Besatt - Born To Revenge

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The second track of Besatt's Black Mass album. Besatt are a Polish black metal band that formed in 1991. Their name is Norwegian for "possessed". Lyrics: Like a river Unceasingly From the source Reaches destination Like a (burning) flame Restlessly From a spark Devours all In the recesses of my soul Vengeance is born Like a wind Rapidly From a breeze Tears everything out Like a storm Slowly From a drop Floods everything In the recesses of my soul Vengeance is born In my soul: revolt Against nonsensical dogmata In my heart: hatred Of the christian god In my hand: a sword Aimed at the symbol of cross In my mind: revenge In the name of Satan My vengeance Like an element Slowly sprouts In my sick mind A vision of the end Of my sweet revenge Is the heaven ablaze Flooded with angel blood

Hugo Bonfatti
best track in the album
The error has been fixed.
"Besatt" is NORWEGIAN for "possessed"...
Auto Didact
One of the most bizarre and glorious riffs I've ever heard.