SIEGFRIED by Richard Wagner (Audio + Full Score)

pf: Georg Solti cond/ Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Year/Date of Composition: 1856-71 Siegfried: Wolfgang Windgassen Mime: Gerhard Stolze Brünnhilde: Birgit Nilsson Wanderer: Hans Hotter Alberich: Gustav Neidlinger Fafner: Kurt Böhme Erda: Marga Höffgen Waldvogel: Joan Sutherland SYNOPSIS: />LIBRETTO: /> 0:00 - ACT ONE, SCENE ONE (Mime's forge) 4:24 - (Mime complains that Siegfried keeps breaking his swords) 7:58 - (Siegfried comes running in with a bear as a prank; he expresses his disdain for Mime by breaking his latest sword.) 21:32 - (Mime reveals to Siegfried that his mother died during childbirth) 30:51 - SCENE TWO (A "Wanderer" enters the forge) [see synopsis] 55:10 - SCENE THREE (Mime has a vision of the dragon and the Ring) 56:12 - (Siegfried arrives, hoping that Mime has been working on the sword) 59:29 - (Siegfried says he has never felt fear before) 1:02:56 - (Mime tells Siegfried where he can learn fear: Fafner's cave) 1:03:57 - (Siegfried decides that he will set off into the world with Nothung in order to learn fear; he breaks it into splinters) 1:06:14 - (Meanwhile, Mime plots how to obtain the Ring after Siegfried kills Fafner) 1:07:56 - (Siegfried starts blowing the fire with the bellows to melt the sword splinters) 1:13:10 - (After pouring the metal into a mold [ 1:12:43 ], he dips it in a bucket of water) 1:14:06 - (Siegfried uses the bellows to heat up the steel; meanwhile Mime starts preparing his lethal concoction) 1:16:23 - "Hoho! Hoho! Hahei!" (Siegfried re-forges Nothung; when finished, he strikes and breaks the anvil) 1:22:12 - ACT TWO, SCENE ONE (Outside Fafner's lair, nighttime) 1:27:28 - (Alberich is outside Fafner's cave, brooding about his lost treasure, the Ring) 1:29:34 - (The Wanderer comes and explains to Alberich that Mime is after the Ring too) 1:37:12 - (The Wanderer suggests to Alberich that if he warns Fafner of his upcoming death, he might hand over the Ring to Alberich; he wakes Fafner and tells him about Siegfried's plan) 1:40:04 - (Fafner turns down the offer: "Let me slumber) 1:44:14 - SCENE TWO (Daybreak; Mime and Siegfried arrive at the lair) 1:45:34 - (Mime warns Siegfried of the dangers posed by Fafner; but Siegfried is confident he will defeat him) 1:52:09 - Forest Murmurs 2:00:23 - (Siegfried blows his hunting horn...and wakes Fafner [ 2:02:13 ]) 2:04:39 - (Siegfried and Fafner fight; Siegfried stabs the heart with his sword [ 2:05:30 ]) 2:08:56 - (Fafner: "The person who set you against me plots your death". Fafner dies) 2:10:39 - (Siegfried removes the sword, the blood burns his fingers, he inadvertently licks them; he beings to understand the woodbird's song [ 2:11:32 ], which tells him about the Tarnhelm and the Ring which can be found inside the cave) 2:12:42 - SCENE THREE (Mime and Alberich quarrel over who will take which part of the treasure) 2:14:52 - (Siegfried emerges from the cave, holding the Tarnhelm and the Ring. The woodbird warns him of Mime's plot) 2:18:22 - (Mime approaches Siegfried to talk about the treasure, but keeps inadvertently revealing his plot to kill Siegfried. He offers his poisonous draught...) 2:25:45 - (Siegfried kills Mime with his sword, then laments his solitude) 2:32:08 - (The woodbird tells Siegfried about a lone bride, called Brunnhilde, asleep on a mountain top surrounded by flames; only those without fear may awaken her.) 2:35:01 - (Siegfried: "How do I get to the fell?" The woodbird shows the way.) 2:36:06 - ACT THREE, SCENE ONE (Storm; at the base of a large mountain) 2:38:27 - (The Wanderer summons Erda from her sleep). 2:40:03 - (Erda emerges from the earth; she evades the Wanderer's questions) 2:50:37 - (The Wanderer proclaims Siegfried as his heir, and the one who will redeem the world through the power of love.) 2:54:30 - SCENE TWO (Siegfried approaches the mountain base; the woodbird flies off) 2:55:23 - (Siegfried asks if the Wanderer knows the way. The Wanderer asks how he came to know about Brunnhilde. Siegfried grows impatient with his questions.) 3:00:01 - (The Wanderer explains that Siegfried is his missing eye. The Wanderer warns Siegfried not to anger him [ 3:01:06 ], but Siegfried just wants to get on that mountain...) 3:02:48 - (The Wanderer totally loses it; he intensifies the ring of fire and blocks Siegfried from the mountain path) 3:05:28 - (Siegfried cuts the Wanderer's spear in half; the Wanderer realises he is effectively powerless, and disappears) 3:07:04 - (Siegfried proceeds towards the blazing ring of fire) 3:10:09 - SCENE THREE (Mountain top; Siegfried sees Brunnhilde lying below a fir tree [ 3:12:52 ]) 3:17:15 - (As Siegfried approaches Brunnhilde to kiss her, Siegfried feels fear for the first time [ 3:18:29 ]) 3:24:21 - Brunnhilde's Awakening/Love Duet 3:45:22 - [Basis for the "Siegfried Idyll"]

The scoring for Siegfried does away with the old cliche that viola players never get any good parts to play. And look at how Wagner uses his orchestra. It's amazing how long he witholds the lighter colours at the beginning. No flutes until Siegfried leaves Mime with the task to reforge the sword at 28:30 And that prelude to Act III is probably the most awesome display of leitmotifs in the entire 14 hours. But my all time favourite moment in the entire Ring since I first heard it at Age 6 is the reforging of the sword that you indexed at 1:16:23. That anvil song is the best thing ever. By the way your synopsis makes it sound as if Siegfried accidently breaks the parts of the sword into splinters. But he does that on purpose so that he can melt the entire thing and start from scratch.
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1:55:25 Forrest Murmurs masterpiece
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