Krampus - Kronos' Heritage (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

*NEW* The first video from our upcoming album "Survival of the Fittest", out in stores and digital download on August 24, 2012! Official site: />Facebook: /> Pre-order "Survival of the Fittest": @ Nuclear Blast: />@ EMP: />@ Napalm Records: />@ Amazon: /> What frontman Filippo says about the song: "Kronos' heritage Is a question: what are we going to leave to our children if we destroy their world? Too many times we forget that the injuries of this planet will bleed over our children. There's an African proverb that says: "this world is not the heritage of our fathers, but a loan of our children." Fear the Krampus...

old krampus > new krampus... I don't like the new sound of Paralysis
Juri Nacciarriti
Stupenda...soprattutto in quelle parti prima del ritornello con il growl bassissimo
Daniel Grimm
Last week I was chatting with the singer! xD
AlexLawless \m/
Grandi ragazzi...continuate così... \m/
folk triviumcore
Oh please people, stop with the genre's guessings and fights... just listen and if you like, you like(that's great), if you don't like, that's awesome too! Everyone has their own tastes... but let's stop with all the hate lol, let's just listen to the music we like! :D 
Great Song  02 January 2016 Concert Switzerland ( Wetzikon) with Eluveitie and Friends that^s Rocks:-)
pokoj 65
Eluveitie+Elvenking+Trivium = Krampus 
超かっこいいね! もっと評価されるべきだと思う
Tech Ape
yeah... and I have been bashing them ever since. I am disgusted that they took such a terrible new direction. Ugh they sound like your generic, mundane, uninspired, trashy, industrial pap!
Unless you heard their new work ..
This not folk metal. Not at all.
Am Universum
folk metal with hardcore-influence... why not?
This song was great, but then he had to go and use clean vocals on the chorus, and that ruined it for me.............
Do you mean the cover of Systematic Chaos?
what happened to your new stuff guys?!!!!
safau rulez! :)
How is that Dream Theater?
Nott Goddess
I heard it without watching the video at first and I actually thought they're doing a featuring with Chrigel ^^
tornaiso daur di udine vhe
Connor Carlson
Pretty cool, but they sound like they really want to be Eluveitie, lol. Not only his Chrigel vocals, but the instrumentation sounds like it's from Eluveitie.
Lucas Arcega
are comparing this band eluveitie, but I can clearly hear the influence of this metalcore band
Andrea Lanzoni
Oooh right, you are so TRVE! Tell 'em their music is shit in front of their faces and not behind a fucking screen. Do me a favor: Stop talking shit behind their back and be a man. Not a fucking kid.
A friend showed this to me with the words "It´s like Eluveitie after a level up" :D
Excellent song and I don´t agree that the clean vocals destroys it. But cut those straps hanging from your arms and grow your hair singer! More credible in that way.
Ines S.
Jesus, that´s great. ;-)
i really wish they would do more clean stuff filippo and alessandro have such a beatiful voice :D
this aren't like eluveitie, i fucking love they and eluveitie too, but this bands are cool becouse are unique, it's all folk surely, but all of this band u mentionated are difference between they! ;)
sorry to say that but without the folk elements it would be 100% like metalcore :-D
jack black
Oh man..!!!! This is really fucking awesome.. nice music combination guys.. I Love it.. THANKS GUYS ......!!!!!!
This is fantastic. Basically got almost everything that's perfect about Eluveitie, except if you gave Chrigel something /other/ than vulcanized steel for vocal chords. ... Don't get me wrong, I love the fuck out of Chrigel. I just like that the two are still a bit different.
Dan blakeslee
how could there be any dislikes when you finally get a folk metal band like eluveitie! not bashing on ensiferum, equilibrium, turisas, etc. I freaking love them, but eluveitie is the best and I can see these guys getting to the better-than-eluveitie-point.
Thomas of Tibur
Gods this is epic.
I like the way he pronounce ''remember'' as ''remamber''
A Neologist
fil is sexy
Francesca Romano
Francesca Savastano
Where can i find the lyric?
Incredible lyrics
Heidenfest 2012 <3
Tech Ape
One does not simply bash Krampus
fuerte y suave a la vez IoI
Opa PD
Epic shit :D
in some moments you sound lot like Eluveitie...kudos to that..and overall I like it a lot...
Frank Spencer
singing = killswitch engage, amon amarth, music = heidivolk+amon amarth. lyrics=Kronos (the death metal band) = overall awesomeness.
Pretty sure he means that Wintersun sings about more happy themes and this song is about how we are destroying the earth for the next generations.
He means that compared to Wintersun this band ain't that good. ( I think )
i wonder how many out of 56,000 veiws , stopped at 1:29
Shay Kimmel
like if you understand and know the legends of Krampusz
Shay Kimmel
Karácsony jön, vigyázz a Krampusz!
Still close to Eluveitie, but still some aspects that seperate you from Eluveitie. Keep up working on the clean vocals and I will also buy your next album.
