the days.
Rk Rk
Lmao spinners
Luis Amaro
The best old times
Animal Artist68 Art World
I love Michael Phelps!!! 😊🏊 I love swimming!! I like being a positive person!!
He became the Batman of water ❤
Geen naam
Being double jointed seems like a pretty unfair advantage >.>
Emely Cerda
Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa my boy
spud man