Roland Weltschmerz
Really nobody sees anything, except the woman? It is offensive... I would like to express the respect to the drummer for 8 and the 16th notes, a pipe (it perfectly contrasts with background metal), and certainly to the vocalist! The extreme a vocal is quite good, and pure it is even better! I wait for you with a concert in Russia or Belarus! Roland. P.S. I wait for the new songs, new clips... Though I would shoot this clip in a few other interpretation, well is fine! Good luck friends))
That violin girl is gorgeous!
Jimmy Solano
You guys are fucking awesome. Keep up with the good work, I see a great future in your career. Greetings from a fellow folkmetalhead from Costa Rica! Hope we could have a Krampus concert in here!
Nai Che
Great band, like everything except male clean lyrics. Makes it sounds modern instead of folk.
Angry post-apocalyptic look is so much better than the hippies standing in a field of flowers look.
Quentin Parsy
That girl playing violin... I remember Heidenfest
They were pretty awesome at Heidenfest sunday
Great music cheers from costa rica! /m/
Stoned Sloth
they just kompletly suprised me at the Heidenfest :3 Never heard of them before, but I really liked them^^
Vithar PL
They were awesome yesterday on Heidenfest
Rather not compare bands ;) To me both Wintersun and Krampus are just awesome and I'll happily go again when I get the chance to listen to either of them!
Agree about Krampus, Wintersun and Korpiklaani! But the new Korpiklaani songs were good luckily, problem was more that they didn't play some of their most favored songs >_< Where was vodka for example?! Everyone screamed for Vodka! Q_Q Do you have to have ballz as a band to be able to just deny the requests of your fans XD Besides that, I thought all the bands performed well, though I missed Varg sadly to get dinner ^^'
Had Heidenfest 3 days ago. I can tell you this much: Krampus' show is great, Wintersun performs really well too but the rest is meh-meh. I'm personally a big Korpiklaani fan but they only play new songs :<
What does it matter if it sounds a bit like core? If I like it, I like it; period. If you don't like it, you don't like it. It should not have anything to do with the difference between metal, core and whatever genre there is.
Athar terion
Heidenfest in two weeks ! I gotta study my metals before that day.
Saw them at Heidenfest yesterday and thought they were pretty nice. Now listening back and looking at some of the lyrics I gotta say they are awesome and I think they're gonna have a bright future.
They were so epic on Heidenfest yesterday <3
Miri von Lamm
Oh no =( I'm addicted to this song.
Der Gaukler
bought the album = jizzed :)
Miri von Lamm
Yesterday *__*
bad/poor when compared to Wintersun. But don't worry, nearly everything sucks when compared to Wintersun :D
I don't get it... so Krampus is more serious or bad or a let down?
Saw them yesterday live :3 they were great
Geert Terluin
i like the song and all, but just saying... pumpkin seeds dont grow tree's XD nice song tho and ill try to get the album soon.
Stephan van Ettinger
TBH, this sounds pretty good. going to see them live in 2 days. I'm very curious how they will perform.
did you listen the Ep? the shadows of our time? you should give it a try
Nikhil Varma
oh, he's cute ^-^
This is one of the dumbest things I've ever read.
even the growls sound like eluveitie, but I like both bands
just because there's a breakdown in the song makes it to core? and anyway stop that stupid it's core no it's folk or what ever. just listen to the song and enjoy it or go elsewhere.
Koco Nica
dude, nekrogoblikon fucking RULE! their second album, released in 2011 is far better than the first one though... :\
Gustavo Avendaño
That "breakdown" is not much different of riffs that some progressive metal or djent bands use. Breakdowns are not only defined by chugging, as if that was the case you could argue traditional heavy metal bands used breakdowns. They break the structure of a song in a way reminiscent of guitar solos or thrash bands, well, thrashing, but they are much slower and "stompier". Obviously you can find examples for and against that.
This is pretty damn good. I normally cannot stand death growls but I like them here.
I don't think Wintersun is a fair comparison....
Sarga Tanas
Came here after Wintersun..... It's like your wife saying "we have to talk" just after you had sex.
I do love Eluveitie, but I have had issues with their 2010 album and their most recent release. It just sounds so uninspired (save for a few songs). I will agree with you that Krampus is better than new Eluveitie, but I simply adore their old work.
Anyone else think his vocals sound a lot like Horned Almighty?
Well compared from Wintersun, everything is bad. These guys are better than Eluveitie though, I gotta give 'em that.
insane .zebra
what the fuck is this supposed to be?
Why aren't a band allowed to have fun with their theme? I don't get your argument. They're seriously talented and most of their songs are catchy as fuck. Honestly that's all you can ask of a band.
name a single non-core band that uses breakdowns.
melo-death doesn't ever use breakdowns, you idiot. it's a core-only thing.
leo leccami tutto
Thomas Muurmans
Dude, breakdowns are very common in Melodic Death Metal as well. I think the breakdown sounded a lot like something you could expect from Eluveitie as well. Or do you mean to say that they're "core" as well...?
a case for bear grylls!
marika <3
The violinist are so beauty *.*